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  1. Cubefleet

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    I'm ready to play it :D
  2. Cubefleet

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Might I suggest tank treads? I mean, you probably can't get it to look like there are wheels within the treads, but you might be able to get a rough "trapezoid" shape that slopes downward with small enough sectors that gives the impression of treads. The fallen off wheel concept looks pretty good too. I eagerly await the next bit of work, however or whatever it ends up being. :D
  3. Cubefleet

    Why are many Doom players map creators

    I actually transitioned into Doom mapping from dungeons and dragons. And I've been playing video games most of my life. I might have an addiction to drawing little rooms on paper and populating them with demons and deathtraps. The primary issue I ran into as I've gotten older with D&D is it's harder to get the group together and find a good chunk of four to eight hours to even play once or twice a month. With doom, I can make a map and then play it right away. I can share it with other people on here, or even play it co-op with them. There is no spending a week making something only to have it never see the light of day. The feedback is instant and the community on here is generally positive. Nobody as far as I've seen has ever said 'bruh your map sucks'. If anything it's 'bruh, your map sucks a little in this one area, maybe try this or this or this'. I've been in enough toxic gaming communities involving first person shooters that will remain nameless. >.> If it were just me, alone with this game and the map tools, that'd be one thing. But for such an old game, this community is super alive. Nowadays the tools are available to literally remake doom into all sorts of things, so I'm hoping the game never dies. I've also tried to go back to other FPSes lately, and haven't found one(yet) that is quite as fluid/fast paced as doom. Having to hit a button to pick up ammo or health is now a pet peeve for me. I'll save the rest of my tangents for a more appropriate thread.
  4. Cubefleet

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    Woah. You made a forklift! That is so cool! You should try and texture it to keep, is my vote. If I get a vote. It's a work of art I say! :D
  5. Cubefleet

    Heyo, Cube again. Helmefield Keep Map01

    I saw Slade. It looks like feature rich heaven. I'm having trouble getting it to compile/run on Debian Linux though. Might be worth digging up my old windows 7 disc for. Or finding a linux distro that's more compatible. I've just edited the opening post to contain the latest map with a few minor changes. An SSG has been added to the red key room, and I've tried to introduce some sound/monster blocking lines to prevent the horde in the wooden arena from wandering down the convenient hallway of death bottleneck.
  6. Should the write ups be posted in this thread? Apologies if I'm asking the obvious here.
  7. Cubefleet

    Heyo, Cube again. Helmefield Keep Map01

    @Horus Fair points all around. I noticed the blue key trick in my runs as well. Left it in because if you choose not to open those monster closets you miss out on some pickups. I figure it offers a choice between "sneakily" grabbing the key or opening up the fight if you want the ammo and stuff behind the monster closet doors. It was an unintentional thing on my part that became a feature though. Point on the red key battle is fair. Think sticking an SSG in the same room as the red key would work? I'm still trying to figure out color. I try things like red carpet/green marble walls and just go "ugh. I don't know if that looks good." So defaulted here to what felt safe, but I agree it is bland. I suppose it won't be the end of the world if I experiment a bit more with flats and textures. Happy I've graduated from major misalignment on textures to minor! Woo. I have no idea yet how to change music tracks, or add in custom music. Eureka has an Edit Text Lump feature in it's tools which I suspect can do exactly that, among other things, but the pdf documentation doesn't cover how it's used. After bashing my head against the problem for about an hour, I give up for tonight. The good news is that during the face-to-brick-wall process I learned how to rip wads apart with Deutex and stick them back together, so now custom splash screens are within my power. And theoretically much more, once I learn more things.
  8. Cubefleet

    Heyo, Cube again. Helmefield Keep Map01

    @DynamiteKaitorn Oh, you right. That would solve the initial enemies in that room. Thanks for the find! I'll bear it in mind for my next construction. Or maybe try and wall them in somehow with some monster blocking lines. xD
  9. This single map is done. Or rather I am super sick of playtesting it, so up it goes for you guys to enjoy and/or tear apart. Map is boom compatible, playtested in PrBoom Map made in Eureka 1.27. Map is not designed for crouching, jumping or freelook. (though freelook may make fighting the cacos in later parts easier) With this map, I've learned how to do monster teleporters! Also this map is difficult for me to complete. I've gotten pretty good at playing the earlier fights, but the wooden arena kicks my butt most of the time on HMP. Difficulty settings are enabled. Map was pretty cakewalky on ITYTD, and I have no idea how it will measure up on UV. How does it play on your difficulty of choice? Any feedback, love letters or hate mail is appreciated. Once I've heard back from enough people, I'd like to give this another editing pass to polish and tune it a bit, then move on to the next experiment. (forgot to take screenshots during earlier runs, breezed through map on ITYTD to snag a couple.) I'm particularly happy with how the dark room feels to run through, lighting wise. Surely there's nothing dangerous in there. ;) The wooden arena. My first attempt at something large that has multiple waves of enemies. The download: helmefield01.wad.zip helmefield01-v2.wad.zip
  10. Unfortunately no. I reverted to an old version that didn't contain the 5th map and I'm not seeing a copy of the broken one in my trash folder. Sorry. It didn't occur to me till @Andreas said something that it would be appropriate to document the crash/report it. I only just now discovered from poking around that you're the guy that develops Eureka @andrewj ! Thanks for your work! It is my favorite editor. I'll make sure to hang onto anything that breaks next time so you can look at it. :(
  11. Hmmm. So Map05 started giving me a memory error when I tried to load it in Eureka, causing Eureka to crash. Not really sure what went wrong. Could be the editor, or my computer, or maybe visplane limit. All I know is when I made the same thing as a boom-compatible file it didn't crash and I was able to continue mapping. Since I'm now working on a boom compatible map instead of vanilla, I'll make a new thread for it once it's up. Might be a few days. I'm still building rooms.
  12. Okay. Minor graphical update is out, opening post has the updated file attached now along with a changelog. Should I add my next map onto this wad and continue to use this thread? (I kinda feel like I screwed up naming this thread as Map1-4, instead of "Cubefleet's rolling-release Wad" or something.) Or start a new new thread and just stick the next map I make into it's own wad as Map01? What is the normal/expected practice for this?
  13. @rdwpa Thanks for all your thoughts on Map02 and the speedy play video. @DynamiteKaitorn I do intend to get the door stuff fixed. Or at least start the process tonight. What is a tutti-frutti error? Glad you enjoyed the crushers. @ElPadrecitoCholo I take it as a compliment that my maps are living traps! My prior design experience before this was making dungeons and dragons dungeons, so deathtraps and monster filled mayhem come naturally to me, though I have alot to learn about Doom specific design. I'm excited to continue working later tonight! Next time you all hear from me, there will be an update to the maps. ^.^
  14. @noisebloom yes, these are the first maps I've made that weren't just me trying to figure out how to use the editor. Some of the misalignment is supposed to be secrets, or was my attempt at hinting at "there's a monster closet here". Others are indeed just that, misalignments that I didn't catch. I'm staring at the 2nd picture I posted, the right hand side next to the lone imp's little platform is just misalignment. Map01 and 03 both fit into a 1028x1028 space in their original versions and could probably use some expansion/more play spaces. They both started as ideas I had for incorporating crushers into a map, once I found out how to build them. I'll keep your suggestions in mind as I go forward, thanks for taking the time to give me some pointers. Map04 is my favorite of the bunch as well, it took me a couple days to put together. Perhaps I should have chosen CubeCrusher as my username. :P @DuckReconMajor thanks for your video play-through/play-test! I'm glad to see that on skill4/UV it looks like it's challenging yet beatable. I feel kinda bad about all those crushers watching you die to them tho. :( I also did not realize the room with the exit was dark enough that finding the door would be such a chore. Sorry about that. @Horus Thanks for playing! Map02 was the first one that I finished. I like it, but I really don't want to go retexture the whole thing to get it to match the others. Thanks for the tip about the doorjambs moving, I don't even notice it when I play. I'll see about getting some of that lower unpegged when I have time to do some more work on these. Overall, I'm really glad that the general consensus is that they play decently, and could be a bit better with some tweaking. I kept looking at maps other people had made and going "huh, I don't really want to/think I have the time for that kind of detailing work/map size. I just want to run around, collect keys and shoot stuff." I'm not sure I'll have time to work on these again for a few days, but I'll get back to it and upload the updated version of it once I do. Though I'm also itching to make Map05 and incorporate the advice I've received here. Mainly notes+summary to self here for when I come back to work on this in a few days, feel free to ignore: Map01: widen/add a few more areas? Make secret in starting room more obvious? Map02: reduce ammo/weapons/health across board. Add some more detail textures to wall. Make secret doors more obvious? Map03: widen/add more areas for sure. Fix enemy placement in 1st major combat area. Map04: Focus on lower unpeg and texture fixes. Possibly change flats or wall tex to make some crusher areas more obvious. Fix darkness level just before the exit switch so the door isn't painful to find. Overall: Lock your doortracks, place monsters more carefully/test fights more thoroughly, and vary your textures more. Possibly decide on a standard texture+flats for crushers and stick to it so they're more noticeable? Or just jam more blood and corpses in each of those areas as hints.
  15. Hello all. These maps were made in Eureka 1.27, and are vanilla compatible. They were not intended to be played with jumping, crouching, freelook, etc. All were playetested by me in PrBoom v2.5.1.5. Each map can be played and beaten from a pistol start, there are no co-op or deathmatch options. Maps were mostly made with textures from the TECH section. Doom2 is meant to be the iwad. Peeking in on the maps using Freedoom as well and they look ok that way too. I find the maps decently challenging assuming a pistol start, though a playthrough just before this post on HMP makes me wonder if they're too easy when played one after the other. I was tripping over extra health and ammo by the time I got into Map04. Some extra enemies have been thrown in for harder difficulties, and some extra medpacks and items for easier difficulties, though I have not playtested anything beyond HMP. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for in terms of feedback at this point. If you have suggestions for changes or future maps I'm open to ideas. Haven't started on Map05 yet. From Map03: From Map04: Edited to place space between pictures... Oops. ^.^'' Edit2: Minor updates! -Textures for non 'DOORTRAC' doorways are now properly pegged in place and look less weird. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I kinda like how the Doortrac texture moves when a door is opened, so I'm leaving that in. (all maps) -Fixed some wall/line segments in crushers and walls that were not properly lined up. (map04). -Fixed darkness in area just before exit. (map04) -Tinkered with enemies/texturing in the main combat area of Map03. It looks nicer now. :D Cubef.wad.zip