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  1. SamuelMTEvander

    How do you feel about Doomslayer having a pet rabbit

    It's not about the time, it's the content itself. For example, being too serious about TMNT or He-Man only hurts those series as well, where the point is to keep it light and funny. Doom is one of those things. If Pinkies and Cacos didn't give you a hint already. Or Arachnotrons.
  2. SamuelMTEvander

    How do you feel about Doomslayer having a pet rabbit

    I think trying to be too serious with series that started as whimsical & cartoony games about killing demons is comical in and of itself. It was part of Tom Hall's design to keep it light and fun, I think. Doom Eternal is return to form if anything.
  3. SamuelMTEvander

    Random Thought -- ARC level

    It did remind me of the monster condo because I wasn't the city streets anymore. It was a sort of housing complex. The layout of course wasn't the same as monster condo but the thematic feel made me think of it.
  4. SamuelMTEvander

    Random Thought -- ARC level

    Was I the only one who thought that this level is basically a modernized version of the monster condo from Doom 2? Even if it's not, it's the vibes I got when I saw it.
  5. His behavior is predictable as well. After dozen encounters he just seems to always throw red laser then attack with his axe & repeat, which can be abused by doing the same motion of dodging the projectile then waiting with an SSG or rocket launcher/ballista when he comes attacking. You don't even have to dash to avoid the laser. It's pretty easy to sidestep when he shoots that red thing. If the player starts moving around the map it seems like the Marauder spawns the wolf far away, could be wrong though.
  6. SamuelMTEvander

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    Idk, it feels more Doom to me than 2016 did, which just felt like action packed version of Doom 3.
  7. SamuelMTEvander

    Finished the Campaign - Impressions (Spoilers)

    Not to mention Samuel Hayden knew an awful lot about Nekravol and the detailed ins and outs of the institution of soul harvesting. Basically a Virgil to Doomguy's Dante. So pretty sure Samuel Hayden is of divine origin.
  8. SamuelMTEvander

    Is anybody else seriously disappointed with Eternal?

    Nope, I wasn't disappointed with Doom Eternal because I was already disappointed with Doom 2016 and this game simply builds on top of that. I knew exactly what to expect going in. And the game improved on that formula nearly every way. And I was satisfied to what I was getting. The gripes I had with Doom 2016 are still there, but I liked what Doom Eternal did and I enjoyed it as a great game. It still won't be my best Doom experience but there's lot to enjoy there. The only thing that soured my experience in the slightest were the things I already hated about the reboot series and the horrible design of the platformer puzzles. Not the platforming itself, which was nice. But the way the puzzles flowed. There were constantly times throughout the game were I was left stuck because there was no intuitive way to know where you were going. The way to progress in the level was so hidden in the detailed architecture with no obvious hints that I had to check Youtube walkthroughs on how to progress. Other than that, I liked it very much. Now, back to mapping...
  9. SamuelMTEvander

    Khan Maykr -- Spoiler Talk

    Playing through the game I started piecing these little hints together. I was entirely convinced that for the most part that Maykrs (and Sentinels if you get to Nekrovol) used earth to engage in a usury of sorts to keep the lights on Urdak. For the most part this seemed to me like a raw deal for humanity. After killing all the priests Khan Maykr did mention that she was merely culling the humanity and that it would've survived. But then again, during Taras Nabak Samuel Hayden mentions that worlds continue on corrupted under Khan Maykr rule, which once again turned it into a black and white issue for me. I was playing a Doom game after all. This continued until I reached Nekrovol, where Samuel Hayden acts as a Virgil to our Dante. Explaining how human souls are broken and turned into Argent energy, then shipped to Urdak. Then later in the heavenly realm, this bit of information can be coupled with what Khan Maykr says in her bossfight. That doomslayer is denying humans salvation. Then it dawned on me that the game's events may in fact have been a little more grey than I gave it credit for. Basically Doom Eternal's events are a rapture of sorts. The Khan Maykr lore states that their souls run on a neural network of sorts. And Maykrs need Argent energy to rule. So assuming that Khan Maykr's words are anything to go by when she says that Doomslayer is denying humanity of Salvation, she means that souls of living things cannot exist in Maykrs to experience the bliss of afterlife that is Urdak. Since Doomslayer pretty much wrecks the place. That doesn't excuse her jerkish behavior to invoke Icon Of Sin as punishment. I think I heard it called as a world destroyer. Its lore states that titans are harbingers of the end times. Maybe Doomslayer simply didn't understand the divine plan earth was to undertake. Now, humanity has to endure in a status-quo purgatorio that is life without salvation after death. And the Hell On Earth their home has to recover from, which is another thing that sucks for humanity now. If their purpose was to end up in Urdak as a reward for their trials, then it wouldn't have mattered what state the earth was left in. But now it's nothing but a barren wasteland for miles and miles. Anyway, this is just a random thought I had after finishing the game. What do you think?
  10. SamuelMTEvander

    Your idea for a Doom game.

    I would just make a remake of the 90s games but just for exercise, if I was part of the creative process to make a new one, here's some things I might consider: Doom Mania Turbo: It's less of a video game and more of a platform launcher with an editor to load in levels, coming with official set of episodes and some master & lost level style -content. The community would be able to make their own content and place them into the folder and they would appear in the custom games menu. Everything would be customizable from gameplay traits to player huds and more. The levels in the game menu would be shown as seen in the picture with a Doom theme. Of course players could re-organize the menus to their liking as well. Gameplay mechanics: Very arcadey feel with ADHD SEGA style music. Metallic tunes are fine but would be fun to experiment with a sort of Nintendo feel to it. Throw in some Megaman & Metroidvania elements and feel to it as well. Classic sprint with some platformer elements. Classic teleports, maybe some Sonic -style momentum. Ability to air control from fast speeds. Just some fast based Sunlust/BTSX -style aesthetics, some classic phobos themes there as well. Built-in scoring system and timer. Maybe more fleshed out boss encounters like in Doom2016 & Black Mesa Source's Nihilanth. Surrealistic levels, with Trackmania, Quake3 space level feel. Lots of obstacles to avoid, speeds to gain and demons to slay. If some aspect of the game feels wrong, it's highly modifiable for a more classic feel. Story: Let's say publisher forced me to add story for mass appeal. For narrative purposes I'd add in those holograms seen in Doom2016 & monitors with a boss taunting the player across the episode. There could be some evil Satanic Skeletor like arch-nemesis making evil doomguy clones and giving them their own distinctive armor and abilities, among other demons he's creating. Of course he'd be cheesy and causing all sorts of trouble. Doomslayer gathers toughest fighters in the world for a Sentinel Initiative (not that he needs it but he's grown to appreciate some company, character development, yeah!!). This includes Crash, Phobos, Betrayer, Grimm and maybe other tough mofos to maintain order in different human colony worlds that the evil Satanor has attacked and plays mindgames with human populus. There could even be some teamwork or coop involved or Doomslayer could just tell them to return to Fortress Of Doom if the player wants to go solo. I guess that's all I can brainstorm for now. Preferably released open-source code and an SDK editor and everything.
  11. SamuelMTEvander

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Doom2016 wasn't that good. I like that it brought double-jump and climbing into the game but it changed too many things from past Doom games and for the worst in my personal opinion. The lore & Praetor suit was cool, though.
  12. SamuelMTEvander

    Pre-load Doom Eternal?

    Slow bandwidth, maybe?
  13. SamuelMTEvander

    Pre-load Doom Eternal?

    Around until 12 hours from now. Both my PS4 and the countdown have the same time. https://yourcountdown.to/doom-eternal
  14. SamuelMTEvander

    Pre-load Doom Eternal?

    https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/1257110/Doom-Eternal-release-time-PS4-Xbox-One-Steam-date According to this the game can be pre-loaded cross-platforms now. Have any of you started doing it? It also shows when Doom Eternal loads depending on your region. - In AU/NZ/Asia, DOOM Eternal unlocks at 7:01AM Pacific Time on March 19 (12:01AM JST March 20). - In Europe and rest-of-world, DOOM Eternal unlocks at 4:01PM Pacific Time on March 19 (12:01AM GMT March 20). - In North and South America, DOOM Eternal unlocks at 9:01PM Pacific Time on March 19 (12:01AM EDT March 20). - Stadia: DOOM Eternal unlocks at unlocks at 12:01 AM Eastern Time on March 20.
  15. SamuelMTEvander

    Best platform to play doom eternal?

    This. I ain't going to upgrade my PC again or lower down the settings to compromise on the experience. It looks great on PS4 and I constantly play games on it so I'm gonna have to console it up, come launch and do another playthrough when I can afford better video card & some VRAM to go along with it.