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  1. I just read this interview from a gaming site and read something terrifying. I'll just copy paste the point made then I just link the ULR. Quote: You didn't go into multiplayer, SnapMap, or mods during your presentation. Can you talk to me about your plans for those things? Todd Howard took Escalation Studios, the team that made SnapMap. MS: Todd takes everyone. (laughs) I'll start with SnapMap. We decided to move away from it. We loved it and thought it was great, but it didn't scratch the itch we thought maybe it could for people. End Quote DAMMIT!! I guess this means DOOM: ETERNAL will not have SnapMAP level editor tool-set! https://www.gameinformer.com/preview/2018/08/12/what-to-expect-from-doom-eternals-campaign-multiplayer-and-more
  2. tsareppsun

    New locations - concept art discussion

    Well at least We're getting "PHOBOS', maybe we get to play on "DEIMOS" in Eternal also. I know I wasn't the only one that saw that gameplay reveal was PLEASANTLY SHOCKED that the doomguy was on PHOBOS after learning ways back that Eternal is basically a re-imagining of Doom 2: Hell on Earth. And on top of that you know we'll getting the Doom: Eternal's Snap-Map editor mod tools of much of the ravaged Earth, Phobos (*DEIMOS, maybe?) and whatever else they'll reveal off those concept pictures.
  3. tsareppsun

    Single player dlc is coming to doom eternal

    "DEIMOS" as well Phobos could already be part of "ETERNAL", I don't think it'll make much sense for idsoftware to exclude "Deimos levels" after showing Phobos gameplay footage.
  4. tsareppsun

    Single player dlc is coming to doom eternal

    I'm guessing the single-players DLC will be "EXTENSIONS" of Eternal, not necessarily prequels or sequels.
  5. tsareppsun

    The BFG

    I'm just taking a guess. But maybe that SUPER BFG Cannon is actually the Original design. The UAC was just able to shrink it down to a "Man-Portable" sized weapon over time. You know, kinda like with computer chips, over time the designs become more advanced and efficient, the chips get smaller.
  6. tsareppsun

    My Thoughts on Eternal

    Oh, my Bust. maybe I should've said the Russian 14.5mm then.
  7. tsareppsun

    My Thoughts on Eternal

    It's more of what made the 2016 version great, with some new stuff like the Forearm Blade, grapple chain cord, Predator style Shoulder Cannon, new enemies, Redesigned weapons, original Plasma Rifle returns, Earth, PHOBOS!! My big complaint is the sound design of the weapons, Is it just me or the guns Sound Really Bad. Like they have no "BASE" no "BITE" no "PUNCH" to them. And why the MachinGuns's "Rate of fire" so Damn Slow? I felt the MG on the last game was slow, Now it's even slower!! I know it's named "Heavy MachineGun" But WTF is the caliber it's firing for it's fire rate to be so damn slow? .50 cal or 12.7mm?
  8. tsareppsun

    Was Doom 2: Hell on Earth just an expansion pack?

    Hmm, Happens on another location(Earth) A few New monsters. New textures skins for environments. Improved multi-player. In a short answer. No, Doom2 is not an expansion pack. It's a real sequel.
  9. GREAT FIND. I do remember this! How did you find this?
  10. tsareppsun

    PSone Doom... anyone remember it?

    Yep still have mine. With the annoying large CD case with crappy artwork they made for the cover. And I also have the psx port of FINAL DOOM. Both in superb condition.
  11. I belive I would've liked DOOM3 ALOT more, all of the original HORDE cast updated with the new engine, Plus the new ones ones from D3 & D3-R. It probably would'nt have been so damned dark. Anything else besides that seems pretty much up in the air.
  12. tsareppsun

    Best Doom Console Port?

    This was probably said already, But I SAY PSXDOOM, and close 2nd, DOOM64.
  13. tsareppsun

    Why did Betruger make the deal?

    I'm not to sure about why he made the deal in the game. But In the novels, its said that since he had the possession of the SOULCUBE artifact he was having alot of biazarre nightmares. Maybe thorough the dreams he was somehow converted or tricked to do whatever it takes to open the portals.
  14. tsareppsun

    Doom 3 novel. Update.

    The 1st novel gave alot of insight on Kane and how he got screwed by the military/gov for insobordination because they felt that the OTHER marines platoon pinned down in that enemy town was politicaly expendable. I liked all that because it was deep and pretty well written. It think it was pretty close to the original DOOM3 story line, But he filled in alot of the cracks on a few levels like back story on the boss of the UAC and the secondary UAC project on earth(* still trying to figure How THAT involves with the actual story)But what turned me off is that past the halveway point things just seemed to rush. As if M. Costello just wanted to just hurry and finish the book. I mean for christ sake. The hero didn't even encounter ALL of the DOOM3 monsters!! At least in the older novels, the Hero encountered ALL of the DOOM demons.
  15. tsareppsun

    Oldskool DMers Unite!

    I don't know how "OLD" you goin' with this but I'll won't play CLASSIC DOOM no earlier than DOOMlegacy. ver.142 or Doomsday or ZDOOM. Tsar,
  16. tsareppsun

    Doom 3 novel. Update.

    Just got finished reading the 2nd book and I was pretty disappointed, The way the books was pacing I thought(*more liked HOPED) The books were gonna stretch into 3 maybe 4 books. The writing was good and pacing nice. Giving alot of deep rooted backstory on the UAC. But past halve of the 2nd book everything just kinda sped up and just finished real quick. I found myself refering back the older novels, books "Knee deep in the dead" and "Hell on earth" books ONLY, of course. A least THOSE cater to the classic DOOM games.
  17. I would've added some NCP's to episodes 1&2. Some tranformed and others just placed all around the various levels as corps and some body parts mangled or spackled on the plallete floors and walls. NCP's 1) lab tech/white coat for Phobos levels & blue coat on Deimos levels 2) matainance engineer 3) toxic waste disposable tech 4) UAC worker/Computer tech 5) VIP/Manager-RARE!!
  18. tsareppsun

    Doom 4?

    To "Ghastly_dragon & esselfortium" I have no probs with the floating gun. What I meant is that id "should spice it up" more. Give US MORE animations than JUST the gun on the lower right angle. Most FPS today give at least 2 P.O.V, the obvious and the scope/iron sites closeup view. And I'm damn tired not being able to see my legs when I'm runnin' around shooting stuff. And I'm glad you mentioned HALO esselfortium, you notice on BUNGIE's Halo engine that when you kill a enemy and you vacate the area, even for a long time and for whatever reason you return to that area you took down the enemy, the bodies are STILL there. Things like that are still important to me. And I can't understand why alot of these so called ADVANCED gaming engines can't handle things like that without choaking. This includes id's DOOM3 engine.
  19. tsareppsun

    Doom 4?

    id software also need to study games like "DEAD SPACE" and Monolith's "F.E.A.R" 1&2, also the "Condenmed" series for suspenes and atmosphere. And they need to retire THAT PLAYED OUT floating gun crap and rise with the times. FPS has evolved so much since then It's hard to understand why id still sticks with same old "gun to the lower right" method while FPS's like "Call of Duty MW" series uses also the close up Scope/Iron sites and sprint while the weapon is on the "low ready" position. And "Ubisoft" transformed FPS to the greatest heights yet with it's "RAINBOW SIX: Vegas" series, you get 1st person, close sites, over the shoulder shooting, blind firing, and a SNAPPY 3rd person cover system all in the same game, that's never been matched or surpassed up to this point. Playing the F.E.A.R original and the just recently released FEAR2: PO demo 360/ps3 also broading my FPS perspectives. I really like the VOLTING anime, when you jump in/out of a windows and the ability to create INSTANT COVER by moving obstacles. And as far as 1st person goes, a very old PC game called "Tresspasser" started this but over the years I seen little snippets of the idea passed on to other FPS, like the "Condemned" series, and also to "Chronicles of Riddick" game and even the FEAR series. These game give you the TRUE feeling of 1st person by giving a slight fish eye visuals and allowing the player look down his/her body and actually see their FUCKING LOWER HALVE!! NOW there's DICE's "MIRROR's EDGE" which took FPS to a whole new level. FPAP/First Person Action Platformorming. the consept is still in it's infanty but they're planing to incorperate it into future BattleField series projects, I can't wait to see what it could evolve into. For Christ sake id, FPS have evolve but YOUR stuck in the past hoping nobody would notice or care. GET WITH THE TIMES or your gonna become obsolete and fade into history. TSAR,
  20. tsareppsun

    Doom 4?

    They announced this way back. And I for ONE, is really not that excited about it, cuz the most of the people who were involved with CLASSIC DOOM( The best DOOM!!) Are all gone. So it won't never again have THAT MAGIC that made DOOM..... DOOM!! DooM3 has already provin' that, even though it was gorgeous in it's graphical appeal.
  21. tsareppsun

    Well, what are ya'll waiting for?

    Along with id's announcment with the up-and-comming "RAGE" game, They also said they'll be doing "DOOM4", so who's hear gonna set off the DOOM4 FORUM so we could start this nonsence all over again about what we WANT or HOPE to see in the game? Tsar,
  22. tsareppsun

    The age of the doomguy

    An OLD 20 something or a YOUNG early 40 something..........Ummm, YEAH, I think that's around about it.
  23. tsareppsun

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    WRONG, I've played the original PC version first, their were a few music tracks that were pretty good on the B. Price original, but the psx, n64 doom/quake just sounds much more fitting the doom atmosphere.
  24. tsareppsun

    WHY are you STILL playing Doom?

    I believe just about ALL of these answers pretty much says it... DOOM is none like ANY OTHER. The LOOK, The FEEL, The SOUNDS, except the music, to peppy, PSX and N64's DOOM/QUAKE music fixes that little deficency. ....... I thought I had more the write but, I forgot what I really wanted to explain.
  25. tsareppsun

    Scariest sound?

    The IMP's shrilly screech and that strange errie gargaling clicking noise always made my shoulders hunch up and my hair at the back of my neck stand-up, why? cuz fireballs usually follows right after. And the sloppy wet grunt of the pig DEMON gets me too, Especially in areas shrouded in darkness or low visablity. Tsar,