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  1. I guess it depends, if there's a little hallway leading to the secret room I'd rather be notified when I'm in the room itself, because the "A Secret has been revealed" message feels good to read but it doesn't feel rewarding to see it before the secret room itself. I guess I draw the linedef between the "wait, there's a path here?" and "ah this was hidden, nice" moments
  2. When mapping I prefer UDMF because it's features make mapping way easier, but as a player I really don't mind the format and will gladly play anything. Some people will of course be more inclined to vanilla or modern, but I think most will just play whatever feels fun
  3. Oh my that sounds like another great excuse to make a map :p
  4. Juka

    How to make good looking techbases??

    Aside from everything else said in above comments (which is all solid advice!), study techbase maps you like. Back to Saturn X's first episode has plenty of different techbases with very interesting layouts, so I like drawing inspiration from there for instance. Think of techbases you enjoyed playing and play them again and again, but don't focus on gameplay (even use godmode if you have to) and instead pay more attention to the map flow, structure, enemy placement, texturing, lighting etc! and the number one rule of techbases: if everything fails, just put a computer terminal in every single wall and you're good to go :p
  5. this looks cleannnn nice job!
  6. Juka

    SSTLVL1B.WAD - new life for an ancient map

    Very interesting map, the palette and sector lighting coupled with the music and outdoor areas set a very "afternoony" mood I particularly enjoyed a lot, I could play an entire mapset of this! The encounters were mostly simple and the structure feels classic (with some very nice detailing like missing stone tiles and water puddles), the map is pretty doable without finding the secrets even if you want to 100% it (there are many enemies just begging to be punched by that early berserk). My only suggestion is to maybe place one or two hell knights in the backrow of the cyberdemon area, so you can't just drag them to the stairs and kill them while safe from the cyber, that would put some more emphasis on dodging the missiles, but it's by no means a requirement, the map is fun as it is! Looking forward for more, especially if your next maps are as moody as this was
  7. Not sure if this is still going, but I very, very much like this idea, anyone who has ever mapped knows how important it is to receive external feedback, see how players react to the traps they don't know and what paths are usually taken! Doomworld Handle: Juka Skill level: BTSX UV+ no saves pistol start is my biggest achievement, so experienced I think? Preferred difficulty level(s): UV Maximum number of maps in a set: up to 3 or 4 maps depending on size, only 1 at a time if it is slaughter Minimum number of maps in a set: no minimum, even negatives are ok! Preferred genres: Long sprawling maps, large detailed architectures and techbases, also anything with Supercharge Genres you don't like: Pure slaughter puzzles (ex: maps with no detailing, texturing or anything besides the "slaughter puzzle arena") Preferred source ports: GZDoom, Zandronum, PrBoom+ Source ports refused: Anything else for now, as I don't have enough experience with them. Demos or written comments: I'll write comments mostly but can also provide demos Mapping Experience: Intermediate experience, I have a handful of maps and speedmapping entries Notes: I will play modded maps (like Supercharge projects), and by default I'll play UV pistol start for every level in a mapset unless you want me to play continuously. You can DM me through here.
  8. I feel truly honored for the mention! Hopefully you will be able to play more maps in the future, wish you the best HAK!
  9. Juka

    Best randomizer mod of Doom

    I'll agree with you on Dusted's Pandemonia, it gets even more fun if you tweak the laser beam droprates so you can actually find one :p Other than that, Complex Doom makes a good job too even though it's more chaotic. Legendary Complex Addon is a good expansion pack for Complex, and if you don't like the legendary monsters (which I don't) you can always disable them by tweaking the file with SLADE
  10. oh god these Grenadiers look great to play against, that opens some new combat possibilities when mapping!
  11. this looks so unique, definitely giving it a try, congratulations on the project!
  12. This single ZDoom compat level is the first thing that comes to my mind when people ask for weather https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/mercuryr
  13. Juka

    Steel Sepulchre (Vanilla)

    Keep in mind that hitscanners and damaging floors will only take a chunk of your health while also giving you options to deal with it, like covering, running faster or looking for an alternate route. A cramped room filled with very dangerous monsters is not the same thing, it will end your run if anything goes wrong, which is only frustrating. I enjoy difficult levels as well, but most of the encounters in this map were just frustrating because there's no room to dodge. When a drop happens and the player is caught off guard and dies they can at least think "oh so this is why I died, next time I'll try X or Y", because chances are the player didn't use the arena to it's fullest so of course they died. During this map's traps however there's nowhere to go, no new strategy to try, and every death feels like the RNG just decided to end your run. Take the rocket launcher room for example, I lost count of how many times the archviles spawned and ran behind the pillar, or cornered me without being stunned by the rockets, or ran straight to me and I couldn't fire rockets because I'd kill myself if they hit, and that's one of the easiest traps. Point is, hard for the sake of being hard is not even close to fun, the traps would be way more fun if I could run and dodge things, because then dying would mean "you didn't dodge well enough", instead of "the archvile's painchance RNG didn't smile, try again". I want to end this on a positive note though, the overall structure and texturing are very pleasing, I found the map pretty interesting to navigate through and really wish I had more fun while playing, it would have been a very pleasant experience.
  14. Juka

    What level themes should I make?

    I love how everything else has details but this doesn't lmao to OP, Otex has some bright textures that could work for a heavenly theme, and we've been through a lot of demon techbases, what about an angelical one? Basically the same concept except with brighter colours and maybe taller structures
  15. Juka

    THE DEMON BLADE (Supercharge)

    Just played through it in UV and enjoyed it a lot! I think this map is a prime example of how to use fog properly both as an atmospheric and gameplay element, there's plenty of open areas with enemies attacking you from the fog so you're constantly dodging projectiles when they're already somewhat close, that's a good point in my book :p Everything in the map is just very well done, the encounters are interesting and the atmosphere is on point, I have only two minor nitpicks (spoilers because it's around the end of the map): Really looking forward to playing more maps like this!
  16. this looks reeeeally clean, it even plays demos without resorting to command lines! Looking forward to it! heyy you might want to fix a typo on cooperative!
  17. Juka

    GEHENNA.wad (some info about my new d2 level)

    11 explorable secrets is just up my alley, do let me know when it's released!
  18. Juka

    I will play your maps (but i wont record)

    If you want to get started, here's my latest released map
  19. Juka

    are you a STRICT classic player?

    I stick to GZDoom because if I want to play something for Boom I can just set the compat mode to Boom Strict and still enjoy stuff like dynamic lights
  20. Juka


    yeah we don't have download permission on the first link, second link requires an account. You can just upload the zip file to your main post!
  21. Got home, here's the missing texture, it's only visible after the wall lowers when you press the button
  22. Map 01 has a HoM in the final red section, IIRC it's a step right where you land so it's not very visible, I'm not home so I can't screenshot it but it's worth checking
  23. Juka

    Doom -1: The Final Release.

    will bugfixes be allowed? I found a HoM in the first level already e.e but overall it's looking great, can't wait to play the rest!
  24. Juka

    IronEagle Competition 24: Tyrant

    Category 1 Died on map 4, right at the beggining and around 4 monsters in on HMP, it was pretty fun! This is my first time running, so if anything needs fixing I'd be glad to know so I don't get disqualified :p My command line: -iwad doom2.wad -file Tyrant.wad +compatmode 6 +set skill 3 +map map01 -record IEtyrantBlind IEtyrantBlind.rar
  25. Juka

    Abandoned Labs - Doom 2 Singleplayer map

    Ahh yes, guess I hit my head or something lol