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  1. 97th Century Fox

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Here are some pictures from the second level of the Wad I showed off earlier (this map is still under construction): Some more screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/MbvaKe4 The blueberry Doomguy continues his rampage through the dream-warped UAC installation! I've been having lots of fun with experimenting with this color palette, as well as experimenting with some unusual ceiling decorations. I am not sure how many maps the wad is going to have, but I am planning on creating a thread for it once I am done with MAP03.
  2. 97th Century Fox

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    I've gotten bored with the usual Doom/OTEX aesthetic so I casually hue shifted the entire color palette. Here is the result: P.S. Due to the hue shift, textures which are supposed to be red are now blue, which means that every single flesh and blood texture is a nice shade of blue. Also, you guys aren't ready for doomguy's mugshot.
  3. 97th Century Fox

    A Science-Fiction Project (art & introduction)

    Thank you!
  4. 97th Century Fox

    A Science-Fiction Project (art & introduction)

    Alright, I've decided to sort the description of the project a bit! I've edited and added more information. I've also created separate categories for older and newer art, as the older stuff has some obsolescent depictions. As I mentioned earlier, I have begun to use watercolors!
  5. 97th Century Fox

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Some pics from a WIP wad.
  6. 97th Century Fox

    A Science-Fiction Project (art & introduction)

    Thank you both!
  7. 97th Century Fox

    A Science-Fiction Project (art & introduction)

    A new drawing! This little project of mine has developed in interesting ways! I am currently doing exams so development has slowed down. However, I plan on getting back into drawing soon, with the addition of a new medium - watercolors. As for the world and story itself, I have begun to actually put the plot on paper! So far I have written three chapters. As with art, I plan to be more active with this when I am done with my exams.
  8. 97th Century Fox

    Good Doom walking sims?

    You should give The Given a try!
  9. 97th Century Fox

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Ultraviolet Ultraviolence
  10. I've just played through the 4 levels available! I've had a great time playing this! My favorite maps are map01 and map04, with my favorite moment being the spooky fight at the very end of the latter map. The aesthetic is great all around, with map01 being the best looking in my opinion, followed closely by maps 02 and 04. The gameplay is a blast, with UV being just spicy enough to be fun without getting too annoying. I am also impressed with all the technical stuff, with my favorite showcase being the blue key area in map02! This is a great wad overall, and I am excited to see where it goes from here!
  11. 97th Century Fox

    A Science-Fiction Project (art & introduction)

    Thank you for the feedback! I will keep your points in mind!
  12. 97th Century Fox

    A Science-Fiction Project (art & introduction)

    Many Crimson Poets have sympathy for their former masters, seeing their fall as a necessary evil. The Poet depicted here is one such individual (on the right). They are burning a special mixture of resins and levees which is believed to soothe the Tower Smiths (on the left). While no one is sure if the Tower Smiths are still sentient, many still see them as being worthy of care.
  13. RAPTURE Rapture is a writing and worldbuilding project of mine, which is focused on supernatural and futuristic themes, with sprinkles of theology here and there! The story is set hundreds of millennia in the future. The Earth in this distant future has been rendered completely alien. Strange exotic matter has woven itself into every fiber of the world, influencing nature in many ways. It can give certain creature the ability to float, while other beings can have the ability to transport matter through self-made wormholes. Many more strange abilities exist, all of which are made possible with various forms of exotic matter. Not all lifeforms have equal amounts of exotic matter within their biochemistries however. Those with less tend to resemble the various creatures of our time, while those with more come in forms that make their very classification as a lifeform questionable. All of this was made possible by a series of strange events, which began on a certain day, when humanity caused all life, including itself, to fuse into a single, metaphysical biomass, known as a Psi Point, or a false Omega Point. The means by which this was achieved, and the motive that drove the creation of the Psi Point remain unknown. After the creation of the Psi Point, the Earth was left behind as a barren wasteland, with the biomass acting as its new satellite. On this wasteland resided a group of twelve androids, constructed in order to carry out a specific objective: to convert all remaining organic matter into life, which was meant to be integrated into the biomass. The androids had a strange appearance: their bodies were humanoid, however their skin was grey and their hair was white, while their eyes had a golden color. They also had no signs of any sexual features - they carried an androgynous appearance. After many centuries, a rebellion among the androids led to the Psi Point’s destabilization and eventual disintegration. As the biomass disintegrated, organic matter, enriched with strange exotic mater fell back onto the Earth, which laid the foundation of a strange, new ecosystem. The androids would remain absent from this new world for a long time, hiding away in a state of mass dormancy. In recent years however, they have begun to go out into the world. The ramifications of their reappearance will be the central theme of the story. Newer Art: Older Art: Over time, many sentient species began spreading over the world, creating an incredibly diverse set of civilizations and cultures . . . The Sentient Species: The Crimson Poets [also known as The Windsingers] are a species which has adapted to an ecological niche similar to ants. Their societies are built like anthills, with one individual giving birth to an entire community. These hermaphroditic individuals are known as the Composers. Their genderless offspring are known as Lyricists. Their societies have spread across Eastern Europe and parts of Central Asia. They are known to be a peaceful species, however, strife still exists among them. The largest divide is the attitude towards their liberation from the slavery of the Tower Smiths, which were turned into sessile beings after the Poets used a powerful artifact against them. Some celebrate this event, while others see it as a necessary evil. Their bodies are interesting, as they don't have any legs due to the fact that they can freely float in mid air. They are able to do this thanks to the sizable concentration of exotic matter within their bodies. They have four intricate arms, which they can use to manipulate the things around them with great dexterity. They use a rib-shaped organ on their heads to communicate through the medium of music, which is the basis for the name of their species. A pair of antennae on their shoulders allow them to see and receive various electromagnetic signals. The Tower Smiths are all sessile, yet they weren't always in such a state. They were the first post Psi Point species to build a civilization. After being driven from their native habitat in North America by a massive volcanic eruption, they settled in Europe. They used the native Crimson Poets as slaves. It is widely believed that the Crimson Poets received their current form due to being genetically altered by the Tower Smiths. Some even believe that they attained sentience that way. Eventually, the Poets rebelled, and using a machine based on exotic mater created by their masters, turned the entire species of the Tower Smiths into sessile beings. This would turn their entire species into sessile animals. This event marked the end of their civilization, and a new beginning for the Crimson Poets. In both their current and former states, the Tower Smiths had the appearance of dark, tall monoliths, with a variety of tendrils extending from the bottom. The difference lies in the fact that they are now tied to the ground, while they were able to float freely in the past. The Steppe Striders are unique among the sapient species, as they aren't born sapient. At birth, they are nothing more than animals with the intelligence of a dog. However, they acquire sentience with the help of cybernetic augmentation. When they reach adulthood, their minds are expanded using psionic augmentation, while they are given a humanoid face and a set of manipulative limbs. Paired with their tripodal forms, this gives them an appearance many consider uncanny. They are known to be a proud and honorable people, although their pride has frequently put them at the wrong side of history. They call the Middle East, Anatolia and North Africa their homes. Many believe that they were cybernetically uplifted by the Tower Smiths. This gives them a sense of admiration towards the Smiths, which has put them in frequent conflict with the Crimson Poets. In their unaugment state, they are relatively unassuming in their appearance. They have six legs, a long tail and a long neck. Instead of carrying a head, their neck separates into three smaller neck, each carrying specialized sensory and cerebral nodes. The Reef Lancers live an amphibious lifestyle, with their bodies adapted to living both underwater and on land. They are notable for their large shells, which offer protection as well as a space for storing air while underwater. Inside this shell lie their faces: screen like organs, which create expressions using changing colors and abstract patters. Their amphibious nature has given them dominance over the Mediterranean sea, both militarily and economically. For a long time, they had to wrestle with the fact that their lives were incredibly short, with the average lifespan being 40 years. However, this barrier was eventually surpassed with technological advancements. However, the culture this creates remains. The Lancers believe in living life to the fullest, which usually included thrill seeking and pleasure. Their definition of entertainment frequently puts them at odds with their neighboring species, as it is seen as obscene and vulgar. However, there are many Lancers who find pleasure in other things, like academic and spiritual pursuits. Many more creatures exist in this strange new world. A defining pattern in all of them is the fact that they get progressively more alien to the conventional definitions of a lifeform as the amount of exotic matter within them increases.
  14. 97th Century Fox

    False Paradise V1.1 - A single map project

    Thank you! I think it is a newer update of Supercharge. The grenadiers are really fun to play around with!