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  1. For something else: Wouldn't it make sense to have the "News" page the landing page again and not the forum?
  2. Unfortunately not, I simply didn't get it. Can you resend it to ?
  3. Maybe I am blind but where?
  4. I see things improving as well, good work so far. One question though: Are there links like "New posts since last visit" or "Your threads" just as in phpbb3? I find these useful
  5. Touché - but as I already stated at, this is nothing personal but more something about how close and active you seem to be in the community. Some people from the Doomworld staff are very active and seem to know more closely what the users and visitors might demand, as I have the feeling that you are only active casually - what would explain the surprising software choice. Could be subjective to me though as I can't watch behind the curtain. For something else: I posted a news item at the Realm about my thoughts of the new design already 12 hours ago, just to make sure you believe me when I say that this is nothing that I meant mean or personal ;)
  6. Thanks for bringing this up again but please make sure that the links will stay as they are also in the future. Otherwise the whole redesign of the file database simply failed. Don't forget: It's not only about visuals and aesthetics, it's mostly about usability, and if all links are broken in the future, you don't do any good.
  7. First of all: Brilliant work on the new site visuals, this was really about time and it's looking amazing, well done everyone involved. One question though: How can add one screenshots to entries in the "Downloads" area? Or even edit entries of one's own? I would like to update some of my entries with screenshots and information. Best regards, Torm
  8. Kudos to the new forum, it looks good and it feels good - finally. But the news page needs some work, it's very... well, not actually the "state of the art"...
  9. Blade of Agony has one ;)
  10. Get some special inside information about the development beginning from Blade of Agony with lots of Alpha and Beta footage as well as some WIP-stuff from Chapter 2 - commented by me ;) (now with the right audio volume)
  11. First of all thanks kindly for your detailed reply! This is the kind of stuff that helps us improving the whole mod. I took the last two weeks to take a closer look at the things you mentioned and implemented or changed most of the things as all of it seems to be reasonable and improving the mod, One question concering the shop system: We have some hard times finding items that make sense to be buyable in the shop, especially when it comes to gameplay improvements. Do you think generic stuff like "double speed weapons" or "double damage", or even "reinforcement soldiers" make sense? Or what ideas do you have?
  12. Happy birthday Doom, and thanks kindly for the Cacoward for Blade of Agony from anyone involved in the team and from me. It's always an honor to get one!
  13. @Green Herring - I wrote an email about 2 weeks ago but never got a reply. Did that mail got lost maybe? It's just about the "upload" thing for BoA
  14. Thanks god, to be honest: I consider "Secret of the Wool Ball" a by far more appealing game than remaking Doom 64 as Brutal instance.
  15. Shadow of the Wool-Ball - brilliant work for a one-man-show!