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  1. NecroPoster

    (Doom Newbie) I finished my map05!

    Just played through this once on HMP and once on UV. My biggest criticism would be the texture work. texture misalignment and stuff like door frames coming down with walls etc. Not that big of fan of mixing Wolfenstein textures and doom textures but that just might be me. That said I do really like the mapping itself and I do dig the general vibe of it. The going through the ducts? to hit the switch to crush the group of demons in a corner was neat thing to discover tho I do feel it was a redundant since the player would have a rocket launcher at that point. The Archvile encounter does seem a bit weird tho since unless you just sit still he never really is in a position to be a threat to the player unless he/she decides to double back to check stuff. I do look forward to seeing more maps from you in the future.
  2. NecroPoster

    Vanilla Doom smooth weapons

    Sorry to bump this thread but is there any way to make this compatible with Smoothed? Using both seems to bug out this mod (most noticeable with the SSG).
  3. NecroPoster

    DAWN (A Doom II, Limit-Removing Techbase)

    Been playing through your maps for last few days. I must say I really dig the style. This might be just me but a gripe I do have (this happened in couple of your techbase maps for me) is that there are a lot times where I'm backtracking through an empty map after flicking a switch searching for what had opened. Enemy encounters that lead you to where you need to go might be nice.
  4. Yholl said it's fine and not to take it down. Just that should've asked first.
  5. NecroPoster

    Embers Of Armageddon

    Nice! Been waiting for an official thread so that this great mod can get more wide spread recognition.