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  1. yuri_kalashnikov

    Is anybody else seriously disappointed with Eternal?

    People debating if they like or if they dislike 'thing' is something natural and to be expected in a forum about 'thing'.
  2. yuri_kalashnikov

    Is anybody else seriously disappointed with Eternal?

    Eventhough I loved doom2016 I admit you have an important point here, the map design was IMO what made classic doom games masterpieces, and I missed that in D2016, where instead of good maps we had basically interconected arenas.
  3. yuri_kalashnikov

    This does not feel like a Doom game

    What feels like a doom game is very debatable, because D2016 was actually quite different to classic doom games, for me the only game similar in gameplay style to the classic doom and doom2 is serious sam. But I agree there has been major changes on how the game feels compared to the 2016 version. In 2016 the combat was a run+aim+shoot basically, with some glory kills and chainsaw; now the run+aim+shoot is only half of the combat, the other half is chainsaw+flamethrower+bloodpunch+platforming+ice grenade+glory kills. Actually I feel this new gamestyle repetitive and boring and I'm quite disappointed with it.
  4. yuri_kalashnikov

    Is anybody else seriously disappointed with Eternal?

    I'm quite disappointed also. I can't say it is a bad game, but gameplay has changed a lot and I don't like it. I have to say there are some things that I liked a lot compared to doom(2016): the less dark, colorful and B-movie style design; and the fact that with that design you can see more clearly where the enemies are in the arena and not get lost into it; more variety of scenarios; and the music is as good or even better than in 2016. The problem is that now the aiming and shooting is only 50% of the fight, the other 50% is chainsaw, blood punch, flamethrower, glory kill, ice grenade etc. They are not optional mechanics, they are necessary to beat the game (i.e: the ammo shortage is a constant) and I came here to run, aim and shoot. And the weaknesses of enemies... it's almost impossible to kill a cacodemon if it is not putting a bomb in its mouth, like other mechanics in the game, what could have been an interesting extra is just a repetitive thing you are forced to do again and again and again. Just to point how different the gameplay feels, on Thursday I finished Doom(2016) on nightmare difficulty, today I'm struggling and dying A LOT in the second mission of Doom eternal in ultraviolence. The constant appearance of collectibles, challenges, cutscenes, tutorials etc. have been also a -minor- turn off for me. It's better? It's worst? It is quite subjective, it's a high quality game in a lot of aspects, but the gameplay is very different to D2016, and some of us are not happy with it. Maybe if I get used to the new mechanics I find the game more fun to play, but I'm not the kind of person who sees 3 seasons of a TV show he doesn't like to see if it gets interesting on the fourth season, and I'm not in the mood to give doom eternal much more opportunities.