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  1. Spowmtom

    Favorite Small Map ?

    Sometimes, you just want to play Doom for 5 minutes while waiting for whatever and you simply don't have the time or patience to finish a medium or large level. An example of a great small map would simply be E1M1 and MAP01 from Doom and Doom 2 respectively. What are your favorite small maps ?
  2. Spowmtom

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    Hello! I am interested in doing some playtesting.
  3. My lord, all of that leaks quality, I'll have to check it out soon!
  4. This article is for the ones who want to start playing Doom but are clueless about what to do beyond launching the DosBOX version of Steam. Enjoy!
  5. Life is tough and sometimes, you just want to listen to a romance audio book, drink some water and play some Doom, you don't want to sweat bullets and in fact, may not want to shoot too many either. Or maybe you simply don't have the time for a slaughter map, you want something short and sweet, something easy you wouldn't even struggle without a mouse. What are your favorite easy maps ?
  6. Spowmtom

    Ishreal V3 - An indevelopment WAD

    This must be the most "okay" map I ever played. There are no glaring issues, it's mildly fun all along. Some moments were fun, some were not so much. It's interesting how the main hub (with the 3 doors) becomes the final stage, I really liked that idea. The room with the caged imps were just not fun though. You got the basics down, now it would be time to add some spice to it. I'm excited to see what you make next! EDIT: You make your map for GZDoom, but you use almost none of its features. Your map could have been made for Chocolate Doom easily.
  7. Spowmtom

    How do i change doom weapon sounds in slade 3?

    http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=wiki&wikipage=Tutorials And next time, ask editor-focused questions in the Doom Editing channel.
  8. Spowmtom

    Future Project Assistance

    If you want feedback on the wad, provide the wad. It won't be considered an official release until you say so :)
  9. Spowmtom

    Future Project Assistance

    Well, providing the wad could help us give you advises.
  10. Screenshots + Download >>>>>>>Download =========================================================================== Advanced engine needed: No. Vanilla compatible. Tested with GZDoom and Chocolate Doom. Primary purpose: Single Player =========================================================================== Title: Raid Space War 2 Filename: Raid Space War 2.wad Release date: April 16th, 2020 Author: Spowmtom Email Address: None Other Files By Author: Wrong Mistake (wrong-mistake.wad) Description: My second map. A traditional map that takes around 5-10 minutes to complete. Raid Space War 2 starts off in your underground ship that just burst through the garden's enemy base. Luckily for you, they're all dead or transformed into demons. Unluckily for you, they're fierce. Get through them! Additional Credits to : Id Software - Nuff' said. =========================================================================== * What is included * New levels: 1 Sounds: No Music: No Graphics: No Dehacked/BEX Patch: No Demos: No Other: None Other files required: None * Play Information * Game: Freedoom2.wad Map # : MAP01 Single Player: Designed for Cooperative 2-4 Player: No Deathmatch 2-4 Player: No Other game styles: None Difficulty Settings: Yes * Construction * Build Time: 1 month Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 2 Known Bugs: None May Not Run With...: Freedoom incompatible mods. Probably nothing else, since it's 100% vanilla.
  11. Spowmtom

    Freedoom 2 WAD - Raid Space War 2

    Thanks! That was the main purpose of the map, to train myself with layouts.
  12. Spowmtom

    Favourite huge maps ?

    I don't think I've played a more fun map that Foursite, a 3 hours map that's overall well designed. There is just something about digging through a map that probably took a decade to make. What huge maps did you like ?
  13. That was miswording on my part, thank you for correcting.
  14. Spowmtom

    Demonic Dawn: Labs

    So I've 100% finished your map. I could make a huge post about everything bad you did and explain how you could improve, but I think you would benefit more from simply reading the map tips. Play lots of Doom map and observe how they do things. I'm certain you can do great maps, keep improving!
  15. Spowmtom


    But they're not bad environments! Enlarging the enemy population seems to be all they need to use that potential.
  16. Spowmtom

    What is that visual bug ? (Solved)

    Seems like the NUKE24 texture plays funny when offset by a great amount, it doesn't loop well. Considering the layout of my map, I fixed it by just getting rid of that little gap.
  17. As I was making my map, I found this visual bug. I'm new to Doom editing, but I'm pretty confused as to what those pink pixels are. They're not part of the texture, as the other side uses the same texture and doesn't have those distracting artifacts. I would like to fix this, how ? My client is Chocolate Doom. Thank you for your time.
  18. So, I've played your wad. From a novice map maker myself, there's barely anything fundamentally wrong with your map and design skills. You seem to be grasping the concept of a good Doom map layout, with hubs and such. If I were you, I'd add a little bit more complexity with "hyper hubs", which are smaller hubs connected to a bigger hub. You have some ideas on how to make an interesting map; the Cacodemon part was a great idea and well executed at the beginning. When the platform totally lowers, there's a myriad of problems. The player had no way to know that he needed to go on those little platforms, and the player lacks options to effectively deal with the situation as a whole. And you have an idea of what difficulty progression looks like, where you give the right guns and ammo at the right time But as expected from a beginner, you don't do any of it well, but you're in a good direction and all you need is practice. This applies to doom mapping as well. Play a lot of Doom maps and make a lot of Doom maps. The Cacowards are a good place to find wads to study. Also, reading the Doom Map Tips will help you, it's a short read. And now to the technical side of things. Your map doesn't work in Chocolate Doom, which isn't Boom compatible So I just gave up and went to try it on GZDoom. Worked fine, except for some unpegged and ugly textures. And now, up to the bullshit parts of the map How was I supposed to know that the elevator was there ? Why put a teleporter texture when it doesn't teleport ? And this as the exit is just mean. (used cheat codes to get that screenshot. I finished the map legitimately the first time) So that's about it! Nothing really wrong, but nothing outstanding. You are on the right path and I'm excited to see where you will be in a couple of months. If you don't stop improving, it can only be great, keep going!
  19. Tis but a short, simple and single map for Doom II; Wrong Mistake My First map, in fact A run n' gun map, in fact Not that hard, in fact Requirements: The map has been tested with GZDoom and Crispy Doom and does NOT work with Chocolate Doom because of visual glitches that confuse me as to why they exist. It is also 100% vanilla, so you can go stick your Ketchup, Smooth Doom and what not on it, but it expects no Freelook, Jumping or Crounching.
  20. Spowmtom

    Sam's Map Pack, my wip first wad

    That's amazing, I'm really looking forward more of your stuff! I think that you're taking the right approach at making your maps look better, by simply adding more meaningful stuff. But if I were you, I'd also remove meaningless stuff, like the crazy room heights and huge rooms. That's a bit too late for your maps, but when you'll get your hands dirty on a new one, try to go for smaller.
  21. Spowmtom

    My First Map - Wrong Mistake

    Thank you for having played the map! Oh god, yes, I just noticed that. I'll be working on a reworked version in the future for a Freedoom mega wad I'm working on You caught me off guard with a full blown let's play. Really glad to hear that you liked it, and thank you so much for having made a video out of it. Thank you very much for having played the map! Oh god, and thank you so much, you got my cheeks red.. As said above, I'll be working on a reworked version, and I definitively noted that over detailing issue. Thank you very much for having played the map! Stay tuned for more. Overall, glad to see that you all love it very much (except for that first guy). All the issues have been noted and a reworked version with fixed minor and major bugs, alone with the linear layout and the less desirable parts, will be fixed in my Freedoom megawad.
  22. Spowmtom

    Crispy Doom 6.0 (Update: Mar 31, 2023)

    GPG is entirely free, you might be confusing it with PGP. There are also checksums, like SHA1 MD5 or SHA256, and those hashes can even be signed.