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  1. Seconded, a lot of effort and dedication has been put into this.
  2. Is someone able to convert the old original PCSpeaker sounds to something that works with sourceports? That would make things perfect if you use ChibiDoom, LowRes Doom and 8bit music :)
  3. Very nice stuff, glad to see my map in there :) I see you improved a few things and I like what I see. Can't wait to play the final version when it is out my friend!
  4. Is it possible to listen to a demo somewhere?
  5. This is amazing. How could I miss this? :)
  6. Better gameplay? We want that as well! Dear Doomers, we are currently investigating how the gameplay aspect of Blade of Agony could be improved. To actually find the right approach, we need your help - not only by playing the first two chapters but also by thinking about ideas what could be added or what could be changed to improve the gameplay aspects. It's not that you need a perfect solution to reply but maybe some idea about what you would have expected and instead what you've got provided from the maps. What gameplay aspects did you like? What gameply aspects where frustrating? What would you like to see in an improved version of chapter 1 and 2? What would you like to see in an all new chapter 3? What will most likely make you use cheats or the console commands because of that? The more detailed the examples about things you like/didn't like are the better. Maybe even map numbers and coords with an explanation could be something we'd love if you'd share them, as it makes it easier to understand what situation failed, what situaton was good and which situation needs further work. Thanks kindly for your support, best regards, Dan & team
  7. Thanks for the hints, I just fixed all that and it should work now without any further trouble :)
  8. Blade of Agony's Operation Astrostein
  9. @pulkmees - For the last problem you encountered, can you share coordinates? @invictius - First is Paris (C1M5), second is Astrostein (C2M0_A)
  10. This looks definitely interesting...
  11. This is really awesome stuff, you should consider submitting it to the Realm667
  12. Rise of the Wool-Ball - definitely!
  13. Finally you can promote your projects at the Realm667 on your own. How? Simply use our form at (can also be found throuh the top menu "News > Submit News") This is meant as a way to add more functionality and activity to the front page of the Realm667 and to make it easier for modders to submit news. We are looking forward to your interactive exchange with the community :) Best regards, Torm & Team
  14. I unfortunately can't reproduce this so no idea what's wrong :(
  15. We did it! After polishing the second chapter of Blade of Agony for the past 3 weeks we are here to proudly present the release of "Shadows of the Reich", an all new episode that directly connects where the thrilling action and plot ended in "The Staff of Kings", which is also included in the release with a lot of improvements and additional surprises. So what's new? High-resolution sprites for all actors (monster,npc; not only upscale, real detail) as well as completely new enemies A total of 11 new maps (as well as all maps from chapter 1) Improved effects and features (dialogue screen, npc ai, doors, cutscenes, skins, models) Introducing GZDoom's latest new engine features (ambient occlusion, lense distortion, shadow maps, bloom effect) Exciting and interactive plot with a lot of surprises ...and that's only a fraction of all the things to come. Don't waste any more time, get psyched, get "Shadows of the Reich" just now!