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  1. Urgh, that's really really bad. That Callejeros song IMO isn't that bad, a bit boring maybe but not terrible. Thanks for the explanations about the present day South American music industry, that's interesting and I really don't know anything about it. Personally I like Latin American music genres from the 1950/1960s, like Bossa nova. Some of the present day stuff seems to have a similar groove, but a different, somehow cheaper style.
  2. A question to the Latin American guys in this thread: Is it that you generally don't like Latin American music styles? Because it's what the older people in your country normally listen to?
  3. Tetzlaff

    Cancelled Doom 3 mods?

    Escape from Enemy Mountain is another cancelled mod that has still it's own website: https://enemymountain.weebly.com/ ModDB page: https://www.moddb.com/mods/escape-from-enemy-mountain There was a demo level released that is still available. Some interesting screenshots on the page. Author wanted to create a map pack losely based on classic Doom levels, but transferred into a Doom 3 hell setting. He also included some custom monsters.
  4. Tetzlaff

    Doom 3 mapping

    Yes, I would play. Last shot has a nice Doom 64 atmosphere.
  5. I also hate this song, or to be more precise: that whole bunch of songs that sound extremely similar to this one. They are so bland and interchangeable. That idiotic 3 notes "melody"... They all use the same basic scheme, you could make a big f5cxing medley with them with seamless transitions. @TheMagicMushroomMan: Gnesa: Wilder - I'm sure this is bad on purpose? Who is she? She can't sing (or doesn't want to sing properly?) and the music deliberately leaves harmonic hearing customs...
  6. Nice mod! I'll use this when I play some of the newer Heretic maps (there have been some promising new releases). Only weapon that doesn't feel right is that recolored Elven Wand that is basically a machinegun. Looks puny IMO. The other weapons/spells look good and are fun to use. Thing with Hexen is, I only ever played the Cleric class, so I don't really know most of the weapons.
  7. Tetzlaff

    Favorite Pickup Sounds in Video Games?

    Not my favorite game by far, but I really like that Adrenaline capsule pickup sound in Unreal Tournament 2003.
  8. Played the demo, I like the game so far. Feels very Quake, but that's a plus for me. A bit like a Quake game from an alternate dimension... The monster designs so far a good. They are creative (damaging ball of flesh, that creepy projectile hurling thing...) and not simply recreations of the Quake monsters. I like that creepy Clive Barker touch they have. Level design is very basic and straightforward, room-corridor-room with some key/door objective, but solid.
  9. This thread isn‘t about which music genre you prefer or not. It is about the worst pieces from every genre. Even your favorite genre can include some very bad piece of music.
  10. Yeah, the term Boomer Shooter is very weird. At first I thought it meant the developers of 1990s FPS belong to the Baby boom generation, but in case of id Software only Sandy Petersen is a real boomer while Carmack, Romero and the other id guys are too young. I was born 1975, and our typical experience was that the „boomers“ despised video games and especially FPS. They believed FPS were sadistic murder simulators and a direct cause of school shootings. Back on topic: I‘ll try the Aske demo when I return home, currently away from my PC.
  11. I like the look of this one, it reminds me to obscure Quake based games like Shrak or Eternal War. It‘s of course no match for the artful, impressive Quake custom maps that get released these days, but still interesting.
  12. Tetzlaff

    DOOM64EX RELOADED Episode 1

    Could you describe the features of your mod?
  13. Tetzlaff

    Does UAC have territorial disputes?

    I can imagine they have territorial disputes on Mars with another mega corporation:
  14. Tetzlaff

    90s mag scans and translations

    Thanks for the translations, that's a lot of work! Interesting stuff, and also funny. Didn't they find the name "Pools of Sperm" questionable? Maybe they didn't knew what it meant, since they just describe it as "a massive, amazing can of hell", which is a funny depiction in itself.