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  1. Great project. Could I just suggest adding a text file in which you specify which track is meant for which level? Folks that play each level as an individual WAD, myself included, would really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for enlightening me Andromeda. And, as for the sound, it behaves the same with mods such as perkristian's high resolution Doom sound effects pack. I just thought that there would be a way to play the sounds in full length and such, as in Crispy Doom, for example.
  3. I'm somewhat new to PrBoom, which I've recently started to focus on, being more familiar with Chocolate or Crispy. Therefore, I have three more noob-like questions: What is cndoom's mouse movement option exactly? How do I enable the advanced hud with all it's features, as seen in the screenshot above as, when I cycle between screen sizes it only shows the minimalist hud? And I'm having issues with the sound, mainly it getting cut off and not playing in full length. For example, killing a shotgunner and immediately picking up an object, such as his shotgun, will nullify the player's firing sound. I've tried to change the sound channels and midi emulation options, to no avail. I know this is a lot but, if anyone in this thread has some pointers to give, I'd really appreciate it.
  4. I see. Thanks for the speedy reply. This thread's been really helpful.
  5. Do any of you folks know where I can get the most recent version of GLBoom plus? I can only seem to find PrBoom, and not the gl version.
  6. Besides my previous post, which was more of a question as to it's feasibility, I also suggest adding SINERGY, which i don't think is included yet:
  7. @Doomkid´╗┐: Would it be possible to integrate this in such a way as to make it vanilla compatible: UDEP4FIX_5-3-2018.ZIP? I got it from here: I think it's cool to have correct par-times and a title pic for Thy Flesh Consumed but, unfortunately, I only got it to work with Z based ports, for now.
  8. Adamast0r

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    Greetings, @Austinado. I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to take me off the playtesters list. My new job takes much more of my time away, so I'm not able to dedicate myself to gaming in the same way. Thanks in advance.
  9. This just keeps getting better and better. Since you included Sigil, it might be cool to add Tech Gone Bad, Phobos Mission Control, and the pc versions of both Sewers, as well as Betray.
  10. Adamast0r

    Hell's Farthest Shore - The Command Center - UPDATED

    I was just starting to replay the new version and I'm having an issue with the map's music. Instead of Moaning Souls it's playing I Sawed the Demons. I find it weird, as the first time I played the map (the first version of it) the track played correctly. I also took this screen of the voodoo problem, right on the start of the level: doom02.rar The source port I'm using, as in my first run, is GLBoom +.
  11. Adamast0r

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    Plus one for Time Tripper.
  12. Adamast0r

    Hell's Farthest Shore - The Command Center - UPDATED

    Greetings, my liege. Just beat your map on GLBoom, complevel 11, with 100% kills, having missed a handful of items and many secrets, including the Red Skull Key, which I'll get back to. I'm a fan of shore of hell type levels, and your take on that concept and it's theme is great. The aesthetic, dimension, and overall architecture of this map is definitely it's strongest point, in my opinion. - The first thing I want to point out is the place where the player first gets the Rocket Launcher. As in Biodegradable's video, I had to noclip through that structure to fight my first Baron and progress through the level. I really couldn't figure out how to progress in any other way. I'm sure this was an oversight on my part, but it's the only real negative issue I have to point out; - The level is huge, and progress in it is more about the journey than the average Doom level, which isn't a bad thing at all and, although convuloted, I didn't get lost in it, and I think the abundance of landmarks and unlockable paths contribute to this; - Combat is entertaining and challengiong, albeit manageable, in UV, especially for a Shores of Hell replacement, although those ambushes with lots of Imps and some hitscanners are very well executed, the arena format contributing to it. The crown jewel is definitely the final arena with the Rocket Launcher and that massive horde surrounding you. Top-notch combat with that monster roster; - Moaning Souls is great, and it complements the map well; - As you yourself pointed out, some of the areas in the map, mostly the far-off ones in the more open, brownish areas, do feel somewhat "bare-bones" due to it's simple design and lack of mosnters and items, although that's only natural given the scope of the map. You could think about trimming those edges, even if it meant cutting some of it's lenght though; - The areas where the player acquires the keys are very interesting, mostly the Yellow one, but the places where the skulls are awesome, working as a kind of hub in-level, and being a hellish trip at the same time. Awesome; - Finally, you could consider spreading some enemies through the less arena-like paths, and bringing in more Barons, perhaps. Also, although that last arena battle was awesome, the moment you flip the switch near the non-secret exit in the open space could do with a Cybie showing up, or something of the sort, although I assume you didn't go with that to save that boss-type to a later level, if you do make a whole episode; I hope this is useful and, if you do make an episode out of this, it'll be incredible. It was a great level, and I'd recommend it to anyone whose tastes encompass an epic, harsh, journey through a corrupted land.
  13. Adamast0r

    1995 called. They want their Doom levels back.

    I've just recently began playtesting WADs, and I'd be more than happy to do so for URE2020. Another good way would be to contact the folks on this pinned thread: And the Wadazine's Discord server might be a good place to share it as well: https://discord.gg/Q2RKn4J
  14. Adamast0r

    "New year, new URE" - URE2021 is picking up speed!

    Another URE episode, Zylinderkatze? Awesome. Looking forward to it.
  15. Does anyone know if it's possible to get this soundfont to work with the EDuke32 source port?