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  1. tails173

    Custom Title/Avatar Giveaway

    "[JCP] We love you, but not in that way." For my custom title please b^_^d
  2. tails173

    Good Ol IGN

    Yeah it wouldn't stand a chance
  3. tails173

    Good Ol IGN

    Yeah, i am not too big a fan of XBOX
  4. tails173

    Good Ol IGN

    Since when does Halo get this kind of credibility compared to DOOM? :p
  5. Hurray! Cacos rock. Well that made my day and now I am happy!
  6. tails173

    Your 'to do' list:

    I so want that! :D
  7. tails173

    Most under rated game?

    I could see that, because I've never heard of it.
  8. tails173

    Presidential Quiz

    It's okay, we're here to help, but probably not....
  9. tails173

    Your 'to do' list:

    1. Make a to-do list 2. Abuse all the fun out of my digital camera 3. Find out what comes after 3 3 1/2. Pass all my courses (some with flying colours) 3 3/4. Get better at DOOM, a lot better... ?. Work off the gut 5. Get a football scholarship. 6. Get better at DOOM, a lot better...
  10. Curses! Caco demons rule! But this leak sounds like a friendly one.....
  11. tails173

    AI bots?

    I thought you could change it if you turn the file into a Word Pad or text file. Then you can change their intelligence.
  12. tails173

    Presidential Quiz

    Go Canada!
  13. tails173


    I cannot juggle for the life of me.
  14. tails173

    Most under rated game?

    Of course it is natural because nothing can be the best forever, be it graphic wise of course, because the gameplay will never change. It may be upgraded, but we as long as we play it, it will only be under-rated in the eyes of few....
  15. tails173

    Most under rated game?

    Now that all these games are being mentioned, I believe that all the older games are under-rated compared to the games of now.