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  1. Templar

    Hmmm.. [stupid specs thread #64,192]

    I'd upgrade to 1g or maybe 2g of ram, and from my own exp the ATI radeon are kick ass over nvidia
  2. Templar


    Whats with all the chainsaws on Mars, it aint like theres any forests that need to be cut down
  3. Templar

    Anyone know VB?

    A hard earned thirst deserves a big cold beer... and the best cold beer is Vic.... Vitoria Bitter (VB)
  4. Templar

    What you would like EDGE to have....

    your not doing yourself any favours violet, just making yourself look dumb. Dont let me stop you though
  5. Templar

    What I have made

    I remember seeing one of your posts in there chrome
  6. Templar

    What I have made

    Black mountain http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12208 Impnest http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=12211 I uploaded Cult-pit.zip a long time ago to newstuff. (long time ago) Hope that helps if you want to find them. Would anyone else care to list their releases? That was more the purpose of this thread but if it becomes a dl list that suits me fine
  7. Templar

    What I have made

    Impnest.wad Blackmnt.wad Cult-pit.wad More to come 'dudes'
  8. Templar

    E1 style

    ok so its against the rules to post an opinion?
  9. Templar

    What you would like EDGE to have....

    Why would you be pissed?
  10. Ok so what do you think EDGE should include? Improved AI for allies would be cool, like a command instead of SUPPORT_MEANDER which would be SUPPORT_FOLLOW where they follow you around. Maybe some changes to the graphics engine. I remember the old EDGE ran a lot faster. EDGE is a real engine, not this Zdoom fairy stuff heh heh
  11. Templar

    E1 style

    Ok I know a lot of doomers get off for E1 style maps but seeing that every newstuff has at least one, they dont really cut it anymore. Adding heaps of detail still doesnt nullify the sewer atmosphere. Take what point you will.
  12. Templar

    I'm back

    ok I'm back again I guess.. Dont worry about the project vanishing, I only call it a project because its something that i dont think has been done before in a doom map. It s nor some huge rediculous project thing that never gets finished. Unfortunately I can't test it properly cause my computer sucks ass, and EDGE is kinda hungry for power. Anyhow, on a different subject, did anyone get nightmare squad (nsquad.zip in combos dir) to work? I get a DRR_Invalid params error when I try to use it
  13. Templar

    I'm back

    I'm back after 3 years or something I'm working on some maps at the moment, I was watching Starship Troopers and I've got a good idea for an EDGE MOD, expect it pretty soon.