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  1. Skronkidonk

    What is the funniest thing you have read online?

    As a local ricer I find this hilarious and sad Someone in a Chevy Equinox smoked me in my civic, I was laughing because it was fun but also crying inside because I lost to a soccer mom SUV.
  2. Skronkidonk

    Single-level wads for Doom II

    I recommend trying out Grove and Jade Earth! That's all I can think about right now. The rest of the maps that do come to mind are slaughter lol.
  3. Skronkidonk

    What is your favorite underrated Doom YTer?

    @EduardoAndFriends plays all kinds of cool wads and he's a silly billy.
  4. Skronkidonk

    I C H I N I C H I (32-map megawad)

    Made it to map19 so far. I love this wad so much. It's got such a nice classic feel to it, can't help but think Scythe, TNT, and some Plutonia. I love the variety of themes, and the plethora of ideas this wad holds (especially the secret levels!) Also... beware of the peeping head.
  5. Skronkidonk

    [Community Project] VANITY

    I'll take map01 if that's cool :) I really like these themes too! I would love to make more maps for this.
  6. Here's my MAP26 submission. Sorry for the absence of my presence, I've been pretty busy with some things going on, but I didn't forget about this little project! Anyways I replayed this map 3 times and with only looking at it in the editor a hand few of times to understand how the map works, I finished it. Everything should work properly, but if there are any problems that occur let me know. There are difficulty, deathmatch, and multiplayer placement as well. (EDIT - I forgot to mention that it needs to be loaded with Plutonia and is in the Map26 slot, whoops.) PRFMP_26.zip
  7. Skronkidonk

    Best sewer levels?

    Toxic Touch I mean come on, the DN3D music, the dark and creepy atmosphere Really gives the feel of some "Aliens" inhabiting a random sewer under a castle.
  8. Skronkidonk

    TNT or Plutonia?

    Me personally TNT. I love the dark moody atmospheres the techbases have. The maps feel like an actual place and its fun to imagine the uses UAC had with these locations. Also it has new custom midis, which are still frequently used to this day because of how awesome they are. Although I love Ploutonia's challenge aspect and I respect it for pioneering the wads we know and love today. I still choose TNT's adventure and atmosphere over Plutonia.
  9. Skronkidonk

    my first map :)

    The link is restricted and we need access to download the wad. I'm pretty sure you just need to click "Share" and change the general access to "Anyone with the link"
  10. Skronkidonk

    Girly WADs?

    woah this is so cool. Pink doom is awesome
  11. Skronkidonk

    Making/Releasing maps you can't beat

    I personally think you should be able to beat the map without saves before releasing it. If you can't beat it than have someone else beat it for you, besides, it's always good to have feedback from someone playing your map. Whether that's balancing, bugs, softlocks etc.
  12. Skronkidonk

    How did you find out about classic Doom?

    I watched my dad play it when I was a little kid on the Xbox 360 port. It scared the hell out of me, but I decided to give it a shot when my friend was spending the night. We got all the way to episode 2 but quit because the cacodemons terrified us lol.
  13. Skronkidonk

    Favorite 'Hell Revealed' Map?

    Map 22 or Map 24. Hell Revealed is a hit or miss for people. I personally enjoy it. So far I like HR1's combat more than HR2's but I like HR'2s visual style more. I try not to compare it to other wads of its era because its easy to say HR is bad compared to wads like Requiem, MM, the IWADs and later on AV and Scythe. But Hell Revealed was a huge milestone in the Doom mapping community. Truly the introduction to the insane slaughter maps we know and love today. Yes. The HR series is grindy, has questionable map designs, and can look bland at times. But I personally believe it deserves more respect for what it has done. (Unless you hate slaughter maps).
  14. Skronkidonk

    How do I make MIDI music for doom 2?

    What do you need help with?
  15. Skronkidonk

    How do I make MIDI music for doom 2?

    I recommend using Sekaiju. It SEEMS complicated at first, but a YouTube tutorial or two will help you out. Its a free software, and requires no keyboards or anything. EDIT: It's pretty similar to FLStudio if you've ever used that.