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  1. RetMenTos


    yeah sure here you go epic mod!! woaaah.zip
  2. RetMenTos


    Woah, this thread is actually really helpful, despite the initial misinformation. Cunningham's law strikes again, I guess.
  3. RetMenTos

    Lord of hell (icon of sin) [Rejected community project map]

    I kinda suck at doom and am relatively new to mapping as well, so sorry if my criticism is bad. It's pretty fun, there's some good fights, the marble room fight in particular. There's a bunch of problems though. I first tried it in prboom+ and got softlocked at the armor platform (That was my fault) so I switched to gzdoom. After the second fight with the chainsaw, I accidentally fell off the chaingun platform and had to idclip through the door to get back up. That's mostly on me though. How do you get the bfg/berserk/megasphere? I opened it up in UDB and couldn't find any way to lower it. The revenant/plasma gun secret wasn't really that hidden, honestly. The marble room was great, I enjoyed it. There was a lot of ammo and health though, so I didn't really have a lot of difficulty clearing it, and the varied monster types allowed me to just hang around the edges until most of them infought to death. The cyberdemon fight was too easy, I think. I used the invincibility and held down the plasma button until it died. The cacos and imps afterward weren't a threat at all. Maybe having to fight them both at the same time would have been more challenging? Personally, I hate IoS fights with a passion. This one is pretty normal. I think the room is a little bare though, aesthetic wise. Honestly, it wasn't too hard. Maybe removing some health and ammo around the map could force players to rely more on infighting and add a bit more depth to the fights? But I did enjoy it. Hopefully someone more experienced can elaborate better.
  4. TunedUp.zip I finally decided to get my lazy self back to learning modding. Here's a little thing I've worked on that modifies the standard weapons to make them a little more powerful. The Goods: I should mention I'm a total noob, so please don't expect too much.
  5. According to decino's video (can't remember which one), the monster will fight back until it is either dead or has killed the aggressor, and will go back to being dormant
  6. I used this with Vandomizer and had a !FUN! time. Thank you.
  7. Smooth doom (casings, recoil and extra gib) and freelook without autoaim, everything else is vanilla. Lighting is software with the lights banding thing on, not for nostalgia (because I'm a zoomer), but rather because I think it looks cool. Occasionally I crank up the texture filtering (go on, laugh) because I think it looks alright for the most part, especially when the jaggedness of normal textures starts to hurt my eyes (plus it's reminiscent of early 2000s games' textures, which is nice).
  8. RetMenTos

    GZDoom Speedmapping Session #3

    It was fun (technically speaking). I was on the train and I had nothing to do. So I fired up this wad and chugged through a couple of these levels. Special thanks to my good friends iddqd and idkfa, they made this experience bearably amusing.
  9. RetMenTos

    My first level

    Okay, I lied. There's a secret level thrown in (the absolute first level I made back in 2018). This is the "first" map I made that felt presentable to me. This is also my first post here, so please forgive me if i do something stupid. Some details: -Maps replaced are MAP01 and MAP31 -I tested the maps in GZDoom, but apart from some fiddling in MAPINFO, I think you can play it on vanilla, though I believe you will need to idclev to MAP31. -No need for jump/freelook/crouch, though there's nothing stopping you if you want to use them. -IWAD is Doom 2 -Regarding difficulty, I don't think it's too hard, even on UV. I only died 5 times while testing, and that's likely because I play like a wet noodle. -Build time was about 40 hours, give or take. Most of the time was spent feeling around and trying to learn shortcuts. I also used sound tunnels. I'm sorry. -Music: >MAP01: Freedoom C1M2 >MAP31: Top Floor (Castlevania AoS) by Gecko Yamori on VGMusic.com Here's the WAD: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vNK6iCpYbz4_1CPJdvhzjq4XFptbn3lf Feedback would be much appreciated. demo files too, if you can.
  10. RetMenTos

    My first level

    Hey @Clippy, thanks for playing. There was actually a secret in MAP01, I just forgot to add a trigger. I'll fix it and change the link. The secret: As for MAP31, I'm not too sure why the sky textures freaked out in the beginning. I'll try to look into it. Thanks again for the feedback, it means a lot.