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  1. ElPadrecitoCholo

    (Boom - Complevel 9) Exitway.

    @tumedaskihutaja_37685 Hey dude, I just did a much faster tour of your map, and this time finding the last enemy I needed:
  2. ElPadrecitoCholo

    (Boom - Complevel 9) Exitway.

    It's true, however, the agent did not overlook that secret that the others never thought they would find, in any case, it is not a bad secret, although, when looking at the map, I think it becomes a mistake. little more obvious heh. In any case, I will do a new gameplay, and this time finding the first plasma gun with the mancubus to be able to continue through the level faster.
  3. ElPadrecitoCholo

    (Boom - Complevel 9) Exitway.

    @tumedaskihutaja_37685 Hey, I really liked the map, it had its respective challenge in finding enemies, as well as it had an extremely interesting map, and despite being small, I really enjoyed searching for everything it offered me, except for 1 enemy that I could never find, but anyway. Good map mate.
  4. ElPadrecitoCholo


    @Drum Hey, I really liked this map, it's small in terms of gameplay, but otherwise, it's entertaining thanks to the fact that it has a certain level of difficulty due to the lack of many Medikits or Stimpacks, as well as green or blue armors, but even with these limitations, it's still possible to kick their asses hahaha. Another thing I liked is the classic demonic atmosphere it has, as it could have perfectly been a good map for Episode 3 of Doom 1. Therefore, I consider it quite awesome and straightforward. Good job, mate.
  5. ElPadrecitoCholo

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Solar Struggle

    ||Zandronum || Continuous || Ultra-Violence || with Saves || Gameplay Mod EPISODE IV: VENUSIAN VIOLENCE . . . (Screw the descriptions, I'll be short as hell on the vast majority of these levels) → E4M1 - "Docking Station" I didn't like this place, the combat here is really disturbing, and I guess what's most interesting about it is the aesthetics and the structure of the level that are like floating islands or something, but personally, it was a stressful introduction and certainly worse executed than in the original E4M1 of Doom 1. By the way, it's in this episode where I start using the saves to avoid having to eat all the damn progress over and over again in each place that there was a key to collect. → E4M2 - "Customs Office" I liked the theme that it raises from beginning to end, a pity that it is extensive as hell. → E4M9 - "Cult Headquarters" Basically a combat arena that expands with each switch that is pressed until the final denouement with a cyberdemon and a lot of garbage to clean up. → E4M3 - "Commercial District" A huge place that actually looked like a city but... something was definitely wrong, there were parts with flesh and blood and well... fights with two bosses right there and above all, it's widely confusing. → E4M4 - "Fusion Plant" Is this a town or something like that? Anyway, it is extensive, confusing and a bit monotonous on the outside, although with interesting things inside each place (or at least most of them). → E4M5 - "Waste Recycling Facility" I hate this place so much, and I'm not going to bother describing shit about this place. → E4M6 - "Mass Propulsion" I have no idea what the hell this place is but one thing I will say... it's fucking confusing getting through every area of this strange place. → E4M7 - "The Tether" I liked this place, it's short and it has combat but at least it's more entertaining than the rest I've been through up to this point. → E4M8 - "Impact Site" An at least decent way to end the episode, with volcanic structures in each zone after the initial area, with the most lethal combats, a Spider Master Mind in the center of everything and finally, a path infested with demons that leads to a cave where several creatures stay watching the marine with their eyes and then proceed to cross a portal that finally teleports the warrior out of all that chaos that has happened. ============================================================================================================================================================================================================ Well, that concludes it all, thanks for paying attention to my extensive posts, and well... I doubt I'll be able to participate in this again because of how tight I am for time so, thanks for letting me participate and I proceed to withdraw from once and for all. this club. Take care, see you soon and have a warm night, or early morning.
  6. ElPadrecitoCholo

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Solar Struggle

    EPISODE II - CERES CARNAGE . . . → E2M1 - "Piazzi Spaceport" I don't know where the hell the Marine got to but all he can see is a free area, the odd cave, and a place that can be accessed through the door, where he allows us to see inside that he is certainly leaving without taking into account It counts the demonic invasion in turn, but you can also see another area that is outdoors, and that has more caves to explore, and that after grabbing the red key that is right there, and we go to the red door, what? what does the Marine find?, indeed... more caves to explore and structures that seem to have fallen into ruins over time, or something like that. I honestly thought that this map would turn out to be interesting when you arrive for the first time, but looking at it again, I feel that the route is somewhat monotonous, because of how simple everything looks, and that it is only about exploring caves as if the Marine were a mining, and having mud pools is not that it improves the experience but hey, at least I appreciate one thing, and that is to have the Plasma Rifle from the beginning, huh. → E2M2 - "Storage Complex" I felt this episode exactly like in the original Doom, although later I would see the great difference that it would have with its original counterpart, and that is that here, it is more extensive and somewhat more confusing too, especially the part where it seems that you have to climb a lot boxes, but the point here is the following... I feel like it's unnecessarily long, and it's not because I don't like the map itself, it has pretty cool areas like the part where you go in the direction of the blue key, or the stairs set in a way that reminds me of Donkey Kong from Arcade, but... I really didn't like that the level was so long, and this is my only problem with most of the Doom maps, which are quite long and then Things start to get difficult when you need to go to the exit quickly, because I am more of looking for action and some secrets without complicating my life too much, instead of thinking about how to guide myself through the whole site or solving puzzles just for a secret that isn't even worth it, and well, outside of my complaints, I will say that the map design is excellent, but its duration could have been reduced and I don't think much was lost with this adjustment. → E2M3 - “Stock Exchange" A map that looks like a hotel almost like in the first episode, but the difference here is that it's too long and... a bit tedious to have to go through, each of the places that this map has... do I really care? Will I bother detailing everything that is here? No thanks, I would rather say that I liked the aesthetics of each area, some are really good and others are regular, the only area that I found interesting was the one with the red floor and it is extensive In size, the way that area was made intrigued me a lot and also the secret area that was related to a mine, unlike what was shown in the first map huh, but well let's move on to the next map. → E2M4 - "Air Filtration Plant" What is this place supposed to be? A laboratory? A factory? I really have no idea what the hell it is but... I am certain of one thing... its confusion is worse than from the previous map, because there are much larger areas, others that are extremely narrow like the part where the marine must get into some ducts with a few Lost Souls waiting for him, and well, I would really say that the structure of certain parts are interesting, but getting lost here is pretty guaranteed, and I really hate this, it's not for nothing that I make my opinions short, because there's so much to say that I don't have enough time. The part where the water is drained was definitely the worst for me, and I almost died in that part. →E2M5 - "Abandoned Tunnels" Hey, finally a short and action-focused map!, and no wonder, in fact, I quite enjoyed this map although it did bother me a bit not having found the secrets the first time, but anyway, the combat here Yeah, it was really cool and very entertaining, just like the map in general, there were so many different textures and it wasn't just one monotonous one, which really shows the variety here huh. The place where those cubes or boxes are was also great even though it was plagued by a lot of Shotgunners and imps (Rogues too but they were few), and in the end the said secret exit to go in the direction of the mysterious level of that scenario. → E2M9 - "Artifact Storage" This place is... just strange, because there are so many things here that don't seem to make any concrete sense, as if it were something that I took from my imagination, there are cascades of blood and technological things in a space that is small, and in other places that... it just leaves me feeling that something is not right, leaving the usual demonic decoration, the way the map is designed just seems unusual to me in some way. The yellow key area is a bit creepy, there's a happy face on a wall, and at the end of all the combat, what else is next? by an elevator to show the exit door guarded by 4 cacodemons, interesting, don't you think? → E2M6 - "Transport Nexus" An abandoned train station with lots of areas to explore and meaty areas where the grotesque is rife, and the combat gets frustrating at every turn... well, do you expect me to go into more detail about this place? Hah... by the way. Of course not, its excessive length of progress ruined my patience. → E2M7 - "Research Complex" Huge map with closed areas and strongly focused on combat, that almost at the end of everything the doors open to reveal even larger areas than the one already seen in the initial building, but the only one that matters is the one with a huge elevator that leads to the next map, do you want me to be more brief when detailing this place? → E2M8 - "Ceres Gateway" I'm going to be direct... I thought that this final zone would be as memorable as the one in the first episode, but the truth is that he was left halfway to achieve it, and this is because its duration is long, very long, so much I was wondering where the hell I would see the Cyberdemon, and among so many turns around certain facilities and lava pits next to some areas that were outside and a secret that was the only interesting thing about the whole journey, I finally got to the elevator that went to the final encounter, where that Cyberdemon was guarding that would completely end the chapter, and after a brief but hard fight, I finally managed to finish it, concluding this map with interesting aesthetics and varied textures but with an ass longevity only for a confrontation that Luckily the Marine could win if there weren't so many demons keeping that huge cow company. ================================================================================================================================================================================================== EPISODE III - MOON MADNESS . . . → E3M1 - "Lunar Gateway" The Marine arrives at a space base, and it won't be the only one that he will visit because literally all the levels will have to do with it, space colonizations, random structures all over the moon, the truth is not something that matters but anyway, this map would be better without excessive length, that I really don't enjoy the tour because I'm going around a lot and not knowing where to go, without taking into account how complicated it is to get all the secrets because they are so well hidden huh. → E3M2 - "Tranquility Terminal" Small Lunar Base, it is not as big as the previous one, but it is appreciated that its route is not as confusing as the previous one that I mentioned, in addition to that you can listen to the music of "Hate Machine" from the SIGIL Wad (By John Romero ), that made the map quite fun to walk through, even though this happened twice due to a mistake I made thinking there was a secret, but still the walkthrough was good, and I enjoyed the combat here, by the way. At least it was better than the previous one, although unfortunately not all the secrets can be found. → E3M3 - "Deep Space Observatory" Another lunar place, only weirder compared to the previous maps, here I really disliked the design of each area, I mean it could have been a little better done and not just put large structures or narrow places for no reason, since having climbed up so many steps until reaching the top of a structure with several spaces in the form of doors, until the one that has the demons ready to attack the Marine if he is not equipped with the Soulsphere, and that fight with the barons of hell in that last elevator, really everything could have been better, except for the area that is a secret, I really liked that because of how it looks, but for the rest, the truth is decent. → E3M4 - "Fusion Plant" What is this place supposed to be? An abandoned factory?... anyway, the truth is that how everything looks here is interesting, I would say that it was almost credible if it weren't for the abundance of certain somewhat strange details such as blood in excess, areas with toxic liquid or places with meat and viscera, was there so much killing here before?, but hey, if it weren't for how extensive this map is, I would have enjoyed it better, and the fight with the Cyberdemon was good but ... It doesn't quite convince me in the end, and yes, in an area where everything is covered in lava, but in the end, what I liked the most was the secret area that has the map hidden there, just that. → E3M5 - "Helium Refinery" Another lunar base, this time rarer than the previous ones because you can go outside and that doesn't seem to affect the Marine, but the experience here felt horrible anyway, because somehow I didn't feel like I had enough space to be fighting and that there were too many Hitscanners enemies as well as Imps that did nothing but drain the Marine's health quickly, added to the fact that there are not many armors or medikits for really complicated moments, and I still do not enter because in a certain part of the "Moon" it hurts feet when standing on top, but anyway... the level could have been better. → E3M6 - "Deep Crust Borehole" Long and confusing... too confusing, being another space base or I don't even know what the hell it is at this point, and all I wanted was to get out of here through the secret level I accessed thanks to a Rocket jump, huh. → E3M9 - "The Dark Side" This site is bizarre... I don't understand anything about what has happened or why so much travel just for a stupid blue key and so much shit to fight... Was it honestly one to put so much science into this? Damn... I've noticed That this map was focused on the fights but seeing it done this way, it was really unpleasant for me, and I didn't feel like I was enjoying anything at all, it's also important that I didn't kill 100% of the enemies. → E3M7 - "Freight Terminal" Another long as shit map, but now focused on trains... trains in space because yes, because you really don't know what else to give to space other than just rockets or space bases so... non-functioning trains, and a confusing and horrible route, long train stations and without much visual variety, finally I will say that the area with visors and blood was something that I did not expect on a map focused on trains and roads but well... it was at least what more interesting than this area had. → E3M8 - "Space Elevator" Fight on the total moon, I suppose... A huge Spider Master Mind in the center of everything, only using the shotgun and the Plasma rifle, and losing blood every moment due to miscalculations that I made during several moments of the fights that I have had, but at the end of the day, it was an excellent final battle huh (although of course, I preferred to kill that monster from a distance and not use the Doom 2-style elevator to defeat the final boss.)
  7. @Brad_tilf Yes, the truth is that these maps are enjoyable to some extent, they are ideas that mostly came out well, and others were just... strange executions but well, a pleasure to have played this set of maps heh.
  8. ElPadrecitoCholo


    Maybe the Wad will be promising, it only remains to wait.
  9. @Brad_tilf I know it's not your Wad, you make it clear right there, but even so I felt the need to share my opinion because to begin with, I'm not someone who was born with Doom in the 90's, it's been years since I started play this game, and that is why I partly value what these mappers do, who made these Wads in the past years, but at present, it weighs on me. I think that playing long and complex Wads where it is all chaos to know where to go and what to do, that's why it stresses me out playing maps like this or finding them in Wads that don't seem to have them at first glance, but anyway it was just a way to release a little stress from me here, more however, the appearance that each map has is cool and interesting, but hey, I'm just giving this based on my humble opinion mate.
  10. @Brad_tilf This was definitely quite a fucking adventure, I thought that they were just short maps that together would give a good progress time and I would be left laughing at the end of how entertaining everything has been... wow I was wrong, because from the beginning In the first minute of the game, it was already felt that the maps had their respective difficulty, that in truth each one presented a different challenge from each other, because on the one hand, I could play a difficult map, but on the other hand, I could play a map that was difficult. little simple and fast travel, making this experience the strangest but at the same time entertaining. Now it's time to describe each map very briefly, and I'll start with the first one... Here, the route starts hard at the beginning, but it lightens up only a little after the outer zone, going deeper and deeper into a place and asking for a key to open each door that only the yellow one is a secret, and at the end, two hell knights receive the marine with open arms. The second is just a kind of underground area where blood and water coexist in different areas, plus there are structures through which to enter and look for the blue and yellow keys. The third one... well I'll be direct, I kind of hate this place for being an underground place, full of mostly empty rooms, horrible traps, lava and toxic areas, but at least I'm glad to see that the plasma rifle and the BFG9000 give them to you early. The fourth level... is basically an extended version of the previous one that I mentioned, only here it's much worse, in the sense of its structure, and it's really boring to go through this semi-labyrinthine area without having an interesting combat. The fifth map is a headache, because it's all so confusing and narrow that it hardly gives me time to think without getting ugly stress for not knowing where to go clearly, let alone being able to find the secrets that this map offers, leaving in conclusion that it is a horrible map for me. Map 6 is basically the extended version of the fifth, with more doors, more corridors, more headaches and a few other things added to make it less obvious its similarity to the previous map. Map 7 is the same as a kind of large office, full of places that are only for decoration and is much more confusing than levels 5 & 6 combined... this was definitely the point where I started to hate these types of maps that they are so unnecessarily long that they already lose the grace of being focused on action. Oh! Finally a map focused on action! That's the premise of Map 8, where there are several weapons ready at the beginning, several enemies to kill, and the entrance to a building that awaits intense combat inside, and the best thing is that it offers some secrets that are worth finding. Map 9... We were going well with map 8, and it was completely ruined when seeing another damn extensive map that at the beginning is a bridge with a lot of toxic liquid on the sides, then the marine arrives at an area that pretends to be another office in ruins or nuclear plant, what do I know, the truth was ugly for me having played this map, so, I will not bother to detail more here, but soon this gets worse. Map 10, a route that starts from the sewers and then ends up arriving at a place that seems habitable, but it is better to get out of here due to so much danger that it stores, and the only thing I will say is that you have to go back and forth in this key collecting thing, and in the case of the red key... I just hated having to go for it when I was almost at the bottom of everything. Map 11 is the last straw, too extensive, unnecessarily confusing and with some traps that are not good to see, because you are inside a structure that is made up of more places that only make the trip a strange sensation, with so much chaos and oddities that happen... After the horror of map 11, map 12 felt more comfortable for me because it was a small homage to the first levels of Doom 1, which I really liked to appreciate, as well as the small reference to Half Life that is in a secret, but besides that, the combat is good, the journey is not that long and you enjoy every moment of the journey until the end. Map 13...became more annoying for me than some previous maps were, and no wonder...the most confusing of all, the most irritating because of its vague way of giving directions to the player, I just don't get it enjoy, and even though you have good ideas on your environment and structures, it seems that it doesn't end up fitting well for me, and it just turned out to be a total disaster on the route, and all I could think about, was just getting out of this stressful maze.. (I tried to be funny in some parts to avoid getting some stress). And the last level, finally back to Map 1 but with certain changes that really alter the experience even a little, and that in the end it escapes where it has entered.
  11. ElPadrecitoCholo

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Solar Struggle

    Okay... First of all, hello everyone, I hope each one of you is well, and secondly... I had told myself that I was not going to continue participating in this because of the Wads class so long-lived that are usually chosen for each month, and now that I had noticed that this month it was the turn of a Wad that runs in the first Doom, I was sure that it would not be as extensive as the maps made for Doom 2, huh... I realized that I underestimated the Wad quite a bit, and really paid dearly for it during the battlefield, so... I'll be direct with what I'm going to say next... every map that I have played, I will not give you a super detailed description of its content, but rather, I am going to give my opinion about my experience in each map and how I felt all the progress from beginning to end, for which, I will say from now that my way of playing playing is far from being the ideal for every Doom player, I really tend to do my games in a strange and not very serious way, so part of my opinions on each map will focus on that particularity, therefore, the only thing they should Keeping in mind is just enjoying the content that I show you on video, okay? Because there are literally hours of gameplay for each episode, so my opinions may vary in this regard, but anyway, without much distraction It's time to get on with this. . . . . . ||Zandronum || Continuous || Ultra-Violence || No Saves || Gameplay Mod EPISODE 1: TERROR TITAN . . . → E1M1 - "Detention Facility" Appear as a prisoner in an unknown place, make your way through the (enemy) guards who are supervising the place, having to deal with many hitscanners and Imps, not only at the beginning, but also in the part where the shotgun is collected for the first time, and even the one collected from both colored keys (Red and Blue) have with them a mini horde of enemies that appears out of nowhere to kill the prisoner who has just escaped with a backpack that was found thanks to a secret in the beggining. To say that the final part would really be a bit hard to deal with if it weren't for the soulsphere that can be found there thanks to a simple secret, and that I also like the atmosphere of this map because it is something like escaping from a prison but. .. without being very outstanding in the textures section, but nevertheless, in the design section, the map is interesting due to the architecture it presents, something that you really don't get to see much in the first Doom like the areas open. → E1M2 - "Admin Offices" This map... is really interesting, since here, in addition to seeing how it connects with the previous map, it shows how explorable it can be, from falling into the water to pick up a secret, to reaching an office or company owned by demonic entities. A very large place, with a certain way of progression that can be a bit confusing, and the same can happen when discovering the secrets it can offer. What there are here are quite a few Hitscanners and Imps, the pinkys still don't get to present themselves in an annoying way until a little more than halfway and almost reaching the end, and I must also say that the kind of details put into each part of the place does a very good job of giving a realistic look at what the demons were doing before the arrival of the marine. Lastly, I will say that the water fountain in the middle of everything, is simply spectacular, although more spectacular was having left this establishment before I kept getting in trouble for having stolen a Chaingun and having destroyed a ventilation duct with various useful things. → E1M3 - “Barracks” A map that seems to be quite ordinary in regards to the first Doom, without much new in the environment that has not been seen in the base game, although it does seem to be more extensive than normal. To tell the truth, having found some of the secrets in an unconventional way reflects how complicated it is getting to find mysteries on the maps, due to the fact that some make them look so simple that it seems to be a joke, but anyway, The combat is nice here, I haven't had any major complaints about this, except in some parts that were very small, but in general, the map is quite good, for the standard of the first Doom (as I said before), It was quite enjoyable, not counting the small details that make the experience interesting, although there weren't many on this occasion. → E1M9 - “Excavation Area” I have to say that for the first time, I began to have some concern with this secret map, since the enemies kept appearing out of nowhere on multiple occasions, and even having the best weapons in hand, they did not prevent those bastards from draining me. almost full health, honestly it was a bit annoying having to deal with certain areas such as the initial zone after obtaining the yellow key or the part where everything is red, and in the center many enemies appear that were mostly Hitscanners, imps and Pinkys, not a lot of medkits anywhere, or was it those stimpacks... either way, my first kill was here (from falling into lava and trying to get out unsuccessfully), and while I didn't expect to have to swallow it all The journey up to that encounter, I really enjoyed the somewhat intense light combat that was presented, and even more so with the secrets that it offered, but yes... there should never be a lack of narrow areas where multiple enemies mercilessly attack the Marine, although less Too bad that on this occasion the meeting did not turn out to be so dangerous. → E1M4 - "Mineral Processing" A tremendously long map, and at the same time confusing, really resulting in a kind of somewhat calm search at the beginning but then it became a bit desperate as the minutes passed, and I really don't like maps like that, but as I could, I managed to make my way around this place to find the exit, and as if that were not enough, finding the secrets here, some turned out to be extremely easy in this regard, but besides that, the combat in places like this comes to be a bit annoyed by how the Hitscanners and imps take advantage and throw their things at the Marine without him knowing where the hit came from, but oh well. Finding the keys here turned out to be a pain in the ass, and falling off bridges to grab health bottles (+1) wasn't a great idea really, but despite the obvious dangers and traps some areas have , the progress to the yellow door was somewhat fun, although I don't feel like I'm going to want to try a map like this again, even more so with the ending that consists of spawning enemies until the demon reserves are exhausted and the weapon that burns from so much use that I have given it. (Spoiler alert, I tried maps like this again, and I'm really starting to feel a certain hatred for these places with strange and certainly confusing structures...) → E1M5 - "Mining Complex" Arriving here... I can simply say that the map looks good in terms of aesthetics and textures but... in terms of architecture... I just found it quite unusual, and even more confusing than the previous map, and I don't know why there are so many maps like this where maybe the priority doesn't seem to be the gameplay, but rather to solve puzzles for some reason until you completely get out of the place, and I'm not complaining about it , I know that not everything should be action (that's what the Slaughters are for), but I feel very strange about this type of format to be played on a map, since you have to guess where to go and be careful with the traps that appear, that some of these are very involved in what are toxic liquids, and other similar dangers, but all this did not finish convincing me, and at the end of the slaughter, I only looked for the exit very quickly and then focused on the search for secrets, something It really didn't happen because I accidentally went straight to the exit and appeared on the next map, and having to repeat that whole experience again just for two secrets that I left there, the truth was that it wasn't worth the return. → E1M6 - "Visitor Center" Hm? Was this place some kind of continuation of E1M2? Because I could really notice the office theme that was repeated in this place, only that it could be said that it is even more expanded than in the previous map shown, although thinking about it... it could also be a kind of hotel that one arrived at, and you started from the reception, maybe he was right? I don't know, but I'm sure of something, the site allowed me with slight condutions at times, since I didn't know where the hell I was going, or even where the exit was, and even if I had the keys, it was hard for me to analyze where I can get out of here. There were so many rooms, and I didn't understand the way to go, but anyway, the combat at least leaves a good challenge and apart from that, there is plenty of ammunition to grab and choose from, it is appreciated that extra supplies are always left for If things ever get too complicated, huh. In the end, you have the three keys, you have to go to the 3 switches, activate them and finally escape from this site that never found a clear way, but despite its structure, it doesn't stand out much in design, but it was decent equal. → E1M7 - "Traffic Control" Well, for starters, it's clear that this map's forte is combat, quite a bit to tell the truth because more Hitscanners keep appearing than anything else, and that's saying a lot. Apparently, the marine ends up arriving at a kind of underground train station, since in the second area after the initial area there is a kind of detector that is used to enter any transport such as an airplane, or also a Train. Despite that, this site has outdoor areas that... aren't great, since there is nothing interesting to highlight here, except for the part where you enter the train station, it has many circles around it and I don't know why, but now the terrain looks strange huh. One thing that I can say is that the trip to the train station was truly crazy, it really took me a bit to find the keys, because I didn't really know where each one was, but hey, after having been more observant in the map, found every key, shot many times and got to the station, which looks better than the rest of the things on this level, and there were even bathrooms there, and that kind of details I really appreciate, heh. → E1M8 - "Huygens Spaceport" Well, the train stopped, and it was in ruins due perhaps to a demonic attack on it, preventing further progress and taking the marine to his final destination in this first episode. The station now looked scarier, it seemed to be all destroyed and...- hey, wasn't it there inside that room with various corpses and candles where they made the cover for this month's wad to play?... Err , I mean, the place is really in ruins, but to a lesser extent, since there are areas that don't seem to be affected, but that doesn't matter, because then you discover several interesting things besides the secrets that this map contains, huh , and among those things, there are several structures that are below the station, and that are not particularly small, as is the case of the path to take to get the red key. After some light killing and unwanted setbacks, the Marine makes his way further through the site until finally entering the door that required the key he found, only to later discover that this site was much stranger than he thought, because there were quite a few. toxic liquid on the ground, there was a huge red circle in the center, and when he got closer to inspect, he noticed that this place sent all kinds of demons to attack, mostly Barons of Hell, and since he didn't want to lose his health enhancer I use my head a bit to win this level without much problem, which in itself was truly chaos after chaos. After killing them all, the central portal opened, and taking good care of his health enhancer, the Marine was ready to escape from that hellish place he was in but... did he manage to do it? And this is where the first part of all this ended, ladies and gentlemen. . . . Soon I will bring the other parts that I am missing before the end of the month, because there is a lot to talk about about the other parts that are still to come, so I leave the video there without editing at all so that you can see in detail the oddities that I have been doing during the entire game.
  12. ElPadrecitoCholo

    -Donde mora el Mal- a Doom II map

    9 días después de este mensaje, lamento enviarlo desde ahora, las notificaciones no me avisaron de tu mensaje bro, pero bueno, es un placer en verdad heh. Nah, igual fue entretenido encontrarlo, y claro!, me pasare a ver tu pagina en algún momento, igual me envias el Link por privado, colega ;-)
  13. ElPadrecitoCholo


    That's excellent mate, I'll be looking forward to wanting to try said map what are you going to do huh, just hoping you don't make it too difficult and it's more focused on entertainment :D
  14. ElPadrecitoCholo


    @sokk382 The Wad was good, it entertains but the textures do not convince me much in some parts, and besides this, I could describe this Wad as a kind of snack, it is quick and delicious but it still leaves you hungry for more.
  15. ElPadrecitoCholo

    -Donde mora el Mal- a Doom II map

    @AleDoom Hey, I have to say that I really enjoyed the Wad, I really felt like I was exploring a mysterious place, like it was some kind of catacomb or something, but I really liked the way everything looks at the beginning, Perhaps the super large area without much decoration is where it was something simple for me but the combat was still entertaining, but without a doubt, the landscape where there is lava was the best and I loved it, even more so with the Mod I used, it felt very well the sense of danger and search, huh, besides that, the addition of the Cyberdemon at the beginning was good, it was not frustrating and that is a merit. In itself, the way to explore the site was a bit confusing, since there was no normal entrance, and I had to take another path, skipping an area that seemed to be a secret, and well... then everything made sense when I went in search of the keys. In conclusion, I had a good time and it was entertaining despite its short duration, well done here. A ver si en el futuro traes otro Wad, mi estimado :)
  16. ElPadrecitoCholo

    DBP58: Immortal Warfare

    This Wad was definitely a most interesting experience, both for the environments that were presented to me and also for the way in which the enemies were distributed... all of this was really great, and it made me feel really in A most hostile war environment, huh. Although that is... both the secrets and the search for the path on each map felt extremely confusing for not understanding where the hell to have to go, and this added to the pressure of the enemies that come to be lurking on occasions, It makes the situation a little more tense than usual, and not to mention the ambushes that have taken me by surprise on more than one occasion, huh. In general, the maps were fantastic, but at times I felt bored or stressful not being able to know how to proceed to find something like a key or a secret, and this took me out of the experience a bit because of how complex it was. Turning this into moments, but in terms of the action and the setting, the task was really successfully achieved, and it is really appreciated that they have been able to bring some variety with this Wad, great work without a doubt, although with a few things to fix to be more than perfect, huh.
  17. @EANB Hey mate, the truth is that you have made a most entertaining wad, and I honestly like to enjoy everything it has offered, apart from that, some of the secrets were somewhat difficult to find, but I managed to have them all (or the vast majority) of these huh. Great job here and it sure was hard to survive everything on the screen.
  18. @Clippy Everything is fine now bro, you don't care, and it's always a pleasure to appreciate returning the support given to your maps, Clippy, and there's no harm, it will always be a pleasure to enjoy your maps, whether in vanilla or with Mods but one thing is for sure, we will have a lot of fun in your work, buddy.
  19. @Clippy I'm really sorry... I really wasn't feeling well, and even more so because of these things that happened to me when I was checking that I was always so absent in so many places, that it really didn't end up being the same when I was noticed anywhere . I shouldn't have said anything about it, it was my problem if things didn't go well, for which, really sorry for bothering you about this stupidity of mine, Clippy, and thanks also for the like... I really appreciate it...
  20. To begin with, I know I said that I would send you the video "tomorrow" but it turns out that I am busy with family matters, so in order not to look bad at all, here I finally bring the video, @Clippy
  21. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Most satisfying moments in Doom

    The battle of the Spider Master Mind and the Cyberdemon in map 20 is still the most memorable for me (and it gets better when mods are added) heh.
  22. ElPadrecitoCholo


    @Clippy Well, so far I've been a little good, thanks for asking, and what about you, bro?, is everything okay back home? Well, if I'm honest, I wasn't liking the idea of playing alone anymore, so I told myself that from now on I'd be with some normal partner for battles. Talking about the secrets again, the ideology that you tell me about how you make your secrets is interesting, because the truth is that at times it seems that you don't need to use any, but hey, it's still fun to go looking for them from time to time heh, and I've I have seen the video that you have published, the truth is that you are a crazy bastard for having made one of the secrets literally step on candles on one of those pillars, I never thought it would be so easy, and I say the same for the secret of the Plasma Gun, I really never took into account that hidden button (I'm more of improvising than looking for things hahaha).
  23. I managed to finish it, and there were really several different encounters in each area, just like finding the keys is truly a challenge, but well, in the end I managed to kill all the enemies and I just spent my time looking for ways to go for each key, which It was actually kind of hard to do, huh. Tomorrow I will bring the Gameplay of the Wad Clippy, very entertaining Map.
  24. ElPadrecitoCholo


    Hey @Clippy, I must say that the Map is quite entertaining, and full of interesting things in each section that I go through, and although I know that the date of love has already passed and all that, the truth is that it does not matter at all, since Yes, every fight in this Wad was entertaining, although the only thing I could complain about would be the strange way you usually do your secrets, mate, since it really cost a lot to find several of these without using other slightly orthodox methods, but Anyway, great map we have here, man.
  25. ElPadrecitoCholo

    Gate to hell.wad

    You're welcome, a pleasure, and by the way, wouldn't it be a problem for you if I ask you to "like" the video? That would really be a big thank you to accept.