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  1. slippip

    GZDOOM Keybinds to a Mouse

    Thanks, really helped.
  2. slippip

    GZDOOM Keybinds to a Mouse

    Alright, I'll be honest here, I done fucked up. I was playing with the key binds, in GZDOOM and I don't know why but my fire key is now on v, and I have no idea how to change this back as, when I try pressing left mouse to bind it just thinks I want to stop binding. Anyone know if there's a config file or something? cheers
  3. slippip

    [HELP] GZDoom is all screwed up!

    I had this same problem with a dosbox version of doom, so I don't think that this is a GZDOOM error. It might be hardware, as this was on a different machine than my main one. But I have no idea what it could be