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  1. I finished this a couple weeks ago and I think it's one of the best "classic-inspired" wads I've played. I've been playing through a lot of the classic late '90s megawads recently and this really captures that feel, while still being it's own thing. Luckily I didn't have a bad RNG for the IoS fight and I thought it was a very fun version of the final boss.

  2. A new sky would be nice for sure! Maybe some new music too?


    I did notice an issue with Map 3. The back of the door in the waist high walled-off area in the second room doesn't have a sector tag set. I was a little surprised when nearly the whole level lowered itself! I played through all of the first 2 levels and most of the 3rd with Crispy Doom and didn't notice any other issues (though I'm really bad at noticing subtle misaligned textures or HOMs). My other piece of constructive feedback would be that the majority of combat encounters in the first 2 maps (and certainly some in the 3rd map) are easy to trivialize with "door combat". They might just need a chaingunner ambush or two to spice them up :)

  3. On 4/3/2020 at 6:41 PM, DerTodIstEinDandy said:

    You can still use timidity to fix music without midiproc. However, there is one in the x64 version of Doomretro, I wonder how was that achieved.

    Since I realized I didn't have a great idea of how all the music systems work I did a little testing with the various options. The main thing I realized is that I'm a dummy and crispy-midiproc.exe just didn't exist because I hadn't built it (it builds and works fine on x64 of course). With midiproc built the midi playback works the same way it does with the official builds (i.e., adjusting the music volume changes the volume of the midiproc process). I also tested the Roland SC-55 OGG music packs and they work fine.


    My updated version is at the same location as the previous version: http://www.xenocrash.com/crispy_doom_latest_x64.zip

  4. I think he mentioned (on Twitter?) that the archive of the live-stream got cutoff. He stopped to go to bed with just a handful of linker errors left. He did push his changes to github (just not to the master branch of his fork): https://github.com/lefticus/cpp-doom/tree/cpp-doom-stream-temp

    1 hour ago, drfrag said:

    What this guy was doing is renaming the .c files to. cpp changing the extension and then try to compile it as C++. But Doom is a HUGE project, porting the code to C++ to me means a major re-structuring where you need a design phase to plan which classes you're going to use and how they interact as it's an object oriented language.

    His plan for the live-stream was just to get a compiled executable from the code (I won't say running because it would probably immediately segfault). Obviously a real port to C++ would require a huge amount of work on re-structuring and he mentioned having future plans to do some of that work. I'm also sure there are a number of people who would be interested in doing that work if they didn't have to worry about all the initial crap work of just getting it to compile as C++.

  5. I really suspect the threat alerts have something to do with the build environment. My (64-bit) version that I'm building in Visual Studio 2019 doesn't cause any Windows Defender alerts and zero detections on VirusTotal. If anyone would like to try it out here's the link: http://www.xenocrash.com/crispy_doom_latest_x64.zip


    There's also a little bonus in there for Heretic fans:


    My uncapped framerate version of crispy-heretic.exe