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  1. Khodoque

    New rule against offsite harassment

    I'm gonna indulge in some paranoid ramblings for a bit. Members of moderation team had recently made a modestly unpopular decision involving certain modestly popular community project, had to backtrack on it due to modest backlash it caused, and immediately this rule change pops up. The cause is good, and it's fine if administration does not wants known harassers in their community, but one interesting part is "other users who facilitate such conduct going ´╗┐unaddressed". This recent controversy involves a certain community that declares free (or at least free-er) speech as its founding principle. This of course involves certain amount of fecal matter being thrown at each other and people outside, and while I haven't seen examples of them bringing said matter here (albeit some Doomworld members thankfully provided us with free samples for research), this still falls under "facilitation of such conduct". Now, you see, there is a little trick that governments and similar ruling bodies like to use where they shield underhanded or repressive policies from criticism by slapping a noble cause on top. Not gonna give any examples as we do not need to get political, but suffice to say pretty much every government is guilty of doing that at one point or another. Point is, this rule change is fine on its own, and as I said, it has a noble cause, but the context and timing makes it all sound extremely fishy, and with a bit of tin foil and a handy corkboard you can deduce who it may actually be targeted against, so this might be one of the reasons why many feel uneasy about it.
  2. Khodoque

    The Top 25 Sector Ships of All Time

    And the following level has an underground sector shipwreck even.
  3. IWAD: Doom 2 Compatibility: GZDoom/Zandronum for now (see below) Length: 5 relatively short, action-packed maps (MAP01-MAP05) Difficulty levels are taken care of. MAP05 is especially fun when played with pistol start. Has tiny built-in DECORATE mod, should not cause problems with other gameplay mods if map is loaded before them. Health warning: extremely cheesy soundtrack, may not be suitable for lactose intolerant. Story so far: company that supplies damaging floors to UAC has suddenly discontinued everyone's favorite flavor, NUKAGE. Now it's up to you to investigate the reason behind it and find out whether it has anything to do with recently appointed CEO, Cyril Bertran D'Moine. More screenshots: Credits: Palm trees from Necrodome (or maybe Powerslave), ripped by CaptainToenail. DN3D pistol sound taken from Samsara. Some textures from Freedoom. About compatibility: I aim for eventual Boom compatibility, but so far PNAMES lump causes Signal 11 error in PRBoom+ for some reason. I will be extremely grateful if someone will help me fix this. DOWNLOAD: coolskies.zip Old version: Download: coolskies_v091b.zip
  4. Will you work on Zandro compatibility for 2048GUNS, or I should help you with that, as we discussed?
  5. Khodoque

    Cool Skies - mini-episode 1 release!

    Paradigm is shifting. Stay tuned.
  6. Khodoque

    Cool Skies - mini-episode 1 release!

    Yep, this wall indeed misses a texture. There was a secret in there, but I decided that it's too boring, and I guess I screwed up when I was removing it. I will probably release an update some time later.
  7. Thanks for playing, dude! I've no idea how you got stuck on that elevator, I'll investigate that (there's actually two elevators with silent teleport in there, they probably got desynced somehow).
  8. Khodoque

    Cool Skies - mini-episode 1 release!

    Thanks for playing, dude! I've no idea how you got stuck on that elevator, I'll investigate that (there's actually two elevators with silent teleport in there, they probably got desynced somehow).
  9. Testing on living humans was crucial to the development of these maps, so it would be great to see someone play the finished product as well. Thanks in advance.
  10. Khodoque

    Cool Skies - mini-episode 1 release!

    Ah, big thanks, I see now. Considering I have imported some textures and patches from DOOM.WAD, boy I am gonna have a great time sorting this out.
  11. Khodoque

    Cool Skies - mini-episode 1 release!

    With the addition of the fifth map, mini-episode 1 is now complete! Along with it came some minor changes: - Title music was improperly cropped, turning guitars into piano somehow. This is fixed now. - I got my hands on warning stripe textures and it turns out I cannot be trusted with such power, because now everything is covered in them. - Tiny DECORATE mod that makes pistol more useful.
  12. Khodoque

    Cool Skies - mini-episode 1 release!

    It's in the OP now.
  13. Khodoque

    Cool Skies - mini-episode 1 release!

    After getting some responses from playtesters, I had to make some fixes and adjustments to the WAD. - fixed some textures in MAP03 - God-awful silent teleports at MAP03 and MAP04 are no longer god-awful - Music in MAP04 loops a bit better - Serious encounter rebalance in MAP04