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  1. Tetzlaff

    Ballista vs Gauss Cannon

    Gauss Cannon is an instant-hit weapon, Ballista not. edit: or maybe not, I' m not sure after re-watching the video. Maybe it's just the Gauss Cannon with a new look.
  2. Tetzlaff

    Hell Knights have eyes

    I hate this change. Now they made the only creepy monster cartoonish as well.
  3. All of the Doom 3 demons plus monsters similar to: - Slayer (The Suffering) - Demoness (Agony) - Verge Zagan (Chaos Legion)
  4. Tetzlaff

    Enemies you don't want to return

    I liked all Doom 2016 monsters from a gameplay perspective, but I generally prefer the visual design of the Doom 3 demons.
  5. Tetzlaff

    Wallpaper-sized concept art

    Anyone played Darksiders? Reminds me a bit of this, once-human metropolis turned into a hellish wasteland.
  6. Tetzlaff

    What kind of campaign style are you hoping for?

    I liked Quake II's campaign style best: non-linear hub-style units joined together in a linear fashion.
  7. Tetzlaff

    Quake champions FREE Weekend.

    I really enjoy it so far, feels exactly like Quake III Arena, but with up to date visuals and all kinds of extras.
  8. Tetzlaff

    Spooky Giant Worms

    Doom 3 Maggot: lower tier humanoid monster with normal size and melee attacks. That thing in the video: gigantic stationary thing that wiggles around and looks as if it can kill you with a single hit if you get too close. That would be so new that you don't recognise it at all.
  9. Tetzlaff

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    Since you asked what improvements we expect, not what improvements we wish: I don't expect substancial improvements. Since Doom 2016 was exactly what the majority of players probably wanted, I guess id Software will just repeat the design and maybe add a few extras here and there.
  10. Tetzlaff

    Agony game - hell vision.

    If the gameplay isn't exactly bad, I would also play it for the atmosphere and the game's vision of hell. Meanwhile I read some other reviews that didn't sound all that bad.
  11. Tetzlaff

    Agony game - hell vision.

    I head high hopes for this game, but the reviews so far are pretty disappointing. Seems unfinished and buggy.
  12. Tetzlaff

    What is the worst movie/movies you have ever seen?

    The Fantastic Four movie from 2005. I usually try to avoid bad movies, so there surely are much worse movies. But this one stuck with me as a waste of time.
  13. Tetzlaff

    Doctor Who marathon

    I watched some Dr Who episodes here and there but I still don't really understand it. Is the Doctor a spiritual being that incarnates in several humanoid forms? But each Doctor seems to have quite a different character. Or is it that the Doctor is like a spirit who is "possessing" different humans, and then the current Doctor's character is like a mix of the "hosts" character and the spiritual being?
  14. Tetzlaff

    How do you think a modern Hexen/Heretic remake would go?

    A new Hexen would be cool if it would be an FPS combined with some RPG elements. Definitely not a Third-Person game, there are already good dark fantasy Third-Person games. There is Ziggurat, which is kind of inspired by Heretic, but it is Arcade-like and a bit cartoony.