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  1. Frades

    A whole year of 4800 Hell Knights! This time, it'll be finished!

    Hello everyone. I am sorry i haven't been able to be in touch with the project. I love you all: every oldies like me and new people here on the forums, i love you all. Unfortunately, i must take back my application for the spot at map 04 that i so much wanted, but i must do so due to very unfortunate issues in real life. I do understand that there are 8 days left for me to send the map in, but given my current situation, i believe that the best thing to do is to let you all know what's going on: If someone has a map for the place of map 04, please submit it.. unfortunately i can't do it in time. I would love to do it, but i must delay, and if the delay is too long then i don't want to hold you guys back. Family tragedy hits hard. I know i have never been here commenting much, but i have always been here. And i always will be. Frades.
  2. I'll take map03, thank you. I'll start with a few drafts and see where it takes me. Theme will be specified later.
  3. Frades

    Advent Doom Calendar for December 2005

    I'd take a spot too, if that would be possible.
  4. Frades

    here they are. screenshots

    I like those corpses on the walls.. It's a good idea not to overuse them in one single place.
  5. Frades

    Realistic Objects(Showoff Thread)

    In that case i will tinker with it a bit more and have it totally completed. It most likely takes a few weeks due to lack of free time, but i assume you're not in too much of a hurry to get this pile of sectors.
  6. Frades

    Realistic Objects(Showoff Thread)

    Well.. i wouldn't mind anyone using the things i make. But the thing is that your project seems to be for EDGE as much as i understand. But all of the stuff i've posted is made in Legacy. I have no idea if it's possible to be converted to another port without too much effort. Most likely i'll never give out anything incomplete, but everything can be completed if there's a request for it. The tank still needs new textures (and by 'new' i mean total retexturing). And the saucers.. well.. there's still a bit to do on them. And they also include several scripts to make stuff look better. (for example one of the saucers has a scripted lighting wannabe beam for extra eyecandy). Anyway.. if there's a request, then i probably can map it out.. even tho i have never released anything.. Oh.. i also have a huge aircraft carrier on the way. With planes on top and engine rooms inside.
  7. Frades

    Realistic Objects(Showoff Thread)

    Here's another.. The view is a bit bad, but basically the piano stands on 3 legs (as grand pianos usually do). Also plays random tunes when player hits the keys and makes some random all-keys-down noise when walked over the keys. There are other colour themes available, but for the sake of not wasting space i'm posting only one.
  8. Frades

    Realistic Objects(Showoff Thread)

    My screenshots may seem like wastelands, but they're all incomplete concept ideas. So i guess that explains it. And now some more stuff.. supposed to be flying saucers (not realistic from the outside), but when the player gets inside one of those things then there's quite a lot of panels/levers/lights and much more like that inside each of those things.
  9. Frades

    Realistic Objects(Showoff Thread)

    Well.. here's another picture. Not too realistic (even tho wires are slightly sloped, they won't move or break when shot or wheight placed on them. And the player can walk on the power lines.. but i guess if doomguy is a circus artist with rubber shoes then it would be possible.) Needs quite a bit more detail and some better textures, but i guess it delivers the idea even as it is.
  10. Frades

    Realistic Objects(Showoff Thread)

    That's the thing. It was my first time to actually create any textures, so i'm not too satisfied with them either. I'll just need more experience on that department. It'll take a while until i get better on this. (mostly due to lack of time) Here's a picture of the thing in 2d mode too.. had to scramble up all the dummy sectors to fit them all on the screen tho. Also, the tank has a small ladder in the back that the player can use to climb on top of it and also go inside and look out of the thing through 2 tiny 'windows' at the front.
  11. I wonder how the pick-up item would look like for a massive weapon like this.
  12. Frades

    Doomers by Location

    -Europe --Estonia ---Tallinn ----Frades
  13. Doom Builder Xwe Wintex Whacked2 Swantbls.exe Recording Session (some olde .mid making program, quite good for people who can read notes) Sound Club 95 (piano-roll type tracker program, saves in .s3m format, also exports to .wav) Cool Edit Pro 2.0 Gimp (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)
  14. Frades

    Palette file for GIMP 2.0?

    Well.. i guess it's time to install gimp 2. Thank you.
  15. Frades

    Palette file for GIMP 2.0?

    I know there must be a way to convert the palette from an image, so that would've been a bit easyer way to do it (i have done this in gimp 1.something). But anyway, i'd like to have that palette, so upload if you can. (if not, you can pm me for my e-mail address).