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Everything posted by Mangcubus

  1. Mangcubus

    What if Map1, but Archviles?

    I admire the effort of turning that guy's shitpost into a real idea.
  2. Innovation is a meme. Their #1 priority should be making good games.
  3. Honestly I would love to see a sendup to classic Doom with 2D sprites and everything. Take a little inspiration from Project Brutality and give enemies tons of death animations, throw in some weapons from later games like the gauss cannon and the soul cube, redraw everything in a similar style to the original with improvements a la Sonic Mania. How cool would it be if they built it with GZDoom so we can mod it?
  4. Mangcubus

    Maps you respect but never want to play again

    All of Sunlust.
  5. Mangcubus

    doom 64 opinions

    The unmaker really should've had its own ammo type.
  6. I don't mean direct ports of the Doom 64 sprites, has anyone remade them to blend in with Doom 2's art style? I think it would be neat to have all the weapons and monsters of classic Doom together in a mod.
  7. Mangcubus

    doom 64 opinions

    There are some really good maps and some really tedious maps. I love the moody horror atmosphere they went for, works great as an alternative to the macho death metal stuff from the DOS games. Chainsaw buffs are amazing. Nightmare Imps are great upper low tier enemies, the Unmaker is a fantastic reward for secret hunting, Mother Demon is a decent boss monster. The game really should've had Revenants in it. You can tell they wanted to include them, their homing missiles are in the game. Without Revenants and Chaingunners, theres too many Imp-like enemies and it kinda hurts gameplay diversity. I also don't like how Zombiemen and Shotgun Guys are basically identical. You NEED to be able to tell them apart, Shotgun Guys can shred you.
  8. Mangcubus

    Super Shotgun guy?

    BFG Zombies sounds like Sky May Be shit
  9. Mangcubus

    Super Shotgun guy?

    They were in Skulltag and they were borderline troll enemies. You could die instantly from one that some dickish map designer placed behind you. Not a fan, just use a few regular Shotgun Guys instead.
  10. Episode 1 is a requirement as far as I'm concerned.
  11. Mangcubus

    1 Weapon Has to Go...

    Oh god, nobody considered this
  12. Mangcubus

    1 Weapon Has to Go...

    Pistol shouldn't even count. That weapon is literally a punishment for dying. If I had to gut one, it'd be the BFG. I love it but it gets used the least. Regular shotgun is waaay too good at mid and long range, the game would be a slog at times without it.
  13. Mock 2. The Cyberdemon room. Those familiar know the one. I tried to play cheatless and that's where my run ended.
  14. Mangcubus

    Most visually creative/beautiful megawads?

    Bloody Steel is two maps shy of a megawad but it's among the most visually impressive things I've played.
  15. Mangcubus


    Since Romero doesn't work for id anymore, it isn't any more canonical than add-ons like BTSX.
  16. Mangcubus

    Doom III: IDKFA Edition | Project

    I love this idea. Since you're looking for a weapon idea, I have something to contribute. What if there was an area denial weapon? Like one that sets an area on fire for a bit and any enemy that steps in it gets hurt.
  17. Mangcubus

    What makes a map good or bad?

    There's no one thing that makes maps good or bad.
  18. I've wanted to do a wad like that for years. Stuff like Eviternity and Valiant give me alternate universe Doom 3 vibes, would be cool if somebody played that aspect up.
  19. I always thought the cover demons were meant to be Barons
  20. Mangcubus

    What do you all think of Maximum Doom?

    80% of it is absolute trash but it's a cool time capsule of what modding was like in the 90s. There's a good few wads there that are actually pretty interesting and might have been lost if maximum doom weren't made.
  21. No shootable walls. Every instance where you need to shoot a wall is not conveyed well at all, gut it.
  22. Mangcubus

    How would you buff the pistol?

    The pistol is the only weapon that becomes totally irrelevant as you progress through a wad. I wouldn't make it too powerful because that would defeat it's point as a starting weapon. I would just make it perfectly accurate, that way it becomes a viable long range option that isn't as tedious as hammering m1 with the chaingun.
  23. Mangcubus

    How would you buff the pistol?

    I think the chaingun is okay as it is. It's designed to be a low tier crowd-clearing weapon. If it were better, it would eat into the plasma rifle's role as a mid tier slayer.
  24. Mangcubus

    Tips on making wads.

    My favorite Romero rule: If you're indoors and can see things outside, make sure you're able to get there somehow.
  25. Mangcubus

    How would you buff the pistol?

    This is my favorite one. That's an awesome niche that no other weapons have.