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  1. AlphaGOD

    SNDSEQ is missing from the ZDoom items

    yeah don't remove them just make them optional
  2. AlphaGOD

    Entryes Limit

    whoa that was fast ... dude you are on fire ... btw thanks it was really annoying cutting about 2500 sprites out ... ^^ well we are going to have a perfect lump editor at this rate
  3. AlphaGOD

    Entryes Limit

    well i think 32000 would be ok since that is the limit zdoom has ... no need for a bigger limit now ^^ if port's have it why wouldn't you ^^ EDIT 1 : Umm the cut function is really sloooooooooooooowwwww ... anything you can do about that ? i mean it took nearly 30 minutes to cut and paste some entryes(all the sprites in the wad around 3000) while i was sorting a wad ... narly fell asleep and also it made the wad from 23 MB to 140 MB the total size of the sprites was only 7 mb's ... kinda wierd ... anyways the cleanup is fast at least ... but the paste isn't
  4. AlphaGOD

    Entryes Limit

    okay i stumbled on this a while ago while i was working on a biiig resource file (and trying to make it with XWE) at one point i reached a limit in the number of entryes it can save (can't remember the number but i remember it was over 10000) and the final entry's were not saved at all (but where shown at some point in history ^^ very vague memory at that part) .... now what i want to know is : What is the limit of XWE when it comes to this ? ... or did you increase that whit the new version and all my probs are fixed ^^ The verion i used was 1.12 on windows XP operating system ...
  5. AlphaGOD

    Coffee for Doom

    yup looking quite good
  6. AlphaGOD

    Coffee for Doom

    o_O ... hehe time to put the old java to the test ... /me downloads
  7. AlphaGOD

    The /newstuff Chronicles #204

    hehe thank's ya all ... but hell the map difficulty is my style(Liam guess you don't quite enjoy really hard map as some of us do but that is normal :D) as it would have gone down a lot if there were a final release of DWSCP but hell it didn't come and damn i should have fixed the lightning :D hehe AgentSpork you rock dude :D nice maps and monsters .... btw my map doesn't quite work in Zdoom 2.0.91 because monsters activate walk over lines wich only players could activate before ... oh well hope it will be fixed in the next version ... till then use zdoom 2.0.63 or something
  8. AlphaGOD

    The /newstuff Chronicles #190

    yup you found it :D:D at second ...
  9. AlphaGOD

    The /newstuff Chronicles #190

    first off sorry for the missing textures and the "it's a ZDooM wad" it's my first release and the template i used didn't have any Port: ... :D anyways you can thank Deepsea for the missing textures ... i didn't want the map to include the full resource pak so i looked at something to sort my textures from the levels(point of advice .... NEVER USE DEEPSEA for anything :D) PS: Did you find the "secret" ?
  10. AlphaGOD

    new monsters .... a lot of them

    there ain't no prob in the pallete conversion . at least i didn't have any . with the right programs you can convert ANY SPRITE to the doom pallete . the only real probs would be on the transparent part of the patch/sprite because the colour differs from one game to the other but this can be changed easy with some right software . the most scary part would be changing the background color of 500 sprites but that is also made easy with the right software . so everything is linked to the right program used at the right time . the rest , like renaming and stuff for sprites has to be done sorta mannualy sincee you don't want a stupid program to mix them up and ruin your work .
  11. AlphaGOD

    new monsters .... a lot of them

    that ain't my final boss it's the VERY LIGHT VERSION ... the rest will only be seen when i end the WAR ... so don't count on it ... he is Lucifer now ain't he :D
  12. AlphaGOD

    new monsters .... a lot of them

    it's a modified cyberdemon ... 20000 hitpoints - light version , fast shooting but rather slow . the rest is secret :D that means i didn't decide yet what to cut down for the light version
  13. AlphaGOD

    new monsters .... a lot of them

    hehe yeah i am trying hard to make these different , for example as the new sprites are sorted , renamed and stuff i've reached a decision to make the heroes from the other games use different attacks . Like Duke Nukem will use all his arsenal if you get to fight him also all the other monsters that were ready are remade to provide a certain difference in gameplay as for the stupid hard to kill monsters there is only one ... Lucifer , the one i'm saving for the final of The War Of Hell , but he will be released as a light version in the public release . Oh i'm half way through the sorting the final number will be 150-160 monsters if i don't find anything worth adding in here , i wanted to add Redneck Rampage monsters but that is on hold because i really can't find it in my collection ... also i'm thinking of adding some skins on this like some of Skulltag's or other i find crammed up somwhere :D As for the cramming a bunch of monsters in one place , well i REALLY don't hope any sick map maker will put all the monsters in one place with no theme at all , the "creator" should respect a theme of monsters and try to make them fit the scenery or keep a theme of monsters in the level , mixing nazist with cyberdemons , ninjas and robots ain't exactly the best thing out there :D Peace i'm off to sorting hell again :D
  14. AlphaGOD

    The War Of Hell

    posted screenshot on wip and grew the level size to 2 mb also remade most of the scripting and added loads of new effects . the first part of the level is ready now for the two trials and the first demo will be released ...
  15. AlphaGOD

    newproject: RPG/Adventure TechnoHorror

    hehe nice really nice another question what is the estimate size of the final pack ? i know this is an early question but what the hell :D