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  1. P1e0r0c0y


    8.2/10! Awesome and fun wad, I love the vanilla doom feel. Heres my video review-
  2. P1e0r0c0y


    4/10, more lacking in gameplay and style that Phobos had, but still alright. Heres my video review if you got the time.
  3. P1e0r0c0y


    9.5 out of 10! Awesome wad, heres my video review -
  4. P1e0r0c0y

    50 Monsters

    Amazing levels, however I had to stop playing halfway through because I was annoyed by the poor choice of monsters in certain segments (revenant+mancubus everywhere, too many archvilles, chaingunner snipers, etc.). The first 10 maps were very good, but it quickly turned into slaughtermap hell starting in map 11. Some better choices with monster placement and this would be an easy 5 stars.
  5. P1e0r0c0y

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E3M6 (Secret Exit) 6.94 Seconds, UV-Speed / Pacifist (Tied WR) e3m6s-6.zip
  6. P1e0r0c0y

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E4M9 8.94 Seconds, UV-Speed / Pacifist (Tied WR) e4m9-8.zip
  7. P1e0r0c0y

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    ok thanks a lot!
  8. P1e0r0c0y

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    e4m9 uvspeed / pacifist 9.97 run e4m9-9.rar
  9. P1e0r0c0y

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    e1m4 uvspeed / pacifist 12.97 e1m4-12.rar