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  1. ViolentBeetle

    TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack - V1.0 RELEASED!

    Is it OK to start nabbing the MIDIs for my own maps?
  2. ViolentBeetle

    Post your Doom textures!

    Intermission screen for Skulltiverse Community Project (Beta hopefully soon)
  3. ViolentBeetle


    Slight update to my map, fixing the slime trail and some textures not being changed to match some other textures. Adver City_4_1.zip I also decided to play beta posted, first map has no map, and second map has no music. That doesn't seem right.
  4. ViolentBeetle

    My first maps submitted to Doomworld! (1st topic)

    Very basic set of maps with not much to mention until the last one which gotten quite spicy. It was interesting to see you apparently learn new tricks. Blood lift on the last map has untextured sides in places. I think you should now learn what upper/lower unpegged does, so you can have door tracks that don't scroll and also windows that don't change texture randomly.
  5. ViolentBeetle


    You can get some free by removing "level 32" plus there's always extra letters available for some reason. And actually most ports don't seem to actually have a character limit, I'm not really sure where it still applies. This is about automap name anyway.
  6. ViolentBeetle

    Texture wraps horizontally when it shouldn't.

    Vertically I think it's all about tiling with 128 units step, adding junk data. Not really happening outside strict vanilla, while this thing is more persistent.
  7. ViolentBeetle

    Post your Doom textures!

    This seems like something that is best used as 1024 units wide texture. 4 towers on the horizon is a bit weird, isn't it?
  8. ViolentBeetle


    I understood it as "City at Night" so I did that. It's one step lower than I usually make the outside at night. But I think it worked for the most parts. most of the important parts are highlighted as well. There's enough rockets to fire like a maniac and fairly significant amount of health. I suppose it would take some practice to know where to go for them though. Indeed. To be fair, all Doom 2 exclusives except for knight are best when they are out in the open.
  9. ViolentBeetle

    Texture wraps horizontally when it shouldn't.

    It requires a power of 2 horizontally. Something about compression probably. Not sure which ports are affected.
  10. ViolentBeetle


    Version 4, probably final. Map name is "Adver City", if you are OK with this sort of names. I removed, or changed some monsters that didn't do anything meaningful like Hell Knights on top of a crate. I also added obstacles that would prevent player from activating arachnotrons without dropping into slime. Adver City_4.zip
  11. ViolentBeetle

    Lines Must Never Cross Without Intersecting at a Vertex

    I managed to crash PrBoom+ with intersecting lines. I think it's mostly fine as long as sectors don't become unclosed or overlapping - which they will if lines aren't entirely within the same one.
  12. ViolentBeetle


    Version 3: As you requested, I thinned some crowds. It mostly affects the outside where it used to be hard to squeeze through the crowd, and I also removed some revenant snipers. I didn't feel that most of the indoor squads need thinning since you can usually just walk out and have plenty of room to dodge. I did a few more details and I added some more medkits outside as well. This is the hardest part, and being boxed is pretty painful I also added more bullets while reducing ammo count behind the red door. Adver City_3.zip
  13. ViolentBeetle

    MBF21 Specification v1.2 Release

    An idea I had today (Might be hard for scope of the project) - synced linedefs. Essentially, a linedef could have a flag that makes it share its triggered status with every other linedef with the same flag, tag and type. This would be useful for two things: - A switch could now consist of multiple linedefs that change at once, such as curved linedef or one of those floating cubes some mappers have. - A booby-trapped sector surrounded by multiple linedefs that makes ambushes by means other than doors won't click multiple times when you run through it. Especially if linedefs are short and numerous, like a circle. Also silent type on sectors, so they don't produce sound when moving, no matter what. Might be mostly redundant if linedefs can have it, but could still be useful.
  14. ViolentBeetle


    Seems reasonable. I'll test what I did a submit another version probably today.
  15. ViolentBeetle


    Ok, I thinned the crowds a bit, coincidentally it was about 50 monsters even if I wasn't aiming for this mark. What do you think about current state of ammo? Did you feel there's too much? Or perhaps not enough so removing monsters would make it just right? Or perhaps it was just right before and now I should remove some?