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  1. Percy T

    Miscellaneous demos (part 5)

    phobos phobosm12020.zip Phobos M1 UV-Speed 20.20
  2. Percy T

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    my reaction to the most low effort thread to exist
  3. Percy T

    Ultimate Doom demos [-complevel 3]

    E1M1 UV-Speed 9.77s e1m1uv977.zip
  4. Percy T

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    Havent seen this posted to DSDA yet, any news on the upload process?
  5. Percy T

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    doom-the-way-we-remember-it E1M1 NoMo 08.31 e1m1o0831.zip E1M2 NoMo 18.69 e1m2o1869.zip E1M3 NoMo 36.40 e1m3o3640.zip E1M3s NoMo 29.97 e1m3so2997.zip E1M4 NoMo 14.23 e1m4o1423.zip E1M5 NoMo 45.91 e1m5o4591.zip E1M6 NoMo 55.60 e1m6o5560.zip E1M7 NoMo 59.89 e1m7o5989.zip
  6. Percy T

    Nomonster speedrunning

    acheron E1M3 NoMo 27.34 e1m3o2734.zip
  7. Percy T

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Im trying this new port out and im not used to prboom-esque sourceports, is there a way i can get the timer shown on screen as im playing the game, and i prefer to play with a 4:3 ratio but i dont like how it stretches to fill the screen, is there a way to have a true 4:3 ratio?
  8. Percy T

    Can You Identify All The Albums Here?

    I can recognize and know 1 song from at least half of them, Id say thats pretty good for an 18 year old :P
  9. Percy T

    Post a picture...that you took

    Caco sunrise with eyeball for extra detail
  10. Percy T

    Doom The Way id Did demos [-complevel 3]

    E1M4 NoMo 45.77 (May I request my 46.11 time be removed from the DSDA? The naming of the demo and the info in the txt file is all messed up so heres a new demo to fix it) e1m4o4577.zip
  11. Percy T

    What Are Your Guilty Pleasure Songs?

  12. Yeah I'm a 2003 kid but I can imagine a lot of you doomers in your 30s and 40s feel pretty old right now. Any fav songs or thoughts? Edit - not to mention Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the RHCP is also 30 today.
  13. Percy T

    What is everyone's opinion on Jack Black?

    Omg Jack Black is one of my favorite actors. I grew up watching Nacho Libre and listening to Tenacious D, imo he has a very vibrant sense of humor, and his character in recent movies like the new Jumanji movies are great performances. And yeah he's a great musician too, and the fact that he collabed with Ronnie James Dio once proves how awesome Jack is. Also my dad acts like him a lot too so that probably helps lol.
  14. Percy T


    Be yourself, act genuine, build character and charisma, and be confident in yourself!
  15. Percy T

    Most recent game you finished?

    I'm grinding the h*ck out of Quake enhanced on Nightmare trying to get every achievement (bc I'm a perfectionist), currently on Scourge of Armagon.