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  1. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Toxic Shock - Boom Compatible Semi-Speedmap

    Toxic Shock A map with its dose of difficulty but that really has its own rhythm, hm... it may be that there are certain things that I don't like at the beginning, such as the lack of ammunition in the main room, or medkits as well, but halfway through things get a little tougher, but nevertheless, at the end of it all, the situation can become very hostile during that fight with the cyberdemon quite close to the player, and that thing about having to pick up the plasma gun that is in the middle of it, it is simply brutal and a bit in bad taste, however, when opening the other door thanks to the switch that is placed in the same area as the Cyberdemon, this creature becomes most useful during the final fight, so I see why it was placed there. In any case, the map did represent a challenge but it was not impossible to beat, thanks to the ammunition at the end, and that you have also allowed the door to remain open, for which that gesture is truly appreciated. Interesting and enjoyable map but certain things need to be fixed so that it can be an excellent experience.
  2. ElPadrecitoCholo

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Community Chest

    Alright, hm... first of all, I apologize for being super inactive in this event that was like 4 months ago (or maybe more), the fact is that, I had already done what was the gameplay of all the Wad because until the last minute I tried to do everything to be on par with the others, but... as there were quite a few setbacks with me, I decided then to play it all in full, and thus be able to finally be ready for the last moment of the day , where I was going to present my part but... I really couldn't do it, I ended up affected by really internal problems with the family, and with certain things in which I was involved with other people, and this fell as heavy as a Yunke on me head, so I just didn't want to do anything anymore, and the unfortunate thing is that the video was ready, so it was already uploaded to the channel to be able to send it here and... I was in the middle of describing each one of the levels I've played, but unfortunately, I ended I lost the .txt file in my database because I sent it where my previous school work was, and since I did a massive cleanup of my computer, the file was lost, and having to detail everything again like I usually do, I just do it I couldn't, because I didn't feel good about myself... Not to drag this out, I'll just say that I've come to post it here again because I was watching the videos uploaded to my channel, and this was in hidden mode, so I thought I'd better leave it public and share the link of this longplay I did about this Wad, and using the Samsara Mod where I use the soldier Adrian Shepard to pass each and every one of the levels almost 100%... so, I can only add that I enjoy a large part of the maps offered here, Except for some that were really a problem, not to mention Level 29, which is total crap for me, and its creator could have done better than that. This has been all I wanted to comment on, so I am leaving the link below so that you can watch the video if you have a considerable amount of time to watch this movie that is as long as any Netflix series today, therefore, thanks for stay to read until here and I wish you all a good day. . . . . .
  3. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Subearth, a short three map wad

    Subearth The Wad is quite great, despite being short, the way each of the scenarios is elaborated and the distribution of enemies that is not much, but if they are placed in specific places to be a complete hindrance, they make the experience equally entertaining (even more for not having to go through huge mazes just to find a measly key that opens the other side, huh.
  4. ElPadrecitoCholo

    [DOOM 2] Some random map I made

    RandomMap2 Quite entertaining this Wad, although very short, huh, but luckily it lengthened its duration a little more unlike Biodegradable, heh. Anyway, for me, everything is quite well done mate, only in the part of the secret if it would have some inconvenience for not having put some kind of signal (subliminal) that would identify its location, but otherwise, everything is quite good until the moment, huh. The following video is not published in Private nor is it hidden, therefore, I would greatly appreciate the support of a like and a comment about it, thank you.
  5. ElPadrecitoCholo

    How do people enjoy hard maps?

    Well, in my case... I play this type of thing more than anything to try to get rid of some annoyance that I have had during the day or at key moments in my life, this being an unusual way to vent the anger and hatred that I have for several things, although also knowing how to choose my options in this regard, since there have been Wads that I really consider not to be up to trying, but that thought I will have to get rid of sooner or later, anyway, between the frustration , you can find fun, and I think that's the factor that makes games totally addictive, to keep trying and trying until you win in the end. (I say this because I have played games with similar themes, among them, the sequel to Hotline Miami in its Hard mode, and thanks to this, losing every moment should not be an obstacle for me) P.S.: By the way @BomberBlur07, here I have something that maybe can help you with your circumstance about the first levels of episode 4, as a previous comment had said, you just have to be careful, be patient with the gameplay, know how to manage your resources well and observe around you, pay attention to everything on the map to come up with strategies that help complete the challenge and support yourself with everything you have available at that time. (let's ignore the fact that I messed up twice on level 2, huh)
  6. ElPadrecitoCholo

    My "First" Map

    You're welcome Pal, heh.
  7. ElPadrecitoCholo

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Since when are we friends with the enemy?, even more so if he carries a cannon equipped on one arm. Or am I hallucinating?...
  8. ElPadrecitoCholo

    My "First" Map

    A most interesting map, I really like the kind of textures it has, and that really gives it its merit for being designed. although yes... it seems that the Wad needs some polishing due to the lack of collisions in some parts, not to mention that because of this, the map is even more finishable early than following the already established route, and that partly shouldn't happen if you want to keep the experience linear here. About the enemies, I don't have much to say, the combats were decent, although sometimes it feels a bit claustrophobic past the middle of the map, but something that I can highlight is the way you have put the secrets, and This really caught my attention. (P.S.: I had already done a gameplay of this Wad before, but as I was moving my videos between folders, I really forgot where I left it, so instead, I decided to do this Speedrun instead to show an alternative way to win in less time. @Hitman you are a great runner too, and I found your video entertaining mate :D)
  9. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Home Invasion

    You're welcome, it's a pleasure to do my part to help in some way in the creation and perfection of a map :D @IcarusOfDaggers is right, you don't necessarily have to fill the map with enemies to make it look challenging, and I also feel that this could not count as a slaughter as such, seeing that the enemies are mostly very resistant at the beginning, and that the marine does not have some extra support like getting weapons early on, or a Megasphere, or even an invulnerabilitysphere to be able to make a certain balance between the enemies presented and the arsenal that the marine carries on top, huh.
  10. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Home Invasion

    Heh, you're welcome, to be honest, seeing that no one else was interested in wanting to spend that, then I had to make the sacrifice of being the one to show how everything is structured on the map, where the enemies are located, among other things , although yes... with the help of a very interesting mod, because seriously, in vanilla this would have been a total ordeal.
  11. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Home Invasion

    @CursedJade999 A definitely horrible map due to its high and excessive difficulty (which to tell the truth I feel very unnecessary due to the mishandling of the use of initial weapons and ammunition to be able to attack the strong enemies in the first room) but nevertheless, the atmosphere of the house I like it a lot, and it's very well done to recognize the performance put here, although again it's a shame that this type of ideas was chosen for something that was executed poorly along the way. I died too many times looking for some method that would make it easier for me to kill the hell knights, and using a mod, since I imagine how frustrating this would have been playing it on purist. (The following video is not set to Hidden / Private, so it really doesn't hurt to have your support with a like and a comment towards it, since among doomers we support each other)
  12. @Pseudonaut Well, although I didn't manage to get those precious "less than 100 seconds" of what you say so much, something that I am going to comment on is that the wad has taken me by surprise, but at least it didn't send me to the grave in the first attempt, and aside from that, it's simply brutal not to leave any medikits or stimpacks in the area, so don't be surprised by the unusual method I use to pass your Wad to me, dude.
  13. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Metastasis (A Doom II Limit-Removing Map)

    Yeah bro, I figured it out, don't worry about it, heh. Wow, well, I would really be delighted to see how far you could go to make a map like this, mate, what's more, you could try to make an experimental one with whatever you have in mind, and I could definitely play it without problems.
  14. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Metastasis (A Doom II Limit-Removing Map)

    Actually, was Zandronum port in my case heh
  15. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Metastasis (A Doom II Limit-Removing Map)

    Well, it seems that you are right about the first thing you said, in itself, the Wad was not tedious, but it was confusing at times huh. Regarding the other thing, I recorded it using "Action" but I forgot to edit it because it was already quite dark when I uploaded it, so I just uploaded it to Youtube without giving it a cleaner edit because of the sleep I was feeling at that moment, but I promise to fix that in future videos dude. It seems that your mind was thinking about many interesting things at the time you were making the map, and with each test you did, you were getting more and more confused about what you were doing, which, arguably, makes this Wad more especially, because I personally feel like I've been witnessing some kind of mental labyrinth here, and that makes this map very interesting for me, huh.