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  1. sanicstudios

    [Doom 2 (ZDOOM) Megawad] THE SLAYER PROJECT

    That was my plan. I've just had this sitting on my hard drive for so long that I wanted to get it out there. I'm going through and cleaning up the first episode to be closer to finished.
  2. It's back! I haven't worked on this in god knows how long and I've been missing Doom a lot. IWAD: Doom 2 Compatibility (main build): ZDoom Compatibility (alt build): Vanilla NOTE: THE MOST RECENT VERSION UPLOADED IS CURRENTLY A HEAVY WORK IN PROGRESS. MANY THINGS MAY BE BROKEN, I AM FULLY AWARE OF THIS. THIS IS A DEVELOPMENT BUILD, NOT A STABLE RELEASE. The Slayer Project is a megawad for Doom 2 which aims to bring a classic experience with some slight modern tweaks but not so much that the game becomes entirely different. At its core, this is still classic Doom and that's all it will be. FEATURES: BRAND NEW ALL ORIGINAL MIDI SOUNTRACK 3 FULL EPISODES (TBC) EXTRA GAMEMODES UNIQUE DEATHMATCH ARENAS DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TSBqUw0WafbKMEBp2EoWMj4p9Ig65W92?usp=sharing SOME MAPS MAY CONTAIN BROKEN LINEDEFS/TRIGGERS OR MAY BE ENTIRELY INCOMPLETE. I AM AWARE. THE CURRENT VERSION IS A DEVELOPMENT BUILD ZDoom: 17th June 2022 (v.DEV1706) Vanilla: 17th June 2022 (v.DEV1706) Please provide feedback below! Credits for assets supplied in download link.
  3. Appears that was it. I usually immediately clear all linedefs and sectors on converting but obviously forgot to this time. Thanks.
  4. Simply put: Made a map in UDMF, copied it into a D2 format to make a fully vanilla version of it, now all things on the map are sliding to the left, including the player. I have no idea what caused it and I'm genuinely confused.
  5. 3rd June 2021 - This thread is dead. Long live the new thread. In order to hopefully drag more attention to the game and also to clear up the clutter that has been started from this thread, I'll be making a new thread for the WAD once the next update is ready to roll out. It will most likely NOT be Episode 2 but will be updates to the Episode 1 map with potential redesigns based on current feedback/criticism. I'll leave the link to the new thread here once it is ready.
  6. sanicstudios

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    This sounds so interesting! I need to play this if you get it done. Also I'll never understand the people that can remember the texture names just by looking at the texture xd
  7. sanicstudios

    Is No Rest for the Living (NRftL) gratis software?

    They handle the classic games how they've always done. 2016, Eternal, Quake Champions etc are new games that live up to modern standards. All I'm saying is that if they were going to monetize a 9-pack of levels for a 25 year old game, they would've done so already.
  8. sanicstudios

    Is No Rest for the Living (NRftL) gratis software?

    If it really bothers you that bad, just setup a quick burner email account that you don't use for anything other than BethesdaNet. Your data isn't getting sent off to some secret spies somewhere. It's a very small downside for access to a ton of great Doom content.
  9. sanicstudios

    Is No Rest for the Living (NRftL) gratis software?

    But the Doom 2 package now includes the enhanced port which includes NRftL as a free download
  10. sanicstudios

    Is No Rest for the Living (NRftL) gratis software?

    Lots of companies do that, yes, but id isn't one of those companies. Plus who would bother paying the extra money on steam? It would most likely end up being a DOSBox emulator with the wad thrown on top. Why not, instead, buy the Doom 2 port which is a pretty respectable port and that gives you the ability to download other official addons for free (e.g NRftL, TNT, Plutonia, SIGIL etc). I don't think id/Bethesda would see much profit from releasing something purchase that is already free.
  11. sanicstudios

    Is No Rest for the Living (NRftL) gratis software?

    It's only 1 episode's worth of levels. There isn't really a point to selling it as a standalone product unlike Final Doom.
  12. sanicstudios

    Is No Rest for the Living (NRftL) gratis software?

    I do not own BFG Edition but I do know that it comes with NERVE.wad. EDIT: I would recommend buying Doom 2 and not Doom 3 BFG as the BFG ports of Doom 1 and 2 are severely crippled compared to the steam versions.
  13. sanicstudios

    Is No Rest for the Living (NRftL) gratis software?

    Ah. That'll probably be Eternal then.
  14. sanicstudios

    Is No Rest for the Living (NRftL) gratis software?

    Really? I don't remember having to do that.
  15. sanicstudios

    Is No Rest for the Living (NRftL) gratis software?

    The steam version does not require you to sign up to Bethesda anymore