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  1. ViolentBeetle

    Share Your Sprites!

    It's the Cyber Ancap.
  2. Since the thread is bumped anyway, I'd like to make progress report. Progress is that I've almost finished the final play session of E3, and once I'm done with all 4 episodes, I will upload this wad on idgames.
  3. I don't know, wiki doesn't list it as supporting UMAPINFO, but it's a fork of gzDoom, right?
  4. Oof, didn't notice you mention zDoom and not gzDoom. Anyway, I'll make sure to put a mention about it in description when uploading to indgames.
  5. Your version of gzDoom isn't supporting UMAPINFO? UMAPINFO is a relatively new addition so maybe you just haven't updated in a while. But it relies on that to provide names, text screens and custom intermission screens.
  6. ViolentBeetle


    So I am supposed to shotgun the arch-vile after all?
  7. ViolentBeetle


    I tried your map too and I am somewhat at a loss about what am I supposed to do with only a shotgun. I know the project is said to aim for continuous play, but it's not an option right now. I also archvile-jumped the first barrier.
  8. ViolentBeetle


    Played the map, didn't find any major problem The only one complaint is that thing 571 (Floor lamp near the exit) obstructs my jump from the ledge above due to its infinite height, while I don't see it.
  9. I made a staircase and the open area, but my heart isn't in this project either. If someone wants to take over prison, I can give it up. If nobody steps in, maybe I'll be able to finish it later. I can send you what I got so far, but it's not much.
  10. ViolentBeetle

    Post your Doom textures!

    I figured they could use some transition. You know, in case someone felt a wall of same-colored skull is boring.
  11. I didn't even realize there were supposed to be multiplayer starts. Unless my map needs updating, I think it's easier for project lead to add them.
  12. ViolentBeetle

    Doom textures color problem

    I guess you didn't correctly hit the palette that Doom has? Doom only has 256 colors, and SLADE when converted from other formats tries to approximate, not always successfully. If you want to recolor a texture, SLADE has color remap feature that might help transform one array of colors into the other, to various degrees of success.
  13. ViolentBeetle

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    What you show here are so-called patches, not textures yet, they are turned into textures in TEXTURE1 or TEXTURE2 lumps.
  14. ViolentBeetle

    Post your Doom textures!

    I think you have gone too bright, green palette is a darker than blue palette. There's a whole second line of dark blue, you should try shifting darker greens there.
  15. The Release Candidate 3 is here. Hopefully, if nothing comes up, it'll go to idgames like that. Important things: E2 gets new intermission screen All maps now have co-op starts (most already had them, few didn't) Most E4 maps been revised to some degree by their authors E2M4 start moved to the correct place E1M5, E4M3 and E4M4 had their music replaced to something less copyrighted There's demos now TODO: Make credits art. SolarStruggleRC3.7z