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  1. @Regular Warren Thanks for your point of view. As I said, various things have been already taken care of or are already being discussed to find a fitting and reasonable solution. It's not that we do not care about these things. We had a beta testing phase of several months, and during the development of Chapter 3 we put a lot of effort and time to take care of 'sensitive topics' and that's what currently annoys me: People from the 'aforementioned community' playtested the mod extensively and approved things mentioned by @Not Jabba and what leads to the current (partially personal) bashing. If you want to know, who is 'fucked up in the head' as well, just check the credits of Blade of Agony - there is a category called "Playtesters", you will be surprised...
  2. "Her shirt opens when she is falling backwards - why?" - Quote of the day. And this mostly descibres what I thought while reading the past 3 pages. If anyone is interested in further details about these issues, you can continue reading it on the corresponding GitHub Issues page where I have already explained why some decisions have been made and what we have already changed for an updated release. Some of the things that have been mentioned here are already part of the mod since Chapter 2 without anyone caring about it. Content from Chapter 3 has been extensively tested by a huge amount of known and reputable members of the community (for example Scuba Steve) especially when it came to the sensitive topics. "You're fucked in the head, Torm" - Congratulations for insulting me, and insulting everyone (!) who has been playtesting the mod as well. I am not gonna join this discussion here though, it's far from being objective and the usual "Torm-bashing" bores me to death.
  3. Well, we are working on all the remaining bugs already and doing a lot of fixing and tracking, but we also want to prepare a few new features for the 3.1 release - so the one thing doesn't prevent the other.
  4. Achievement Ideas? As some of you might have already noticed when following the GitHub development, we are currently working on an "Achievement System". A few things have alread been implemented but we are still brainstorming and therefore I thought it would make sense to ask the people out there what would be interesting to add. So, what ideas for proper achievements would you have? What would perfectly fit to Blade of Agony?
  5. One of my favorite games ;)
  6. Tormentor667

    Fat Reward & Ticket Home | My Farewell (all Chapters online)

    @Major Arlene thanks kindly for the reply, good points made and I am sorry that this evolved in such a misunderstanding or turns out to feel so negative. I connected the farewell always with the modding, not with the community, maybe I wasn’t clear enough when releasing the first parts.
  7. Tormentor667

    Fat Reward & Ticket Home | My Farewell (all Chapters online)

    You sound reasonable and fair actually, I wasn’t expecting this after your first post so thanks for that reply and your feedback.
  8. Tormentor667

    Fat Reward & Ticket Home | My Farewell (all Chapters online)

    I am not going to join the discussion as I already know this won’t result in any benefit. The „Farewell“ articles are - and if you read it, you might know - an autobiography of my personal Doom story. Because I love myself? Well, I do love myself as hopefully everyone else does. But was this the reason for writing the articles? Probably not. I am an entertainer, that’s what moves me, I am a musician, I am a modder, I am a writer. It is fun. And I like feedback, wether it is criticism or praise, even tough I prefer the latter. Does that make me a narcissist in some people‘s eyes? Maybe, and that’s okay, I can grow and evolve if I want to, but I don’t have to if I want to focus on those people who feel entertained by what I am doing - no matter if it is modding, singing or saying goodbye (e.g. farewell) to my active role as a modder. Nuff said.
  9. Tormentor667

    Fat Reward & Ticket Home | My Farewell (all Chapters online)

    Exactly that’s the point. I never said „I am going to leave anyway“ so I don’t know why some people are disappointed :) @Dynamo one of the reasons for writing these articles wasn’t telling people overdramatized that I won’t start new projects anymore, it was more for an autobiographical reason whoever is interested in reading it (as it is with all autobiographies). As a matter of fact: The main article has over 1500 hits, so it might have been interesting for more than my own narcissistic character ...
  10. Tormentor667

    Fat Reward & Ticket Home | My Farewell (all Chapters online)

    Well, the point is that I will reduce the time spending in Doom, no more new mods, but more „playing and enjoying“ the mods others create.
  11. 2 levels to go, you are almost done!
  12. Well, you might want to mention it in the „mention thread“ for 2021 :)
  13. We already got a second bug report of that kind but have no solution for that as it doesn't happen every time. In our tests such a bug never happened. Can you try to find a way to reproduce it definitely even if you warp to C3M6_B? Reported this in our GitHub issues page, we will look at it.
  14. Disabling the lense flares in the options solves this.