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  1. Deimos

    I think FIREBLU is pretty: Change My Mind

    That's taste, it can't be objectively right nor wrong. I don't personally find it nice but i like how weird it looks, a bit like an anomaly from hell. Agony made use of such colors, and while it was in more subtle combinations i felt like there was some kind of homage. id back then had an unhealthy love for deep blue and i love its implementation in Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny(less boring than grey especially since it already had concrete for miles).
  2. Deimos

    What are your preferred visual settings?

    Nowadays i like 16/9 high color software with lens distortion. It preserves the classic contrast but without the color banding and full screen. The lens distortion adds a more "organic"/less flat aspect to it.
  3. I can see how if one does not like an other franchise's philosophy it could be a bad thing to have it soaking over a franchise you like. Obviously if someone likes punishing mechanics he won't see an issue and it's subjective, hence the "not seeing" part... I for one don't like this kind of masochistic philosophy coming too close to Doom, i never played it for that kind reasons, on the contrary. I tried most of the souls games but only finished 2 of them because quite frankly i have more fun elsewhere. Not really my idea of fun. To have fun with these you have to master them to the millimeter and see the whole combat as a precise sequencing that defeats the organic feel that people usually seek in these games(Doom/Quake etc.).
  4. Deimos

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    Wolfenstein3D/Spear of Destiny, Alien vs Predator(Jaguar) Quake 1(2 is good but not as atmospheric), Duke Nukem 3D(DNF also just because), Turok1&2, Half-Life, Unreal1&2, Soldier of Fortune, Red Faction(yet to play 2) Postal 2, Bioshock trilogy, Riddick(Butcher Bay/Dark Athena), The Darkness, Far Cry 3... I loved wolfenstein TNO and TOB but i didn't finish new colossus nor young blood(too much blah blah and failed attempts at tarantino) Will play Prey(2006) soon
  5. Deimos

    Cursed Doom Images

    made these with https://makemeazombie.com/
  6. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    i really enjoyed 2016's multiplayer, especially warpath
  7. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    yes, that's the spirit that can do great things, not being scared to shock.
  8. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    my mom sold my first copy of wolf 3D for jag because of swastikas and the satanic tones of doom were more problematic than you seem to remember. It looks old now but the level of violence in these was pretty controversial. doom was banned in germany and not because of wolf secrets
  9. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    If it was up to me doom would have little to no story/lore because this way people can appropriate the universe better, use their imagination and this can only add to the power fantasy. Also let us create our own doomguy/girl (also add the classic one by default) About the comicbooky vibe of eternal that some people complain about, my fear is that comicbooky nowadays is synonymous with mainstream pop culture and that would drive them off from darker and edgier tones, which are seriously lacking in nowadays entertainment as investors are scared of this. Hearing McFarlane talking about comic book cinema is pretty eye opening and the public cheering when saying he wants people to feel uncomfortable and scare the shit out of them with his world with the next spawn movie makes me hope this bland era is soon coming to an end. Joker and Venom movie were precursor to this maybe. People forget too easily why id put gore, pentagrams and swastikas by the metric ton in their games to begin with. Fuck karen :p
  10. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    spin-offs are a thing in a lot of successful franchises so i think it really is that simple
  11. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    2016 was very well built and i think the kind of game that benefits not only of talent but also luck, maybe the tone/atmosphere and narration were the result of odd combinations of circumstances being the fruit of multiple projects crossing ways(doom 3 heritage + cancelled doom 4 elements and hugo's world), in some spots, less is more. It's in my top 3 of the franchise.
  12. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    don't you know?, the elusive "boomer" fan who buggers everyone with his opinion /s sometimes i feel like different tastes and opinions are not enough respected especially in such a diverse franchise. we have people doing mlp wads and others doing some of the most creepy stuff one could do on such an old engine(classic doom). Doom means a lot of different things to different people. If i was id, i'd even think about splitting the franchise in different and parallel series that would convey different aspects of the universe without having to compromise too much... (i'd have more doom stuff to buy too ;p)
  13. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    Sometimes it's so silly that the cringe breaks the fun tho (eternal's hologram) Duke and Shadow warrior were always more silly than doom too(they are parody as a selling point) don't tell me you don't hear the one liners and dumb jokes when playing these(i'm one of these who play DNF just for shits and giggles and have a blast). No such thing in doom until they decided that the comic was canon(and even then not as silly as duke)... I love all these franchises but i play them to have different grades and variations of fun, i love chocolate and sardines but i know better than mixing them.
  14. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    i totally embrace the fantasy elements, as i did with the Riddick franchise. Doom is still sci-fi horror even with these added elements. Weird anecdote: As a kid i remember a poster for the 3DO version with a bridge in mist and i always projected in my mind something eerily similar to the sentinel world. I may misremember this poster because i can't seem to find it but it never left me. Naturally when i saw the 2016 multiplayer map in the clouds my jaw dropped :O
  15. Deimos

    Has This Game Become A Joke?

    way funnier than eternal's hologram