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  1. Ret-

    Doom Streams

  2. Ret-

    Doom Streams

    doin a lil Tangerine Nightmare stream https://www.twitch.tv/night__avenger
  3. Ret-

    Working on my new battlevest/kutte...

    What is that supposed to mean @FraxGamer314 ??
  4. Ret-

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Helloween shopping last year haha
  5. I think you will all appreciate the back patch. ;)
  6. pretty damn neat https://www.facebook.com/soldierofhelldesigns
  7. Ret-

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Got this the other day ;)
  8. Got this done yesterday! Always thought this door texture would make a great tattoo and I got my friend who's good with skulls and traditional stuff to re-draw it in his style. EXTREMELY happy with it! It's my "80s video game boss level enemy character bad guy" tattoo ;) Super psyched!
  9. Ret-

    Getting a Doom Tattoo. Need ideas!

    got it ;) obviously very heavily influenced but not exact, I didn't want it to be exact anyway and wanted it more in the style of the tattooist's style of art (as displayed!) really happy with it!
  10. Ret-

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    Anyone here rocking a killer kutte/battle vest? Here's one of my REAL old ones, about 10 years ago
  11. Ret-

    Getting a Doom Tattoo. Need ideas!

    I've had many other idea's for DOOM tattoo's tho, like: - the automap of E1M1 linedef's as a tattoo, or whichever map you think is the best - The HUD as a tramp stamp (I would never get this but would be hilarious) - Arch-Vile as it is casting - Icon of Sin as a huge back piece - id Software logo plain and simple - DOOM logo itself plain and simple, no colour tho. - Each pickup (or just the most important ones/whichever ones you want) tattoo'd along the knuckles quite small (megahealth, megasphere, berzerk etc) - Doom guy HUD face making the screaming face when he gets hit I always thought it should be essential to get a DOOM tattoo as a reference and chose something that is unmistakenly DOOM (aka almost EVERYone would recognize the doom guy face hud if you had it tattoo'd) but honestly FUCK that don't get tattoo's just so other people notice it and for attention. Get what you want personally. The one I am planning to get I posted above is going to rarely or not at all be noticed in public from DOOM but people will possibly ask which then can hopefully spark peoples interest in the fact DOOM is still going strong as an community! ;)
  12. Ret-

    Getting a Doom Tattoo. Need ideas!

    Will be getting Just the 13 skulls part of this door texture on my arm this Saturday! It's not going to look _exactly_ the same but the guy doing it is someone who is really good with skulls and goats and bones (general 80s bad guy from a movie tattoo's) etc so I think he'll do a pretty good job of making this look rad in his style -- always looked at this and thought it' would make a great tattoo.