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  1. Sitting on a cornflake

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    My gut is the next Doom will be some sort of reboot/remake of Doom 64 similar to the general trajectory they began with Doom (2016) and continued with Doom Eternal. What that looks like, and how the next Doom will resemble a “monster truck” as opposed to a “Ferrari” as Hugo has described Doom Eternal, is anyone’s guess.
  2. Sitting on a cornflake

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    FYI - In that 10 minute video, Hugo Martin did say that these two DLCs would constitute the end of the current three-part story that began with Doom 2016 and continued through Doom Eternal, but that there are "certainly more Doom stories to tell" or words to that effect. On that note, I don't get the sense that we'll be fighting the Dark Lord in either of these DLCs, but maybe I'm wrong. Honestly, none of the story stuff really matters as far as sequel bait; they can always just make new stuff up at any time.
  3. Sitting on a cornflake

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Lol I’ve watched this thing at least 3 times trying to decipher what is being said at the end. No luck. Looks awesome. Looks like at least 2 big campaign levels and some kind of boss thing at the end where the titan lifts you up to that last portal?
  4. Sitting on a cornflake

    When is the first DLC Due?

    I'm going to guess that each DLC is 2 "levels" (maps), but that's honestly a wild guess merely based on my assumption that DLC #1 is (a) the water base + (b) destroyed Urdak and that DLC #2 will be 2 more levels / maps of some sort.
  5. Sitting on a cornflake

    Doom Eternal - News

    The blood punch and dash icons in the bottom left corner of the screen now include little notes identifying what buttons to push. So that’s something.
  6. Sitting on a cornflake

    When is the first DLC Due?

    Edited to say: It appears the new map that's "almost ready" is actually a new map for Battlemode that was referenced in Bethesda's June 22nd announcement.
  7. Sitting on a cornflake

    What is the point of Doom Eternal infighting?

    I like the demon infighting. It makes each level feel like a real place actually inhabited by the demons rather than a developer-created "map" where enemies spawn in based on triggers programmed into the code. I suspect that's also why the demon infighting doesn't damage the demons; it exists in the game to make the levels feel more inhabited and alive and not to make the slayer's job easier.
  8. Sitting on a cornflake

    When is the first DLC Due?

    Would love this to be true, but doesn't an August/September time frame seem a bit optimistic given that we still haven't gotten any of the other Master Levels? Not trying to pick a fight--would love to get one or both of the DLCs as soon as this fall--but considering all we've gotten is a single screenshot for each DLC (which looks like the mission loading screen), my uneducated guess would be more like the winter holiday season than this fall. Hope I'm wrong!
  9. Sitting on a cornflake

    How to play Doom Eternal like it's Contra

    I'm currently playing UV on Extra Lives mode and was, um, "surprised" to learn I could no longer use Mission Select to return to early levels and farm extra lives. Still going strong so far, though (but admittedly with little chance of actually finishing the game).
  10. Sitting on a cornflake

    Just me, or is the Arch-Vile a little disappointing in DE?

    Totally agree. I've been playing on UV (XBox One) and find the Doom Hunter boss to be quite challenging, but find all subsequent Doom Hunters to be a complete joke and a welcome addition to the late-game arena battles (in that they're much preferred over an Arch-vile or Marauder). When you fight the Doom Hunter boss on the 4th campaign, your blood punch stinks, your ice bombs stink, your total health and armor stink, and you don't have the chaingun at all. Playing on a console, I find it too difficult to rely on the precision bolt to pick him off from afar, which forces me to use the plasma rifle / lock-on rocket method for the Doom Hunter boss, which I've found exposes me to a lot of straight-on missiles and that "swipe" move he does while using the plasma rifle (since it's hard to jump around from side to side and shoot your weapon simultaneously on a console). The later-game Doom Hunters are much, much easier for all the reasons noted above.
  11. Sitting on a cornflake

    How tall is the DOOM Slayer?

    The archvile has got to be 10 feet tall, if not taller.
  12. Sitting on a cornflake

    Is anybody else seriously IN LOVE with Eternal?

    Refilling health by killing enemies as opposed to finding med kits seems pretty clearly to be a mechanism to encourage combat and aggressiveness. Neither of them are in any way realistic, on any level, but pitted against one another, one prioritizes finding and actively engaging with enemies while the other prioritizes searching for med kits and memorizing map layouts. It's a balance, and neither approach is perfect--probably why Doom Eternal features both kinds in most (if not all) arena battles.
  13. Sitting on a cornflake

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    Doom Inferno would be my early, highly uninformed guess. It keeps with the general sound/word pattern from Doom Eternal, it would be consistent with a plot focused on more Hell-based maps (which I would expect based on Doom Eternal’s teasing of the Dark Lord), and it would obviously throw out a callback to the third episode in the original Doom.
  14. Speaking of story continuity issues, I'd like to know why King Novid begins the game by admonishing you to "rip and tear until it is done" and then 1.5 levels later tells you that this conflict is bigger than you appreciate, that you can't kill the hell priests, etc.
  15. This line by Samuel Hayden -- (3) - "You will one day need to return here for now this is a place of evil. But first, the Icon must be stopped, the humans have no time left." -- seems to pretty clearly imply another level in Urdak in either the DLC or a sequel.