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  1. BuzzerPop

    Crispy Doom and timidity?

    Hello! I'm new to the forums as well as been trying to set up crispy doom to be able to play in a more authentic sense. I'm aware that Crispy and choco doom share this same sort of setup. I was hoping to play with a better midi player rather than the old dos style. But all the information on the setup for midi and/or gus implementation that're available for chocolate doom and crispy doom since it uses the same system are really confusing for me. It seems like I need to find a way to install timidity properly if I want to use the midi player options or the GUS style of the music? But I've been searching for a bit now and I can't find a single dependable guide on how to setup timidity to be able to have the improved music players. Just individually downloading the 'eawpats' thing in chocolate doom's music readme, and trying to set crispy to the timidity.cfg doesn't work, that ends up with no music playing. How do I set up a soundfont for crispy/chocolate doom? I can't find anything that works, and timidity install guides are from 2011 or further in the past. I would really love some assistance. Sorry if this is the wrong place for this post but I wasn't sure where else.
  2. BuzzerPop

    Crispy Doom and timidity?

    That stuff worked! Thank you. Can play with the good ol' sc-55 sounding stuff in crispy. @plums
  3. BuzzerPop

    Crispy Doom and timidity?

    Windows 10, I probably should've mentioned it.