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  1. notTyrone

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    So, uh...Map 32 (RC4). All of the enemies in the final arena seem to alert upon firing a shot at the start of the map. Running on the latest version of DSDA on ITYTD difficulty. Having played it already on RC1, I am quite shook.
  2. notTyrone

    Pina Colada - Now on idgames!

    Oh snap! It's out! Well done, everyone!
  3. notTyrone

    NewCity. A walking sim.

    Thank you! It's quite a fun aesthetic to work with.
  4. Map: https://www.mediafire.com/file/86hau1k5iuc8hq6/NewCityV1.zip/file Screenshots: Welcome to my "Cyberpunk inspired" city! A selection of unique building are ready for exploration. This map was created over many hours starting as early as November 2022. There is no combat in this map. I have included an exit. Walking sim/sandbox style map. Map uses only Doom 2 resources. Tested up to GZdoom4.8.2 Takes full advantage of sector coloring, texture scaling/brightness, and dynamic lighting (preferred light setting is "doom") Using a Duke 3D midi for now. Enjoy!
  5. Map Name: Disciple Square Author: Myself Music: Serpentine Pillars - Mikolah (from the midi pack posted with the resources above) Format: Heretic (Doom format) Build Time: 8 hours Co-op Starts: Yes Difficulty Settings: Yes Comments: A noise awakens you from your slumber. You notice a "human like" figure trying to leave your humble abode... Screenshots: This antique forum only lets me post one screenshot KEKW Disciple_SquareV1.zip
  6. notTyrone

    I make Quake maps now.

    Nice! Can't wait for "Doomless", the next chapter in your "-less" series!
  7. notTyrone

    PUSS XXV: Lunacy (Dev Thread)

    Map Name: Outpost Brie Author: Me Music: "Watching You" - Jimmy (e5m7-Sigil) Format: Boom Build Time: 3 sweaty, non-consecutive hours Co-Op Starts: Yes Difficulty Settings: Roughly Comments: The enemy escape rocket must be destroyed. Shouldn't be hard. Screenshots: No, apparently (too big, even though I've posted screenshots of other things with no issue before using the exact same tools and resources) Outpost BrieV1.zip
  8. notTyrone

    PUSS XXIV: Lover’s Quarrel

    Map Name: Right in Two Author: Me Music: Something from a Mario game, might be called forest maze? Sky preference: Surprise me Format: Doom 2 (Doom format) Difficulty Settings: Yes Build Time: 6 hours Comments: Love can be a dangerous thing. Won't let me post screenshots? RightInTwo_PUSSXXIV_V2.zip
  9. Highly enjoyed working with the AA recourses for BluePineapple's Mapping at Warpspeed project...count me in @dac
  10. notTyrone

    BwB2 - The Prelude

    Good day! I have been slowly working on a small gzdoom mapset since the summer of 2021. It's "close" to "finished". This map is meant to be the opening map. I may add/remove a few more things before the full release. There is no combat or typical level progression (there is a marked exit). I intended it to be more of an "exploration" map, since most of the mapset will be like that. - The map does not contain custom assets (Doom 2 only) - GZdoom required (built with 4.6.1, runs on latest version) - The map uses dynamic lights, 3D floors, slopes, portals, sector coloring, etc. (as long as you are in hardware accelerated with dyn lights/shadowmaps on it won't look odd) - Currently the midi used is "Vitamin B6" by Lee Jackson (Ultimate Midi Pack, E4M4) BwB2v1.zip
  11. Good to see this finally hitting the shelves. Well done, everyone
  12. notTyrone

    PUSS XX: Hell Yeah (Event Thread)

    Map Name: Totally Easy Author: Me Music: "Time to be on Fire" - James Paddock (30in30-4) Sky: transfers Format: Boom (Doom2) Difficulty Settings: No Gimmicks Used: Remake of an iD level, Beach map, there's a boat. Build Time: 1 hour Comments: Your vessel has run aground. You hope the island's inhabitants are nice enough to prepare you a nice cold Piña colada. Screenshots: TotallyEasyV1PUSSXX.zip
  13. Map Name: Ruins of Bitrate Author: Me Music: Long Night - Stewboy Sky: Roughly Format: UDMF Difficulty Settings: ITYTD is, by default, easier? Build start and finish time and dates: Sunday, 15th of May, 2pm - Saturday, 21st of May, 8:30am List of Attempted Mapping Achievements: Comments: This place has all the reading of ancient ruins, but it seems the fabric which holds this part of the universe together is...well... Screenshots: Ruins of BitrateV1.zip
  14. notTyrone

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Yes, the first shot is loosely based on exactly what you think it's based on.