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  1. FishingHoek

    We draw it, we map it

    I'm wondering, what will happen if and when this deadline isn't met? It'd be a shame if this map doesn't see the light of day.
  2. FishingHoek

    We draw it, we map it

    Oh whoops! I had originally made those corners toxic floors and I completely forgot to change the sector type. Here's a fixed version. CellC3fix.zip
  3. FishingHoek

    We draw it, we map it

    CellC3.zip I just got C3 done, hope it's to your liking. I'm pretty happy with it, myself.
  4. I would guess you just go and redo it without squashing the image and toss it into imgur so the previous problems don't arise
  5. Claiming E2, adding a totally much-needed revenant closet and chaingunners, a pillar with an "inconspicuous" switch and imps hiding behind. The rest speaks for itself.
  6. FishingHoek

    Slade making transparent pixels black?

    Strangely enough, it was set to 8bit and worked with all the other images, and setting it to 32bit fixed it. Thanks for the help!
  7. Slade hasn't done this for me before, and I'm really confused. I've tried cleaning up the image and importing it again but it won't fix it, it was fine when I imported it the first time around. However, when I went back to clean up the image after noticing some minor details and imported it again, it turned all of the transparent pixels black. I even checked in-game, there's just a black rectangle on that one sprite. Any idea what's going on and how to fix it?
  8. FishingHoek

    Pistol replacement weapon doing weird things

    Ah, that's the issue, SLADE decided to place them in between F2_START and F2_END
  9. FishingHoek

    Pistol replacement weapon doing weird things

    I did change the DECORATEs accordingly, fixed my ammo issue and everything else, but still no sound.
  10. I'm new to modding and this is quite the odd issue I've run into. I've created a weapon that replaces the pistol, It spawns a custom projectile that deals low damage and all that stuff. However, I've made custom sprites and sounds for it and defined the sounds in a SNDINFO file. I've also deleted the original pistol sprites and audio since they aren't going to be used. Before that, the old pistol would have the pickup sound for the custom weapon, but not the projectile's sounds, obviously. The oddity with this is that my custom weapon won't use a single sound I gave it. Not only does this custom weapon not play sounds it also has to be spawned in with a "summon pistol" command in the console. If you try pistol-starting the level, you get the pistol with 0 ammo. If you use a "give pistol" command in the console, you just get the normal pistol. Idk if the player DECORATE contributes to the issue. Edit: I fixed one issue by replacing the pistol tag in the player DECORATE with Gordo. Now the only issue I have is there's no sound from the weapon and no beginning ammo. I even tried changing the sound tags to the defined ones in the SNDINFO file. I've no clue how to fix that one.
  11. FishingHoek

    DECORATE error Bad Numeric Constant

    Fixed the issue, Graphic name wasn't long enough
  12. FishingHoek

    DECORATE error Bad Numeric Constant

    I'm making a mod, and as usual for a newbie modder, I have no clue what to do about this error, I'm confused as there seem to be no issues. Hopefully, somebody here can help?
  13. All that's important is in the README.txt if you haven't looked at it. And It's DOOM 1, on the zdoom port
  14. I have a bad episode-long wad. Have fun if you'll play, here it is; HomeMadeHell.rar
  15. FishingHoek

    DECORATE not working in SLADE3?

    Well, that did it. How silly of me to not think of something like that. Thanks for the help.