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  1. cu2

    What is the worst map you can create?

    This whole idea is so perfectly sadistic, the discussion should end right there. But, you could add a different flavour to the map by making the hallway have several hard straferun platforming sections or even make the WHOLE hallway small platforms that you have to jump to. They are smaller that the barons' radius, so they're stuck and can't do anything, but you still have to kill them in order to be able to step onto their platform. You can't fall asleep, or you'll slip into the lava and you have to do it multiple times. Would it count if you added windows around the map with a nice view or even a better map map being visible in the background as sadism?
  2. cu2

    Civvie 11's Half-Life Video

    I mean, come on. Civvie's comments are priceless and are (most) probably worth your time
  3. cu2

    Favorite Food and Drink?

    Heh, I am lucky enough to hail from the land of gyros. It looks kinda like a burrito, but it's better. There's nothing I can think of that tops it, hands down, especially with some good fried potatoes and tzatziki (a paste/dressing/sauce/whatever, mixture of yoghurt, cucumber, vinegar, olive oil and some garlic. It's tastier than it sounds, especially in combination with any spicy meat). That and spaghetti bolognese, yes! I use a bit of red wine in the rinced meat and it really becomes something else. Try it for yourself! As of drinks, lemon juice. I know that it has so much sugar, but man, one day I probably won't be able to drink as freely as I can now xD
  4. cu2

    My newest accomplishment!

    Yay! I remember thinking that was a hard accomplishment, especially beating the icon of sin with only the keyboard (freakin doom95), and the giving speed of doom and scythe a try... Well, once I finished those, classic doom felt literally like child's play and was legitimately wondering why I was struggling
  5. Ay, Sheik. Check out your inbox. I've sent you a present I got this man's shit I got this man's LOL
  6. I can confirm that my own strongest memories, both good and bad, are from my early to mid teens (I am now at my early 20's)
  7. Yep. Also, the name selection was done so that it is recognisable and it appeals to more people easily. You know, everyone knew knew quake at the time. Have you seen it's graphics, man?
  8. cu2

    I need help when playing doom multiplayer

    Nobody can force you not to play something and nobody in their right mind hates you for playing whatever you like. Edit: And there's certainly not mods you "should play"... Just play what you fancy This is a given for most people, but still.
  9. I see you're Portuguese... My name is Duke Nukem :)
  10. Oh, ok. The rest is in greek if you're curious
  11. Wait. Does that mean you're going to just put google translate to read English in your native language, or do you want us to talk in our native language and then you have to make out what we're saying through google translate? Επειδή αυτό θα είχε (ομολογουμένως) πολλή περισσότερη πλάκα, θαρρώ. Επίσης, ναι. Το speed of doom έχει έξι/εξαπλό/εξαδικό ειδώλιο της αμαρτίας. Μπορεί και 90, δε ξέρω
  12. cu2

    DooM SIGIL Midi-OST Remake

    In my opinion, Kolibri and this guy have the best covers of Jimmy's midis. The later even gives his own twist in them.
  13. cu2

    Anyone got any tips for getting better at Doom?

    Same here! Got discord and possibly more people to invite
  14. cu2

    Doomworld shower thoughts thread

    @AndrewB It feels like you are foreshadowing the Second Advent
  15. cu2

    Doomworld shower thoughts thread

    That's something I have always wondered about, actually. Why is it even called sandpaper? In my native language it's called something like "burnish paper", which makes sense