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  1. The UAC in Doom 3 is not the evil and crazy UAC of Doom 2016. Swann and Elizabeth McNeil aren't villains. They wouldn't send troops to kill the one marine who freed their Mars installations from hellspawn.
  2. Uwe Boll also didn't like it.
  3. [WIP] The UAC Awards

    I don't really understand this. Is this an award given by only you? For levels of 2004 and 2005?
  4. What if the hell invasion was in a Strogg Base?

    Strogg would win against the demons, because they have more advanced weaponry. Humans could win against both when they are smart enough and adapt.
  5. Best pre-2000 game mods of all time?

    Threewave Capture the Flag for Quake II http://www.moddb.com/mods/threewave-ctf-ii I don't know if there are any active servers and players, but it's one of the best MP mods I remember.
  6. What should Doom 5?'s Final Boss be?

    That's why I suggested a number of high-ranking hell lords. I agree. Hayden is unscrupulous, but he isn't into the occult.
  7. I could also imagine the UAC locked him away for some time in a mental asylum. The official story would be that he suffered from teleportation-induced psychosis.
  8. What should Doom 5?'s Final Boss be?

    What about Mammon, Asmodeus, Leviathan, Beel-Zebub, Belphegor?
  9. Trying to understand the logic of Doom 3's level design

    Is the Doomguy really hearing the conversation, or is he just watching through the window while you, the player, receives this from an omniscient narrator?
  10. Doom 3: Phobos

    I always liked browsing through PDA mails in a silent moment. It added some interesting background info about the people living on the Mars base. Why remove something that is completely optional? When you don't like reading PDAs, you can simply ignore them. If you don't hide door codes or the like in them, of course (but you don't have to do that).
  11. What map you would like to play in OpenCoop?

    Lost facility by BJA Hellgate by Sebastian Peters ...what about Tested?
  12. Why does Doom 3 have so little height variation?

    Honestly I only remember Ravenholm as a level that stood out from all those abandoned Eastern European city settings in HL2.
  13. Doom 3 perfected doom mod

    A more user friendly way to do this is to create your own mod pk4 file with your edited files all sitting in the right directories. When it is named alphabetically higher than the Perfected Doom data pk4 file, the game will use your mod pk4 on top.
  14. Why does Doom 3 have so little height variation?

    You don't need big spaces to create interesting vertical combat. You just need interconnected rooms with ledges, catwalks, balconies, bridges, platforms and the like. Something like this: It's a Quake 3 map, but the same could be done in Doom 3 without any problems.
  15. Should I get the Doom 3: BFG Edition?

    I bought it for PC when it was cheap, mainly to play The Lost Mission.