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Posts posted by MaxzG9!

  1. I appreciate the feedback, but I'm feeling bad cause I posted without my cousin's permission. (Glad he's not mad at me) So I decided to give it the proper credit.

    @Kepehn is the mapper of this map! He got banned temporarily. I just had hoped that seeing this thread by surprise, he would change his mind, but no.

  2. First time I played Doom was on December 95 or 96. I was a child when Santa Claus give me the Ultimate Doom CD as a Christmas present, I played at my dad's pc and since that moment my heart is cold, my mind is evil and my soul is doomed!

    I should know not to have trusted Santa (Satan) Claws!!!

  3. Hello doomworld! I'm new here and I present you mah new heretic map! actually if you would want me to make a map, you surely would wait forever! lol


    Yep! that's it! all credits to ma cousin, he did it, cause I know much of mapping as you know much about God! lol but worry not we're here just to kick demon's asses! hell yea!

    Talking bout that here some screenies!







    ma cousin didn't made a name for it, so it's a namless wad! It's a shame cause he's really talented! you can play on low difficulty if you think that the number of enemies is exaggerated.




    I wish i had the skills to continue where he left!