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  1. tom

    Doom Gets Awful

    doomworld still exists?
  2. tom

    Guess who's back?

    this is a terrible thread
  3. tom


    carmack's original response explicitly procludes what you are suggesting, brainiac.
  4. tom


    in case you didnt know, fraggle already asked id before the project even started. you seem pretty oblivious to this.
  5. tom


    to be serious for a minute (heh) i personally actually would care a lot more about completing the project with id's blessing than simply following the letter of the law. deep may (or may not, i'd want a second opinion) know about the legal issues surrounding the use of the name doom and monsters or whatever but if id doesn't want us to use them, i'd rather we didn't use them. the scenario deep is suggesting goes something like this: freedoom: can we have an imp in our project? id: no, you can't use the names or likenesses of the doom monsters. freedoom: and what is your legal basis for this? id: ermmmm. freedoom: OK THEN WE'RE GOING TO DO IT. no. if id don't want us to do it, we don't do it. they made the game, respect that. it's important to stay within the law but it's far far more important to stay within the spirit of what id are happy for us to do. forget the dull timewasting legal technicalities and start following the spirit instead of the letter. maybe it'll make you a better person as well.
  6. tom

    Project name list

    fine, as long as you dont take what he says as gospel - dont forget that he's outright admitted to lying just to get a rise out of people in the past
  7. tom

    Project name list

    heh so deep how does it feel to be about as unpopular as king reol
  8. tom

    Project name list

    heh yeah deep why are you even here anyway nobody likes you or has any interest in anything you have to say. it's their project and if they dont want to use the names doom/uac, for whatever reason, it's up to them.
  9. tom

    Walkable-over railings...?

    its on andre majorels page http://www.teaser.fr/~amajorel/
  10. tom

    Episode 5

    this avatar is by far the best
  11. tom


    where do you live
  12. tom


    haha word .. there is too much pop music hip hop now .. eminem and chit .. fuq dat chit theres still quality out there tho .. jurassic 5 come to mind
  13. tom


    yes well they are not all like that, and if they are its just the influence of where they come from or whatever - dont be so judgemental
  14. tom


    i can sort of understand being averted to the gangsta rap scene, although these days its largely just overhyped and commercial, but a good deal of the guys writing about it arent actually in it (anymore), and a lot of the stuff they say IS how it is. "someone'll have to die before you hear a concious record" -- krs one
  15. tom


    here's an idea: it's all good. theres not one "genre" that i don't like some music out of. i dont have a favourite genre. i dont like putting music in boxes - i admire music that spans genres. i listen to music i find entertaining, i leave music i dont like the sound of - but i still check it out. if you criticise a single genre you're being blinkered, but if you dont like one particular band thats fine. for example, i dont like slipknot or mudvayne - for musical reasons. given that, i find pretty much every non musical aspect of them laughable, but it probably wouldnt bother me if they were idiots and i liked their music. i think captain mellow said something about rap music in an earlier thread that was linked from this one .. in fact rap is just a way of delivering lyrics, it doesn't make up a whole genre, or even belong in just one. if so far you find you dislike all hip hop you have heard, try listening to public enemy's 'it takes a nation of millions to hold us back', i'm sure you'll find some merit in it.