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  1. The .dds files are only used in the lower quality settings. Just use .tga files for your custom textures and you are fine. For a regular texture in Doom 3 you need a material file (text file renamed to .mtr) and 3 textures: diffuse map, normal map and specular map.
  2. Hhmmm, the Wikipedia article says that Zhong Kui was banned to hell because he commited suicide and that he then became "king of ghosts in Hell." So it would maybe fit.
  3. Thanks! But it's far from beeing finished, I mainly use it to test some new textures.
  4. That's actually a cool idea. Red, do you also know about that other spirit you can see in the panel over the door? It looks like an oni, but probably it's again a helpful spirit to scare away evil demons. As you can see I try to recreate the green marble look of orignal Doom's hell.
  5. Thank you very much! That answered all my questions. I was thinking about putting him as a custom texture in a Doom 3 hell level, but since he's a helpful spirit, it probably wouldn't fit.
  6. IMO "necrobumping" is often better than creating a new thread about exactly the same topic.
  7. Is anyone versed in Chinese or generally East Asian folklore and mythology? I found this image and I am wondering what it is: Is it a nature spirit? A demon or a god? Is it good, evil, or neutral?
  8. So... will there be nurse zombies?
  9. Looks like a MRI scanner... creepy space hospital level ahead :)
  10. System Shock: Hell Edition sounds like an awesome game for me. Other games I would enjoy: Deus Ex: Blade Runner Dungeon Siege: Masters of the Universe Painkiller: Lord of Destruction Quake: Mountains of Madness Black Mesa: Call of Pripyat
  11. Don't you use commas in Portuguese?
  12. Just faster gameplay, better weapon sounds and slightly more colourful monster skins. All in all it's a great game. And reloading adds to the tension, why remove it?
  13. The Tyrant's Abyss by MistAche:
  14. A better Hexen (let's say, a modern day Hexen III) in my view would: - continue the dark fantasy setting and non-linear hub based level design, - ditch the player classes, - introduce several player stats and experience points to upgrade your character - introduce two skill trees for magic and weapon upgrading.
  15. My name is taken from a sketch where Alexander Tetzlaff is some sort of auxiliary educator who gives a boy a new haircut after he was reprimanded by a very strict governess. He first seems ominous but turns out friendly in the end. Edit: Oh the question was WHY I chose that name. Because I found it fitting for the grotesque, dark but humorous world of Quake III Arena. It is my original Quake III player name.