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  1. Mr. Kong


    Awesome guys. Top-notch work here. I'll have to replay TNT now.
  2. Mr. Kong

    Cacowards 2021 Mentionation Thread

    +1 for Doom 32x - Delta by @Roebloz.
  3. Mr. Kong

    [PLUTONIA DEMO] Doom 32x: Delta

    I'll definitely check it out, Wavy. Thanks.
  4. Mr. Kong

    [PLUTONIA DEMO] Doom 32x: Delta

    I just found out about this and wanted to say it's really awesome. I've started trying it out on Kega Fusion 3.64 as, unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it working with RetroArch's 32X core, and it works great. Just wanted to ask, by the way, if anyone's got some recommendations for good controllers to use for it, when playing on an emulator? Anyway, amazing work. I'll definitely recommend it for a Cacoward.
  5. Mr. Kong

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    This is somewhat similar to that thread over at duke4.net of interviews with Apogee/ 3DR people created, precisely, by our friendly neighbourhood MrFlibble himself.
  6. Just changed my username and found ou I'll have to wait a whole year before changing back to my previous one.


    Now that was pretty dumb on my part.

  7. Mr. Kong

    Popularity of Pistol Starts

    I wholeheartedly agree with you guys. That's one of the reasons why I find Doom's episodic structure much more appealing.
  8. Mr. Kong

    What Are We Drinking?

    Today, we're drinking this: I've heard good things about this one. À nossa!
  9. Mr. Kong

    Pepsi Slayer

    Awesome. It has a Pepsi fallen god and everything.
  10. Mr. Kong

    Best. Spam. Ever

    Damn Murdoch, that sounds neat. I still haven't been contacted by the Illuminati Empire.
  11. Mr. Kong

    Popularity of Pistol Starts

    I myself only started pistol starting somewhat recently. I've been playing for some time but, as I didn't really use to be surfing the web much, and didn't even know about this forum, I played the "default" way, which would be continuous, for me. Once I finally registered here and began to be more involved with this awesome community I discovered new things about the game, one of them being pistol starts, which I began to pick up on Doom related videos. This was mostly due to speedrunners so, pistol starting popularity isn't exactly ipso facto. These are all just opinions, and you know what they say about opinions. What's important for me, and I can't stress this enough, is that everyone can enjoy the game, that there's room for all tastes, shapes and sizes, and that elitism and egotism don't clash with the overall enjoyment of experiencing the game.
  12. Mr. Kong

    Popularity of Pistol Starts

    I also agree with roadworx here. Each of the maps on the IWADs were made to, not necessarily cater, but at least support pistol starts. That's why many of the PWADs that followed them continued on that path. But at some point, those becaming branching paths, so to speak. At least it seems to me like the division between them grew.
  13. Mr. Kong

    Popularity of Pistol Starts

    Maybe slightly, but pistol starting was quite popular for a long time before he was around. That was one of my points. There's no denying his influence as, at least from what I gather, as I don't watch his channel that much, he's possibly the most well-known, or at least popular, Doom player these days. That being said, of course many of us were defenders of that type of gameplay logic before that.
  14. Mr. Kong

    Popularity of Pistol Starts

    I get it. It's like a playthrough tabula rasa. As I mentioned before it can, in my opinion, have that effect of making you appreciate each map as it's own micro-cosmos.
  15. Mr. Kong

    Popularity of Pistol Starts

    Exactly. Not that there's nothing wrong with that.