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  1. Tetzlaff

    Music inspired by Doom.

    Okay, if we open this thread for any kind of music inspired by Doom, what about this one (not metal): Helga Pogatschar: Sequentia (Mars Requiem)
  2. Tetzlaff

    Music inspired by Doom.

    Nice, classic Heavy Metal sound! Reminds me of my teen years around 1990.
  3. Tetzlaff

    New 20+ Minutes Of Gameplay Footage! ! !

    Yeah, he is the same arsehole character as in Doom 2016, where he punched the little drones after they gave him useful stuff.
  4. Tetzlaff

    Which version of DoomGuy is your favorite?

    But it's clear that only the marine from the main game is the Doom3guy here, the others are side characters in minor extra missions. What is that other Resurrection you mention?
  5. Tetzlaff

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    I agree with you to a certain extent. They managed to balance both extremes to some degree. I also don't wanted a "Call of Doom", but Doom has always been a horror game for me. Doom 2016 had those elements, like the creepy mutant look of the Possessed, the Summoner, Hell Razer, or the Hell Knight as a nod to Doom 3. But it also started to tilt the balance towards that site I refer to as cartoony by changing the Imp's design (remember the eye-less Imps in the preview videos) and by introducing those awful Pinky and Lost Soul designs. Now Doom Eternal seems to go full force in that direction: cartoon arcade style plus retro fanservice.
  6. Tetzlaff

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    The initial concept of Doom was based on the Alien movies, so it definitely was not meant to be cartoon-like. Alien combined with demons from hell. When you played Doom the first time in the 1990s, after Wolfenstein 3D, it felt quite realistic. For me it was the most immersive game at that time.
  7. Tetzlaff

    Blood or Serious Sam?

    The last time I played Blood was in the late 1990s. Is there a modern sourceport for the game? Or even custom levels/epidsodes?
  8. Tetzlaff

    Quake vs Blood

    Agreed. Quake 1 feels like they were still experimenting and didn't fully realise the potential of true 3D level design. Quake 2 was a huge step forward in level design.
  9. Tetzlaff

    When Doom looks more cartoony than Serious Sam...

    Cartoon for me implies things like exaggerated features, vivid colors, and a more grotesque form of stylisation.
  10. Doom was undoubtedly genre-defining for the 1990s FPS, but in 1993 the term First-Person Shooter wasn't coined yet. I think it's interesting how id Software described their own game in the manual: Doom is a "lightning-fast virtual reality adventure". http://www.classicdoom.com/doominfo.htm The adventure aspect is definitely there: exploration in rather complex 3D environments and some puzzling (simple key and switch puzzles).
  11. Shooter: Action Game with focus on shooting (and dodging enemy projectiles). First-person refers to the first-person view.
  12. Yes, it's good. I often play CTF. The Champions mechanic makes teamplay more interesting.
  13. That Bloom game looks interesting, thanks for pointing it out.
  14. Tetzlaff

    Is heretic 2 any good?

    I played Heretic II back in the day, when it was newly released. I remember it as a good Third-person Action Adventure game, but at the same time I was kind of disappointed because it wasn't a dark fantasy FPS with Doom-like gameplay, like it's predecessor.
  15. Tetzlaff

    everything wrong with doom3 can be levied against its pacing

    The UAC in Doom 3 isn't evil by itself. They are interested in all kinds of research and there's plenty of explanation what the different sections are researching when you pay attention to the in-game videos and PDAs. They discovered hell when experimenting with teleportation technology. Because they are scientists, they don't instantly believe they found literal hell, in their eyes it's a strange dimension with unknown alien creatures. Which makes sense. The UAC in Doom2016 looks like a bunch of idiots in comparison. When they discover the hell dimension, Olivia Pierce installs a crazy ass satanic corporate cult and everyone seems fine with it. And still it doesn't prevent the demons from slaughtering everyone.
  16. Tetzlaff

    Which version of DoomGuy is your favorite?

    I like the Doom 3 marine best, he seems like a reasonable man.
  17. Tetzlaff

    Best Indie Games of 2019

    Blasphemous http://blasphemousgame.com/ It's maybe a bit too hard for my taste, but I love the art, music and story.
  18. Tetzlaff

    Recommended DOOM 3 mods and custom maps?

    I already recommended Tested. It's challenging, but not necessarely frustrating. It has a lot of trial-and-error situations, but you can (most times) figure out how to win the battle in another try and then it feels very satisfying. The Phantasm TC is ambitious, but doesn't make good use of the Doom 3 engine features in my opinion. They use many custom textures, but without normal and specular maps.
  19. Tetzlaff

    Splatterhouse 3D - Full TC

    Great mod, I really had fun playing this! The monsters and atmosphere is realised very well. I only remember watching someone play Splatterhouse in a Penny Arcade when I was young, always found the game fascinating.
  20. Tetzlaff

    Recommended DOOM 3 mods and custom maps?

    Ah come on, that's not really worth mentioning. A mini mod for players who are afraid in the dark.
  21. Tetzlaff

    Recommended DOOM 3 mods and custom maps?

    Hallowed has some excellent visuals and scenery https://www.moddb.com/mods/hallowed-mod
  22. I enjoyed the Putrefier combined with Quake 4 lightning fast https://www.moddb.com/mods/quake-4-lightning-fast-mod-doom-edition
  23. Tetzlaff

    What's your favorite hud mod (ANY SOURCEPORT)

    My favourite is a mod called newhud.wad - it's a simple, sleek and stylish scifi HUD. Unfortunately I don't know the author and can't find a download link.