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  1. Tetzlaff

    On the Doom 3 soundtrack

    You know that mysterious sounding, mellow ambient clip (including some reverberant melody bits) that plays in the main lobby of Mars City in the beginning of the game? I once found a full 3:44 ambient track where this clip was exctracted of, called "Xenos S-X4-7". I don't remember where I found it, but you can listen to it here: Renegade 40k on ModDb And here is a Doom 3 tribute "retrowave" song, Worldeater:
  2. Tetzlaff

    Do you know some obscure 1990's PC games?

    Yes, enjoyed it as well. Similar atmosphere as in Quake 2, I really like that style. Never finished Abuse though.
  3. Tetzlaff

    Favorite misused/ underused textures

    An image of said texture would make this thread more illustrative.
  4. Is your pfp from Blue Öyster Cult? It looks like that.

    1. Tetzlaff


      Yes, it's the Blue Öyster Cult logo, combined with sun and moon. Also sometimes called the cross of questioning.

  5. Tetzlaff

    Weirdest Ads You've Ever Seen?

    Ads often seem weird to me because I tend to overthink them. I see this as a visual clue for that and this as a reference for that, and then my wife explains me it was just a simple, one-dimensional joke.
  6. Tetzlaff

    On the Doom 3 soundtrack

    Here are some covers/remixes of the Doom 3 title track.
  7. Tetzlaff

    Immersive Armaments for Doom 3

    Looks like some subtle, well-thought-out tweaks and improvements. Some of your changes I did in a similar vein in personal mods, but without those sophisticated extras you realised. The ironsight functionality seems interesting, might work great with Doom 3's slower paced combat. Unfortunately I can't check your mod out at the moment becuase I'm currently stuck with my work notebook, no Doom 3 installed... Don't let stupid Youtube comments disencourage you, you always release quality stuff!
  8. Tetzlaff

    Obscure shooters thread

    They become avatars for the four elements. I think it's a cool story, at least more creative than playing another generic soldier or mercenary.
  9. Tetzlaff

    Obscure shooters thread

    Why infamous? Kiss Psycho Circus is a really fun FPS with unique setting and weapons. One of the last oldschool FPS in a time where most other games tried to imitate Half-Life.
  10. Tetzlaff

    Obscure shooters thread

    Watching the video leaves me confused: You pick up multiple blue keycards, every other room is containing another one? Are the levels full of blue doors, or do you need to pick up like 5 keycards before you can open a blue door?
  11. Tetzlaff

    Rare unused monster in Doom 3 files.

    Yeah, the Lost Mission artwork. Jaxxoon already noticed this on page 2 (in 2016)... ;)
  12. Tetzlaff

    Quake II Remastered

    The warehouse unit is crate.
  13. Tetzlaff

    dude, doom 3 classic! (Doom 3 mod thread initiated)

    You're welcome! Tested is another good one with around 30 levels and hard but fun gameplay. Some levels look a bit rough and simple, others quite moody and interesting.
  14. Tetzlaff

    Quake2 secret

    It‘s actually a Tank with two Iron Maidens. The Makron is and remains dead at this point.
  15. Tetzlaff

    dude, doom 3 classic! (Doom 3 mod thread initiated)

    Pinnacle of Doom 3 mods? That's Doom 3: Phobos by Team Future in my opinion. Classic Doom 3 is a mixed bag, some levels are good, some very amateurish and ugly. The new playermodel looks clumsy. Overall I don't really like that it throws the more slow and methodical combat of Doom 3 overboard just to mimic the original game. Feels weird IMO. Some more good mods/mapsets: In Hell by Doomi Fragging Free For more map recommendations look here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/104492-recommended-single-player-mapscampaigns/