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  1. Tormentor667

    Realm667 looking for news authors

    Anyway, we are still looking for support for the News area and maintaining the Repository. I really hope we find some volunteers.
  2. Tormentor667

    Realm667 looking for news authors

    To be honest I wasn't aware about that. I find it kinda hard to browse through the forums because of the sheer amount of information you get there. The Realm667 news page is meant to be some kind of a "filter", picking out the gems (releases, big news, etc.) to avoid having everyone having to browse all the community forums for important stuff (which doesn't mean that I do not post about some projects more than other ones, it's more that I mostly miss some things because of the limited time I have). On top of that, it's not only that we need people helping with the news page but also people helping maintaining the repository. @Blue Shadow currently does most of the work (if not all) on his own and that's not how it is supposed to work where this is a community repo after all. Help would be really appreciated and the page depends on people supporting the Realm667. It has most propably to do something with your cookie settings. If you don't accept them, the browser shows the info every page you visit. If you accept them, it gets only displayed once a month. Regarding the donations in general: I am more than willed to share what is getting donated to the team after the server payment and other stuff like subscriptions have been taken care of - I just can't say how much this is at the end. Sometimes I have to pay more than the donations offer, sometimes I have a budget left at the end of the year. Simply depends on what people are hoping for, but I can be very transparent with this. Maybe I expressed myself a bit unlucky :) I am simply not sure what the reactions mean. Is it a "Good you ask for but I have no time" or is it a "Hint, ask me, I want to help here".
  3. Tormentor667

    Realm667 looking for news authors

    Reactions alone won’t help keeping the page up to date friends :)
  4. Tormentor667

    Realm667 looking for news authors

    Dear community members, the Realm667 is running now for almost 20 years and is trying to not only be the host for my personal projects but also for community resources and as a news source for a long time now. Unfortunately in the past months and years my personal situation changed a bit (family, job, etc.) and I can't focus on maintaining the news page that much anymore as I was able to years ago. Therefore I have only time to write and prepare news once a month but this makes the page not really up to date with all the things happening around. This is the reason why we are looking for some news authors. What do we need? Well, the job is quite simple: If you are an active forum member here, the only thing to do is look for interesting news, releases, changes, additions or community gossip that's worth sharing on a larger centralized portal page and post them as a short news article on the Realm667 with a fitting picture to the right category - for this you will get administration backend access to make all that as comfortable as possible for you. It's as easy as that :) you need no programming knowledge or anything else that is too complicated. When you can write articles with word and have a readable language, you fit :) It's not helluva job, to be honest, but we simply need a few persons who can make sure to share important and worthy news from the communities on a centralized page for a greater audience. If there is interest, let me know, we are looking forward to some support and a growing Realm667 staff to keep everyone informed! Best regards, Dan
  5. Tormentor667

    [Blade of Agony] Road to Wolfenstein | New Shots 08/09/19 | p8

    Thanks kindly, we are doing our best :)
  6. Tormentor667


    This definitely makes me feel a bit sad... I feel like the game is slowly dying somehow with losing another site - especially being a German as well. If you feel like contributing as a part of Realm667 though, you‘d be more than welcome :)
  7. Tormentor667

    The Ultimate Doom II : Doom II levels remade

    Same to me here :)
  8. Tormentor667

    My personal website updated

    That`s what got me into the business 10 years ago - www.dg-media.com / www.danielgimmer.de :)
  9. Tormentor667

    My personal website updated

    A legend‘s new resort ;) Good work, and thanks for reminding me of Geocities... hell was that a terrible hoster. 15 MB of webspace...
  10. Tormentor667

    [Blade of Agony] Road to Wolfenstein | New Shots 08/09/19 | p8

    Some more screenshots from Chapter 3 (Führerbunker "Wolfsschanze" interiors; city of Rastenburg, a Zyklon C testsite; battlefields of Berlin)
  11. Tormentor667

    [Blade of Agony] Road to Wolfenstein | New Shots 08/09/19 | p8

    That’s just the inventory item. If it is activated, you get a clear larger version on the hud :)
  12. Tormentor667

    [Blade of Agony] Road to Wolfenstein | New Shots 08/09/19 | p8

    New Screenshots and some plot information about Chapter 3 (Warning: Spoiler ahead for those who didn't play C1+2) Mission 3 of the third chapter is set at Wolfsschanze, the infamous WWII bunker of Hitler. In Blade of Agony it's not only the scenario to get deep into the heart of the Third Reich but also behind the secrets that are part of the occult background you already discovered in the previous chapters. The power of the staff has been unleashed and tested near the town of Rastenburg - but with a different outcome than expected by the nazi scientists. The third operation on Chapter 3 is heavily inspired by the Resident Evil games and the Chernobyl tv series that has been just broadcasted by HBO. Expect terrific places and a very thrilling mission!
  13. Tormentor667

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    100 points, and yes, it is called Realms of Arkania in non-german countries :) I loved the game, one of the first huge open-world games.
  14. Tormentor667

    [Blade of Agony] Road to Wolfenstein | New Shots 08/09/19 | p8

    Oldschool RPG yes but not the mentioned ones :)