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  1. Tetzlaff

    When did Old School FPS fans turn around on Halo?

    Hated for cutscenes? Around 2000 every FPS tried to boost it's storytelling with cutscenes. I remember even Quake mods of that time trying to incorporate lenghty cutscenes, even if the results looked clumsy and not really worth all the trouble... For the other things - I remember that players hated that many FPS games after Halo adopted the weapon limit and regenerating shield/health system in a lazy way. Didn't Halo feature a regenerating shield plus health pickups? Many games implemented complete regen health so the map designers could just skip the process of thoughtful item placement in their levels.
  2. Tetzlaff

    About Final Monster of Doom 3?

    No. First avoid the Cyberdemon and it's rockets, but kill the lower demons instead who crawl out of the hellhole. After a few kills the Soulcube is powered up and can be used against the Cyberdemon. Like Lippeth said, you need several attacks with the Souldcube.
  3. Tetzlaff

    About Final Monster of Doom 3?

    He is called the Cyberdemon btw. Boss monsters often require a special approach to be defeated, not just "shoot until it dies" everytime.
  4. Tetzlaff

    Do you know some obscure 1990's PC games?

    Gast? Looks Tim Burtonesque...
  5. Tetzlaff

    Do you know some obscure 1990's PC games?

    Never heard of this one... searching the domain name it seems that David Bowie was involved in this? Can you tell us more?
  6. There was this obscure 2002 FPS named ReVOLUTION. It had interesting Art Nouveau meets Cyberpunk visuals, but lackluster gameplay. The glitch: In one level you had to ride a large industrial elevator upwards while shooting at enemies on the surrounding walkways. Instead of eventually reaching the top floor, the elevator somehow entered a neverending loop and seamlessly repeated the whole ride again and again. Broke the games progression.
  7. Tetzlaff

    Creepiest movie villains/monsters/etc.

    The Cenobites from the Hellraiser movies.
  8. Tetzlaff

    One way doors

    And I thought you wanted to discuss the pros and cons of one-way doors in level design...
  9. Pax Imperia would be an example for slaughter maps in Quake 2. The infighting in Quake 2 works practically the same way like in Doom.
  10. Tetzlaff

    Visual cutscenes or Text screens?

    What about comic panels?
  11. Tetzlaff

    Best movie remakes you seen

    In the comics I saw Judge Dredd not as the hero, but more like he was like a natural desaster that happened to the protagonists of the story. The Stallone movie made Dredd way too human, the 2012 movie was better in that regard. Maybe an even better Dredd movie would have some poor normal guy as protagonist, and Dredd appearing like the supernatural killer in a slasher movie.
  12. Tetzlaff

    What if old mega wads were remade by modern mapper

    Here's a link :) 1994 Tune-up CP
  13. Tetzlaff

    What if old mega wads were remade by modern mapper

    Do you know the 1994 tune-up community project? It‘s from 2011, so it’s already a decade old, but the idea was to redesign interesting maps from 1994.
  14. Tetzlaff

    Doom - How big is Mars Base

    Yes of course there is supposed to be more areas. And regarding Beta Labs, weren’t they even mentioned in some PDA texts? Play Team Future‘s Phobos and your wish will be fulfilled.
  15. If you don‘t want to learn how to create caves in a separate modelling program, you can use patches to create cave structures. For example, if you want to give a room a rocky ceiling to give the area a subterranean feel. Create a box textured with caulk above the room. Then create a simple patch mesh, apply a rock texture, go into vertex mode and manipulate it to give it an uneven look. With a little practice you can create some simple, but nice looking structures reminiscent of sandstone caves only with patches.