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  1. Tormentor667

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Jimmy pretty much summed up my thoughts on this.
  2. Tormentor667

    GTA Doom. v5.0.1 - WIP

    It needs day-night transitions
  3. Tormentor667

    WADs with huge file sizes

    Wait for Blade of Agony Chapter 3 (incl 1+2) - pretty sure we will reach 1GB
  4. Cant wait to play this :)
  5. I suppose those pics were taken by you. Nice landscape!

    1. Tormentor667


      Exactly, currently in Austria for Mountainbiking

  6. Tormentor667

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Dude, impressive stuff you got here. Would you mind sharing the shader for the heat haze?
  7. Tormentor667

    DOOM: Anomality

    That looks promising!
  8. Tormentor667

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Blast Nazis with your Sherman Tank! ZScript is most propably the best addition to GZDoom since the hardware renderer or DECORATE itself. AFADoomer made the impossible possible, he is still working hard to implement the feature to perfection but we are proud to announce drivable Sherman Tanks in Chapter 3 of Blade of Agony. You have any ideas or wishes when it comes to missions with a tank? Let us know about your thoughts, we are happy and thankful for any kind of inspiration from you :)
  9. Tormentor667

    DARKFORCES Wardusted v4

    So this is replacing everything except maps?
  10. Tormentor667

    Projects for DOOM's 25th birthday

    Ola Bjorling????
  11. Tormentor667

    [v 0 .9] Doom Neural Upscale 2X

    This is suprisingly good :)
  12. Tormentor667

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    Thanks for the info on Chapter 2 of Blade of Agony to anyone. We already have been worked a lot on Chapter 2 in the past months and improved all the things mentioned since then so I consider the problems solved. For Chapter 3 I promise you can expect the best we are capable to pull off.
  13. Tormentor667

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    I wouldn't consider this as negative as this. I mean, without any doubt all the winners have a reason for winning the Cacowards this year, the reviews explain very well why one or another project was chosen. Considering that some people are disappointed or even jealous just describes what status the Cacoward has: Everyone wants one :) Still, I really don't get it why Blade of Agony Chapter 2 hasn't been mentioned. It's not that I am angry or pissed, it's just that we discussed a lot in the team before the Cacowards and anyone was really hoping for an award, considering that it is definitely better and expands on Chapter 1. Wasn't it good enough or is it simply not considered as an "new wad" because it's a "Chapter 2" instead of something totally new? Just curious, I am not expecting to get a late Caco :)
  14. Tormentor667

    Cacowards 2017 discussion (24 years)

    Congratulations to all the winners, a lot of brilliant choices have been made and the articles are - as always - very entertaining to read :) Good job on that one to all the authors (mappers and texters in both cases). Though I have to admit that we are a bit disappointed, that Blade of Agony Chapter 2 hasn't been even mentioned somewhere. :(