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  1. noob_killer012345678

    God Machine in GZDoom

    GZDooM is so fundementally different from any other port. It "fixes" alot of bugs that some mappers use, and also changes how alot of things function.
  2. I was bored and checked. Problem is that OWATER isnt defined in any of the Animated lumps
  3. cmon... *poke poke*... do something

  4. Id love to make a map for this. Its an intresting idea, and i do not wanna miss another good oppertunity to make something great
  5. I have been testing in GZDooM, but it would be nice to have it work for dsda, so that i can get an authentic test of it
  6. Error when trying to play the wad on DSDA NVM im stupid i launched it with the wrong iwad The error still comes up when trying to launch with OTEX, so i cannot playtest my map accuratley
  7. noob_killer012345678

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    adrnilin map01 pacifist in 1:38.46 adrnP138.zip
  8. Iz good for me. Just gives me more time to decorate my map
  9. @epicyolomaster420 Hey! I was looking in The Community Project Tracker and found that this was still looking for a mapper, and since it has been on for a while I feel like it should have its slots filled. I believe I have time to throw together a map for BLM5. The deadline is still a month away anyway
  10. noob_killer012345678

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2023 - Come one, come all!

    So if i get this right... If we both work equally on the map, then thats the only map both of us can post. But if one works more than the other, than the "lesser" one can still submit their own map?
  11. noob_killer012345678

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2023 - Come one, come all!

    what is the rules when it comes to collabs for a map? If i make a map with a friend... Since we are 2 people, can we submit 2 maps (one per person) even if we both worked on both?
  12. noob_killer012345678

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2023 - Come one, come all!

    I failed last year, imma try again
  13. noob_killer012345678

    Doomworld Maximum Project 2022 - Public beta 1.1 is live!

    i wont be able to make it...
  14. noob_killer012345678

    How do you launch your favorite source port?

    Ive used Doom Explorer ever since i got doom