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  1. Lumberjack Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || Default Status: Deaths → 0 Saves → none https://drive.google.com/file/d/12d5Lu3YFxI-KOzsQxXsBiVOSFFFuvNDs/view?usp=sharing Just as Clippy said, it is a very short map, but at the same time, it is full of surprises, from the beginning where the Marine is greeted with toxic soil, until arriving with the other monsters and remaining areas of the map, the truth is that in the Visual section is something simple everything that is put on this map, but nevertheless, the kind of structures that the map has is quite good, so, to be a basic Wad, it has really interesting details, such as the secrets, for instance. As for the combat, it was quite good here, the truth is that I enjoyed battling in such a limited area, which is quite interesting because I am not much to play in areas like that, but I am not disappointed in combat here, because it really was not so difficult to survive the battle, therefore, it was very good for a closed area map.
  2. ElPadrecitoCholo

    my first map

    By this I meant that the map was very interesting to me, and that there were certain parts that at first left me with some doubts, for example, that it seems that there is a filler door at the beginning of the level, it is also completely unknown where it is that there is the red key to the other door that is at the beginning, and also that you will add several secrets but that these were quickly easy to discover in the secret entrance to the Soulsphere, and finally, I still have doubts about where it is I found the last secret, but out of all that, it really was a great map that you made.
  3. ElPadrecitoCholo

    my first map

    FranziskaVonCaco first Wad Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || Default Status: Deaths → 0 Saves → none https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dqrlRzWoIBId0iehWjrysI9oYJF3zRZE/view?usp=sharing A very curious map, due to the fact that it has an extremely intense beginning, and that things do not feel calm until the end of everything is where it looks much better, but hey, visually, I must say that the map if it has really left me interested in the kind of structures that are made in each of the rooms in which they are seen with different designs, therefore, and despite the fact that it mostly consists of a lot of toxic soils, the truth is is that at least much of all the Wad is well designed, and I say only much because I have realized that there are certain areas that are not very well designed, but that do not affect progress as much. The fight here was very good, with its good dose of difficulty at the beginning, and in the middle of the progress, it was also good in the end zone but it was not as intense as the previous parts so 2 out of 3 is not bad at all.
  4. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Introducing my first map: claustrophobic.wad

    claustrophobia.wad Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || Default Status: Deaths → 0 Saves → none https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k3Mnvgx2D59QPd7Hbb_fPYRPcXwNStT4/view?usp=sharing A really interesting map, I really enjoyed what this Wad offers due to the fact that it is really varied when it comes to its content, because you start in a totally quiet area and a bit simple, but the more you advance, The Marine realizes the more that the map has many variations in terms of the design of its walls and structures, making them completely different with each step that is taken, but without reaching the total confusion of the route, at least finding all the keys will not It is a big problem, but finding all the secrets if there is. And as for the combat, well I'll be honest, the beginning was a bit hard, but at least, after leaving that area, things become a little simpler, as there is not so much dangerous enemy to face, and also, there is enough ammunition to finish them all without much problem, although of course, this is not very present at the beginning, but until the middle.
  5. ElPadrecitoCholo

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Base Ganymede

    Well, since everything has its beginning, everything also has its end ... it's time to end this once and for all... . . . E3M1: A map with things that have more to do with episode 1 or 2 than with 3, but hey, there are only toxic floors, walls designed with metal areas and rocky areas, and also, this map is open, at least not here. there is so much mobility problem. The combat is what stands out the most here, because there are quite a few Hitscanners everywhere, as well as many imps, which makes it a bit complicated to start, not to mention the inclusion of the barons of hell here, so it can be A bit complicated to pass the initial area but after that, everything else is relatively simpler, because Pinkys and Cacodemons appear but to a lesser extent, and with the help of the armored vest and the secret weapon, which is the Chaingun, everything the rest will be much easier. E3M2: Already entering this map we are made to see that the scale of difficulty is increasing in a very strict way, but first detailing the map, let's say that it is a semi-open place, because for the most part we are locked in a place, but that is really big, well, here again it has a structure and designs not related to the third original episode, but in the same way not everything is a confinement, since if there are parts that are open, even if they are only very scarce, but it does not matter, of Anyway, what is true is that the map has many places to go to visit, and I honestly will not go into detail all that, so just to say that there are many closed areas, some open, and several roads to travel to grab each key is more than enough ... As for the combat, let's say that is what also stands out here, from the beginning there are already Imps attacking, there is also a Spider MasterMind in the middle of everything, and then we find Hitscanners, then to Pinkys, the Lost Souls, the Cacodemons and finally, the Barons of Hell, to whom, these enemies are seen much more frequently in the end of the map, which is a mini-Slaughter not very well programmed but which also turned out to be very entertaining. E3M3: Unlike the others, this map is more influenced by the third episode, therefore, here you will see very demonic things, so, detailing the map, it is completely in closed areas, some with movement space and others not. So, everything is put in different textures, meat here, red walls there, a bit of wood there, etc., in addition to having lava floors in certain places on the map. Again it is the combat that best shines here, because having closed spaces, these end up being stressful for the Marine, and it makes it more difficult to be progressing during the course, and by the way, I have also realized that I have rusted in this of look for secrets, because I almost never manage to have one around here ... and finally, the last area where there is a long path of red walls and meat floors was the most interesting thing that this map could offer me, but a shame not being able to enter that portal near the Lost Souls area ... E3M4: This map totally broke what was seen in the previous map, now it seems that I was playing a Wad for episode 1, but hey, anyway the progress system that exists in each of the episodes is more and more absurd than I I was thinking ... well, there are quite a few things to highlight here, for example, the huge and exterior area that this map has, there are almost no confinement areas, so fighting with enemies is more in the open air than staying alone inside technological facilities ... and if that were not enough, this place looks very similar to a strange maze that you have to go through from going and looking for the keys, until the player starts to think about where the exit of this is located place. The combat here is just as entertaining, adding to the fact that before going directly to the end of the map, we have one last battle with a cyberdemon that appears to try to annihilate the Marine, but fortunately it is not difficult to defeat him, even more so if he He has the secret Soulsphere and ammo in almost every weapon, so you only need to stay on the top floor in front of him to defeat him. E3M5: This map has been really complicated ... the truth is that to be a site with much more expanded area than closed, if it has caused certain inconveniences in my ... first to detail the map, it is a map of large space, but with some small areas, and also that it has another area just as expanded and open air but with pillars on the sides, everything is mostly white and red, but when entering some small closed areas it seems to be like inside small castles. The combat here was a little more intense, since you have the two bosses at once, the Spider MasterMind in the large space of the initial area, and the Cyberdemon in the other area that is accessed by crossing a portal, there are quite a few Hitscanners and Imps than any other monster. Although good, one of the positive points that could give to this, is the fact that he returned to take again the demonic setting that characterizes the original episode 3 so much. E3M6: Just entering the map, there are already Hitscanners and Imps waiting ... but hey, the map consists of small open areas and many closed areas ... yes, I know I'm starting to sound repetitive in this kind of thing but it's the truth Either way, there is a certain variety here that at least you can see demonic atmosphere again, which is very good because now if you feel the demonic environment again, and as such, you can see a lot of things that were already seen in The previous maps, in addition to that, it should be noted that the way this map is structured is really interesting, because you can see places that have a higher level, steps to climb, and several corners to explore that tend to confuse the Marine a bit. due to the repetition of textures on the red wall that there is, but the important thing here is that at least the map remains a little more varied than expected, and without taking into account that it lends a bit of inspiration from some maps of the e Floor 2 for some areas, but everything here was extremely entertaining. The combat here is a bit intense at first but then the risk is reduced, implying that the difficulty curve here was lost, but even so the fighting is kept entertained by the kind of traps that can be found here, And speaking about that, finding the secret area was not easy at all, but I am quite glad I did it without much trouble. E3M9: This map begins extremely well, with a 100% demonic setting, not in the style of Sigil but it does have its own charm, besides that there are many, many walls of viceras and huamana meat, which was very good inclusion, also the map is be something small, which is fine because considering that it is a secret map, I thought it would be a little longer but I am glad it was not, and finally we found an area of walls and areas carved out of wood, in this It is only accessed to take a key I think, and then go in the direction of the exit. As for the combat, it was very good at the beginning, and then normal, so there is not much to detail here. E3M7: A map that really reminds a lot of Plutonia because of the decorations of lianas and things of that style on the walls, but hey, considering the map in general, this one is really huge, since there are many areas to visit and there are also all kind of interesting traps throughout the course of the trip, and there are from closed areas, to outdoor areas, the normal of each map but I like that they keep this kind of thing hehe, even so, a map with its dose of difficulty without any doubt. The combat here turns out to be brutal, because there are also a large number of resistant enemies that go after the marine and this does harm our hero a lot, and not to mention that there is also the appearance of the Spider MasterMind when trying to unlock the Switch that allows you to reveal the exit, and without a doubt it turned out to be a challenging and hard map in several aspects, as well as getting that secret of Cell's charge. E3M8: This map was undoubtedly one of the most interesting I've seen, since it practically returns us to the first map of the entire episode but with the great exception that now the Marine must get into the bowels of all that demonic chaos and travel to certain parts already seen before by the first missions that this episode has, and I think that here they refer to mission 1 and 2, because then the Marine is transported to the last combat arena, which refers to mission 5. Well, in the visual section, it is just as good, because here it is practically a compilation with clipping of the first 2 missions of this episode, with the only change that you see walls of meat and viceres everywhere, and that the last arena The combat area is just a circular area with level 5 textures, but from then on there is absolutely nothing else. And here the combat was really good, having many bosses to face, being the Spider MasterMind who takes all the palms, because it appears 3 times here, while the Cyberdemon only appeared once, well, the end at least was satisfactory for me after having killed those last two bosses. →Here's the video evidence: . . . And well, everything has come to this point, thanks for participating and I will definitely withdraw from these collaborations of playing Megawads from Doom 1 and 2, thank you for everything and I wish you all an excellent day, because with me, I have so much to do that already I don't have the time to play Megawads without the use of powerful mods, so thanks for everything and goodbye guys.
  6. ElPadrecitoCholo

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Base Ganymede

    I'm sorry to have disappeared for so long, too many things to do in my personal life ... but hey, I will continue now with what I have yet to deliver today. . . . E2M5: A very interesting map, because it has a lot of decorations and things that make it look more like this place belongs to Episode 3 instead of Episode 2, but well, visually, the map is really nice, because it has well structured decorations and also has a good structure and architecture in each place you go, not to mention that the map is really long, and makes one easily feel lost between traveling from one place to another, but at the same time Less it is good to know that this map has a notorious variety of designs in each area, since a large part of these areas have different things that do not make them so repetitive or monotonous, which is very good because I really like the variety, and above all, the way each place is made is also great because you have to go in a straight direction, then make one or another turn, go up somewhere, then go down, and so on with open and closed spaces and lava floors and toxic floors. As for combat, I will say here that it is just as good, because every moment really ugly traps arise that test the Marine in survival of not dying at the hands of so many demons together, and it is that here he is very prone to finding traps which consist of teleportation or enemies appearing out of nowhere, and what is most abundant on this map are certain things, the Imps, the Hitscanners, the Cacodemons and the Barons of hell, or also the appearance of a Cyberdemon as an extra gift. E2M6: I am in my total right to say that this map is a pain in the ribs, because not only did I arrive at this place with the worst of luck, which was to end up with very low health, and on top of that there are great dangers here that if they left me with a totally sour and horrible taste in the mouth. But first let's talk about the appearance of the map, and something to mention is that this map is really interesting in the visual aspect, since as with the previous one, this map also offers a variety of areas in the sense of the decoration of walls and structures, Also, it does not confuse you at any time, since in itself, the map is not as long as it seems, and it has several open areas, from the initial area, to other areas, such as one where a Cyberdemon appears on top of a platform, but the good thing about this map is that it is not completely linear, so you can go for one thing in any order you want in case you already have a good arsenal and good health, something that I did not have in that moment, and to start the map in Pistol Start, no thanks. Now in the combat aspect, it is where the map stands out the most, because it has the largest number of opponents so far, which made me really sweat a lot trying to always keep my health up, since here they had quite a few Hitscanners, Imps, Barons of Hell, and Cacodemons, plus I don't mention the Pinkys and Lost Souls here because they don't appear as excessively as these other enemies were, or at least in the sense that they would result with greater resistance, but Well, not satisfied with that, this would also be the map with the most appearances of bosses that I have seen, being 2 Cyberdemons and 1 Spider MasterMind, anyway, the only risky thing here is to try to get to where the sphere that is enclosed is in a place with bars that require the Yellow Skull to unlock it, but otherwise, each fight is quite intense, since there are many traps in this site, quite a few I would say, all of them consisting of or in teleporting enemies to the Marine's location, but the good thing is that having all the keys, the last area that is the exit of the map is really easy to clean, so you only have to suffer a good portion and then leave there with more tranquility. E2M7: This map is really good, since it is short, short and fun, it does not have so many enemies and it is perfect to later go quickly to the final level. Things to say about this map, because throughout these following maps, they are more based on the infernal aspect, with a lot of demonic atmosphere and lava in various places, in any case, this map is quite successful, since it has very interesting, like the last part before reaching the teleporter, there are viceras on the ground and a lot of lava, and no matter where he puts his feet, the Marine will still end up burning, a bit strange idea but I am not complaining about it, and to the end the huge door at the beginning opening and then only observe darkness, really great everything. The combat does not disappoint, it is just as good here, and therefore, I did not have many problems in this regard, especially with the final area, so I can say that this was the best map I have ever enjoyed. E2M8: And we come to the last map of this episode, from the beginning it is clear to us that we must prepare for combat, although I also realized that at this level it has a secret of a sphere of invincibility, but that I have not found the way to unlock it, even so, crossing the center portal, we are already teleported directly to battle, with only 2 Cyberdemons that are on top of several inaccessible platforms, but these can be transported wherever they want, which makes the combat complicated being on the top floor, but fortunately you can go down to the ground without any risk of dying to fight the other monsters that are in that area while the Cyberdemons try to teleport in the direction of the Marine's location, but well, I'll quickly say that in visual aspect, this decent, maybe you could expect a little more from this map in architectural terms, but in any case they were not a problem or a problem aunt. And combat is the least acceptable thing to me, since it is very, very tedious having to wait for the Cyberdemons to kill them without first firing a missile against the Marine, but luckily there is enough Cell for the Plasma gun and also for the other weapons and thus manage to kill both bosses without many complications although it is very horrible to wait for them to teleport at the right time. E2M9: And to close Episode 2, here is my experience with this secret map that I could not find in E2M5, because fortunately this map is not that long, and in fact it is quite linear, and has a good structure throughout the course of the map, There is no dull moment, since each area is quite varied to avoid repetition and monotony, and the fact that the exit door to that place was at the same starting point where everything began, made the trip at least It would be quite worth it, even more so for how it turned out to be the final area with the red skull key. Regarding combat, in the same way I have no complaint here, at every moment the combat felt fresh due to the diversity of traps that existed, and because it was really obligatory to vary the weapons at all times due to the issue of ammunition, although of course This is because I did Pistol Start in this level, and having discovered the secret before, I could have finished the map much faster without so many problems because I would still have ammunition to spare for the last zone before returning to the beginning, whatever So I really enjoyed this map, and I would consider it the best Episode 2 has had so far, along with E2M7, short and entertaining, as I like it. →Again, the video that contains it all: (By the way, I would recommend that you watch the full video, try to make it as less boring as possible in some areas, because it really took me too long to play all this, even more because of E2M6, but hey, you will understand why, heh) . . . Episode 3, get ready because it's your turn...
  7. ElPadrecitoCholo

    SUPERDREAM- 5 Speedmaps With No Chill

    @Worriedidiot Ahh, I understand, well in that case, I thank you for explaining to me what your Wad colleague consisted of, it really helps things to improve around here with me, at least your honesty is appreciated, in that I do agree. Don't worry, if I have managed to enjoy some things, like insulting you entirely in the video made me feel better in some way, although you're right, this was a reverend shit haha
  8. ElPadrecitoCholo

    SUPERDREAM- 5 Speedmaps With No Chill

    SUPERDREAM Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || Default Status: Deaths → ??? (It was quite a few...) Saves → ??? (I don't remember...) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uFqlg_5REwRo6HsZMD3BfCu9rNo0QeHy/view?usp=sharing First of all, I will say that yes, indeed the Wad is very difficult, and no, in terms of enemies it is not so much the problem, but the way in which this Wad is raised, there are really things here that are not fun in what Absolute, and in addition to that, the way the platforms are built, they are terrible, they suck, and personally, they were the worst part of this set of maps, constantly abusing Trial and Error that turns out to be damn tedious because of how stupidly elaborate the platforms are here... and another thing to note, is the very low (not to say entirely meager) supply of Medikits on some maps, this is what also ruins the Wad, since at I don't give a damn about the set of enemies there are, if there is a good dose of medikits there to grab later or some spheres too, like what happened in the last map, but before that, there is almost nothing, literal like 2 or 3 and then the Marine is completely fucked... In the visual aspect I have no complaints, the places look good, they look great, as in combat, it is not a big thing to have to pass each of the fights, except for map 03 That map can go completely to hell, now the others are acceptable and tolerable as far as combat is concerned. The bottom line here is that the way some maps run is extremely awful like Map 02 and 03, and the lack of Medikits really leaves a lot to be desired from this Wad, therefore I don't consider your maps as mediocre, but neither I enjoyed them broadly, so they stay in that they are regular and voila, beyond that I have nothing to comment, I hope your way of making maps is better, colleague.
  9. ElPadrecitoCholo

    One level DOOM wad I made. Need some feedback

    DOOMmap Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || SpecialDefault Status: Deaths → 0 Saves → none A map with a really remarkable difficulty, because from the beginning it is made clear that this Wad will not have a smooth start, and in truth it did not, the entire map being plagued with Hitscanners, the most annoying being the Shotgunner and the Chaingunner, but let's talk about the visual aspect. Each area of the map is really interesting, mainly because it has several very varied areas that prevent the map from falling into a monotonous environment, which is quite good if you ask me, for example, from the area with the toxic soil to The area where you only see boxes of different sizes in a narrow place makes a lot of difference in each place, and I ended up liking that a lot, so in the visual aspect we are really good. Now we go to the combat part, and here the map also stands out, since there are several varied enemies everywhere that make the Marine become alert at all times, which is great, although the small problem is that there is a Notorious shortage of ammunition only in the initial and intermediate part, because by the end (that is, after the door with a blue key) things are already more stable, but that would only be my complaint, nothing more. In conclusion I liked the Wad a lot, and I really enjoyed it a lot, despite the great dangers that are seen in each area, I can say that I have enjoyed it a lot, and I will be waiting for new maps that you can make, colleague.
  10. ElPadrecitoCholo

    My first maps submitted to Doomworld! (1st topic)

    "1 hour made maps for DOOM" Ultra-Violence || Zandronum || Default Status: Deaths → 0 Saves → none This set of maps were extremely diverse, short without much difficulty, and for the most part, they were made only to test aesthetics or perhaps to better structure the areas that would be like walls or some other decorative to add to the various maps, because being honest, this Wad of only 5 maps has almost no difficulty, since only the last one does present a bit of challenge, and the others are really low of difficulty, but anyway, I really liked the panorama of not doing monotonous no map, that each one is different and interesting is what really highlighted the Wad a lot, and in addition to the good combat that the last map offers you, but that would only be what the Wad would have positive, even so it is just as enjoyable. Good work on this small set of maps, it's decent in every aspect, maybe some things need to be improved to make them look like enjoyable maps from Doom 2, because some levels felt more like for Doom 1, but well, I hope to see new work that you bring here, buddy. →Here's the evidence: 4:29 - 12:46
  11. ElPadrecitoCholo

    The Soundgarden Project - A Tribute To Chris Cornell

    The Soundgarden Project (Only Map 01 for the moment) Ultra-Violence || GZDoom || Zagemod Status: Deaths → 0 Saves → none A really interesting map, due to the fact that it turns out to be extremely short, but at the same time entertaining, and with a good degree of difficulty in this regard, therefore, with this map, things can be very intense during the beginning and half the progress, leaving only the end to calm things down, anyway, it was an excellent Wad without a doubt, with the background music theme and the decorations put on the map even if there are not many. By the way, in the combat part everything went really well, from the large groups of Imps that were seen at the beginning, with a cacodemon and some Pinkys to the part where you go for the Super Shotgun, which set off an entertaining combat trap and challenging, and having many Hitscanners also helped the Marine not to run out of ammunition, therefore, I quite liked what the map would be, and the other good things that I talk about it, so I'll be waiting for the others maps you're going to add to this Wad, mate. →Here's the evidence: 0:00 - 4:23 EXTRA: Here the gameplay in Vanilla Default: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mweuc0Hc6gLaLH9kAo04kw8mwTKYkybT/view?usp=sharing
  12. ElPadrecitoCholo

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    John: "Garfield, it's still a long time before Halloween, stop scaring Oddie or there won't be lasagna for dinner."
  13. ElPadrecitoCholo


    RUSH Ultra-Violence || PrBoom+ || Default Status: Deaths → 0 Saves → none https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DPZrxhpasmaKZU-0_YNj1NZehAtmnkyt/view?usp=sharing An extremely short map, apparently, it is possible to pass this Wad in less than 5 minutes if you are already an experienced Doomer, although that if, the Wad has quite a few things about it that make it extremely interesting in some aspects, for example, Adding what would be a small bridge where there is toxic soil below really turned out to be something great for me, even more so with the kind of enemies that the Marine was encountering, but hey, what is the visual aspect, there is not much to say , but there are some very great parts, even if they are a little scarce about it, but it does not matter so much, since I like the Doom 1 setting. As for the combat, because here things have been just as good , because there are no exaggeratedly resistant enemies anywhere, here you must exterminate the Hitscanners, Imps and Pinkys that will be seen a lot on this map, as if it were more set in Doom 1 as I had mentioned before, but personally I like a lot, since I am someone who enjoys the first Doom, also if there are some slight variations, such as seeing a Revenant, a Hell Knight and several Chaingunners, just to remember that this is Doom 2, but at the end of the day, going for The keys in each room has not been an easy task, but they do not take so many risks in this regard. In conclusion, a very excellent map without a doubt, enjoyable, short, fun and highly recommended just to spend a few minutes glued to the PC screen, so good work on this Wad, buddy, and I hope to see more Wads that you get to do you in the future.
  14. ElPadrecitoCholo

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Base Ganymede

    Yeah!, Episode 2 :) . . . E2M1: This beginning of the episode is actually quite interesting because of how the map is presented to us, since the map begins first in a kind of bridge or something similar where below there is only toxic soil, but at least the interesting thing about this map is the fact of being a place that still has a bit of freedom in an area and not only focusing on a closed place, apart from that, the map is short, so there is not much problem in trying to complete it, although something If it should be noted here, and it is the fact that there are quite a few Hitscanners, Imps and Pinkys throughout the area, and that apart from that, the ammunition here is truly scarce, and that a lot is relied on the Chainsaw to survive, that by the way, this is the first time we have access to the Chainsaw, since in the previous episode we did not see it anywhere, but hey, my opinion about how the map looks... well, although it is not as beautiful as I would have thought it, it really meets being something that still has some fit with Episode 1, since it still seems to be part of the technological and lunar facilities that were there, also that the end part was a little more interesting than the beginning, because of how the Shotgunners and the Last Imps to kill with a view of a huge planet. And with regard to combat, it was fine, nothing out of the ordinary, everything was simple, fast and a bit efficient if it weren't for the shortage of initial ammunition. E2M2: This next map was much better than the previous one, not only because it was longer or because of the different areas to explore, but also because it offers better combat than the previous one, with the occasional exception of areas that they become tedious just using the shotgun, but they were also very entertaining. Let's start with the visual, because as I said before, the map is really long, to the point that it gets you a bit confused by what is happening, but despite this, certain areas that this map has are very interesting because they really bring decorations varied, and there are some traps that can take the Marine by surprise, while there are truly curious places such as the area that has only toxic soils or the area that has a small pond of water but is adorned with things taken from Plutonia, they are an example of interesting places, but hey, not everything is open space here, since there are also several areas with really closed spaces, and many of the traps can be somewhat annoying, but they can still be predictable if attention is paid to the surroundings. As for the combat, here it is more entertaining than the first level, since the enemies come in lots and they really make you react quickly to avoid receiving damage of any kind, without a doubt, a very good map to use. enjoy and play. E2M3: This map is really hard on the player from the beginning, with all those Hitscanners that start attacking the Marine without warning, fortunately there is a green armor at the beginning of the level and that really helps a lot, and there are also enough Medikits scattered there that do not let the marine die quickly, but now we will talk about the design of the map, and this map is one of the most interesting that I have seen so far, since the structure is not linear at all, and You get confused just a little with what to do, besides that you go around a lot in certain areas in order to find what would be the keys to progress, and if that was not enough, there is also a Plasma Gun waiting in an area specifies so that it can be unlocked, that by the way, as with the Chainsaw, the Plasma Gun makes its first appearance in this second episode, and that with this provide better help against some demons, and the use of portals here if it is quite frequent, because it goes from one point to another but in different areas, and it can also be said that at this level we have access to the Rocket Launcher again, a truly useful weapon here due to the constant appearance of strong enemies such as the Cacodemons. Finally, I will say that the combat was great and varied, although a little rough at first, but that they still made the map entertaining and not boring, so this map is acceptable, it has good secrets that are easy to find, and a very good environment. For the fighting, although the only thing I did not like, was the death exit, which according to me, was something that only worked in Doom 2, but it seems that the same play can also be applied here... how horrible. E2M4: Well, this map has been quite an experience that anyone who loves to play fighting video games would love to try, since at the beginning it is made clear that there are enemies, that there is no ammunition anywhere, and that you only have one berserk. in front of you, so the real action begins when you grab the berserk, because the enemies begin to go after the marine to try to kill him, but it turns out the opposite, and thanks to the powerful punches that the Marine can give, He ends up defeating each of those enemies on the spot, and by the way, I certainly found it curious that this map included what would be a shotgun halfway through, because there were no cartridges anywhere to use it more often, so, again to use your fists to pass any enemy that comes to the front, but hey, it's time to talk about how visual wad is, which in my opinion is completely out of the question the Episode io 2 with being set in technological areas to make them hellish, but hey, this has already been seen with some level of Episode 1, so I can't complain about it if it was decided to include another map with that same theme, but the truth here is that there are again mixtures, a little Plutonia, and a little from Episode 3, but anyway the visual aspect on this map was really great. Now moving on to the part of the combats, because this is where this map best stands out, since the combats in this boxer mode are very intense and hard, therefore, it is not surprising that many of these enemies are placed strategically to see what the player did in the face of such obstacles that interfere with the path, for example, put several Imps in one place and leave a health sphere in a corner and then find a baron of hell and have To kill all of them using only your fists, besides that, putting a Cyberdemon in the part of the blue key was a challenge to use your head, because in truth it was not going to be an easy task to cross there with obstacles intervening the way, and that by the way, this is the first appearance of the Cyberdemon in this episode, although at least, what I liked about his combat is that there is a very fast way to defeat him, but that requires a lot of ingenuity and speed to make it, going up some steps to a teleporter to make a phone call to that monster, and finally we are left with the exit area, with only 2 Pinkys and a Cacodemon and voila, time to leave that site. A really interesting map with a dose of difficulty and entertainment combined, I could say that it is a good map, since at least it offers you direct action and not so tedious. →Again the video with the evidence:
  15. ElPadrecitoCholo

    The Soundgarden Project - A Tribute To Chris Cornell

    I have already completed it, and later I will upload the video where I am playing it colleague, because the truth is that it turned out to be very entertaining.