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  1. Skronkidonk

    Sudden Death - A Limit Removing Challenge Map!

    Thanks for checking it out Maribo and your kind words! I've never thought about uploading it to Idgames but I think its a good idea so more people can see it. I have been thinking about this map recently and have started to come up with some ideas to change up the final fight.
  2. Skronkidonk


    Here we go! I added some ammo for the archvile and mancubus at the beginning. Also a few cells and rockets for continuous players. SpiderTemple.zip
  3. Skronkidonk

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vigor!

    oh this is cool.
  4. Skronkidonk


    Here is my final map for THEME-GAWAD. I know I'm very... VERY late to uploading this, but I finished it. The Midi @Demonic Meatball made for it is honestly the best part about this map. I honestly wish it would be used on a much cooler map but I'm grateful for Meatball to make one for me. This map isn't that special, but I think the cathedral is pretty cool. I also enjoy this warzone in the middle of the desert. Nothing wrong with the level that I know off. Thank you Ofisil for making this project =) Spidertemple.zip
  5. Skronkidonk

    What Remains | Now on idgames!

    didn't even know this came out this was a really fun project to work on good job squonker team =)
  6. Ayo bro, can I do the .midi on your map for THEME-GAWAD ?

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    2. Demonic Meatball

      Demonic Meatball

      Hey Skronk, Ofisil just said the deadline was extanded to june 30th. That gives you some time to finish your map !

    3. Skronkidonk


      This is perfect.

    4. Demonic Meatball

      Demonic Meatball

      Hi Skronk,


      Did you finish your map for Theme-gawad ? Last week of map submission.


      Also, just checked your map in What Remains. Was good, very cool concept, I like it !

  7. Skronkidonk


    Nearly finished. Hopefully I can finish it and send it over tonight.
  8. Skronkidonk

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    A salty one =)
  9. Skronkidonk

    BlueAge - A brand new megawad ( FINAL UPDATE )

    Once again thank you all for letting me know what's wrong with the maps. It was amazing help since I didn't do much Co-op play testing. Enjoy
  10. Skronkidonk

    The most annoying doom enemy

    Lost Soul They are annoying as hell They make me so mad I have no clue why.
  11. Skronkidonk

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    Go 2 It UVMAX =)
  12. Skronkidonk

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    I tried Not feeling like doing that anymore Nightmare is pretty scary.
  13. Skronkidonk

    Challenge the person above you to play / beat a level

    Easy but fun challenge for you Scrappy Beat Map26 (Fear) from Scythe as fast as you can.
  14. Skronkidonk

    Sudden Death - A Limit Removing Challenge Map!

    This opens up another wall you can shoot, but its gonna be pretty hard to find that. It just opens up a fun little easter egg which can be seen in the automap =) Thank you all for your feedback!
  15. Here's a challenge map I've made in the span of about 2 weeks. I haven't been doing much doom mapping, but if I was doing any it would be on this. This is your classic revenant filled, cyberdemon infested, and archvile littered hell map. The only intent of this map is too kill you and give you a challenge. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that you can only play on UV =) Have fun, and don't rage too much! Here's a few screenshots of the map. SuddenDeath.zip