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  1. There is a simple reason for this: Quake embraces a weathered aesthetic with rust everywhere. And rust is brown. Though as you say, there are other prominent colors as well, and they even are quite unusual: that purple gloomy sky for instance. The main reason why Quake seems so brown is that the HUD and menues are rusted as well and therefore brown.
  2. This looks like it was ripped from some Warhammer 40k artwork or something similar...
  3. Yes, like Doommarine maxi said. And you can look up the level names in pak000.pk4 in the maps/game folder.
  4. DOOM: Return of the Sentinels (yes lame, but it already was lame to call the new game just DOOM) Btw, I don't remeber a cliffhanger at the end of the game? I just remember Doomguy shooting demons in stop-and-go slomo with credits.
  5. Don't forget the ancient Martian temples! With these three main themes, human base, ancient Martian, and hell, Doom 3 has greater diversity than many FPS games now and then. And the outdoor sections aren' t exactly "outer space", Mars has an atmosphere.
  6. I practically skipped all the military shooters, so no.
  7. Doom 3: Worlds on Fire wasn't bad, it was pretty coherent with the game's style and an interesting enough story. Though it didn't leave a lasting impression on me, I barely remember details. The first Doom 1 novel with Flynn Taggert and Arlene Sanders on the other hand was kind of silly and crazy, but more memorable for me.
  8. You haven't played really bad games if Doom 64 is the worst game you ever played...
  9. It all was just a dream...
  10. Which game is that?
  11. The .dds files are only used in the lower quality settings. Just use .tga files for your custom textures and you are fine. For a regular texture in Doom 3 you need a material file (text file renamed to .mtr) and 3 textures: diffuse map, normal map and specular map.
  12. Hhmmm, the Wikipedia article says that Zhong Kui was banned to hell because he commited suicide and that he then became "king of ghosts in Hell." So it would maybe fit.
  13. Thanks! But it's far from beeing finished, I mainly use it to test some new textures.
  14. That's actually a cool idea. Red, do you also know about that other spirit you can see in the panel over the door? It looks like an oni, but probably it's again a helpful spirit to scare away evil demons. As you can see I try to recreate the green marble look of orignal Doom's hell.
  15. Thank you very much! That answered all my questions. I was thinking about putting him as a custom texture in a Doom 3 hell level, but since he's a helpful spirit, it probably wouldn't fit.