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  1. JustAPrank

    MAPINFO intermissions between levels?

    Or you you give each map a different cluster number, and define individual intermission screens for each(just a thought.)
  2. JustAPrank

    Who here has beaten Doom 1 and 2 on Nightmare?

    Don't you basically have to speedrun in NIGHTMARE?(cause enemies respawn every 30 seconds)
  3. JustAPrank

    Which classic Doom monster is your favorite

    Archvile. Being able to quickly resurrect enemies, looking and sounding creepy and having a devastating flame attack.
  4. JustAPrank

    Creating a custom inventory

  5. JustAPrank

    Doom 64 (PC) Editor?

    Does hard-coded mean like in .cpp files? Example: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=33579 Btw, I’ve never used DeHacked, only Slade 3
  6. JustAPrank

    Doom 64 (PC) Editor?

    Well ok. Is there any script/file defining the actors(imp, lost soul etc) that we can look at? It’s not the same thing, but the gzdoom.pk3 has Zscript files for actors.
  7. JustAPrank

    Doom 64 (PC) Editor?

    Hey, just wondering, is there a DECORATE file in the Doom64.wad? I looked in there, but couldn’t find it. Or is that information handled separately?