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  1. SGTPepperHead67

    Custom weapons

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll try that
  2. SGTPepperHead67

    Custom weapons

    Hello, I've been wanting to add WW2 weapons into doom. Mainly the MP40 and P08 Luger. But when ever I try writing the script to make the animations work, it always comes up with an error. I've tried looking on the ZDoom wiki and I've tried the script they have there but that one still has issues. So yeah if anyone could send a link to a tutorial or send a script that actually works that would be nice.
  3. SGTPepperHead67

    Custom skins in zdeamon

    Thanks mate
  4. SGTPepperHead67

    Custom skins in zdeamon

    Thanks. If you could link some that would be great
  5. SGTPepperHead67

    Custom skins in zdeamon

    Just wondering if it's possible.
  6. SGTPepperHead67

    Custom textures and Sprites

    Thanks for the suggestions and I have done that now.
  7. SGTPepperHead67

    Custom textures and Sprites

    Hello. I'm creating a wad and I'm not very good at Sprite work. so I'm looking for someone willing to create a custom set of Sprites for the HUD. It's a joke Mod that replaces doomguy with mr. Conductor from shining time station. I've already designed some new Sprites for the hand gun and the fist. Those were simple enough. Take some pictures of my hand and add the props in. Unfortunately. The head was a different story. At first I tried using screenshots from the film Thomas and the magic railroad, I edited different facial expressions. But when I reformatted the images to fit the HUD. I found out they lost all there details. So yeah. If someone's willing to create head Sprites of alec Baldwin then message me please. You will be given credit for your work in the mod.