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  1. Lectrix

    Doom 3's Birdman Monster

    I'm not sure whether this is common knowledge now or not, if it is please delete this unnecessary thread. The birdman monster or the monster shown at the early mac world demo is actually the original hellknight modeled in 3d. Confirmed in the "making of doom 3" book. Just a bit of knowledge for some who are interested.
  2. Lectrix

    Doom 3 mission pack announced

    Lets hope spidermastermind makes an appearance, can't let that concept art go to waste now can we. :D
  3. Lectrix

    this was really cool [brain popped out]

    I think the AI is pretty good for an id game. In Q2 the enemies would usually be running into walls and have great difficulty following you from room to room. The doom3 enemies (commando's especially) seem to spot you and run half way across a section of the level, up stairs through doors and get to you with ease. I thought that was good AI to a degree. But yeah i've noticed imps and hell knights throwing fireballs over enemies and still manage to hit you. Plus their demons not brain surgeons.
  4. Lectrix

    lamest monster

    Yes Tick is quite lame. They should have made them super fast and always be in large numbers.
  5. Lectrix

    Heh -- did you know...

    Yeah very amusing, you can steal their pistol also, very funny addition.
  6. Lectrix

    favorite Generic zombie

    I'd say chainsaw zombies, love having a chainsaw duel. Plus those naked zombies in hell reminded me of Quake, they were cool too and made freaky sounds.
  7. Lectrix

    What was the most annoying way you died?

    In the caverns where the wraith jumps down infront of you, i stepped back and fell through a missing tile in the floor that had fallen off earlier. lol
  8. Lectrix

    Classic colors mod

    Yes make the hair much darker, very impressive looking hair skin too btw. Next u just need to make the sgun zombie have no helmet and bald, and we have a winner.
  9. Lectrix

    If this has not been answered..

    Yeah i think its in the alpha labs, it just gives you some extra ammo and a bit of the creeps, thats all i think it really does to the experience.
  10. Lectrix

    Why lose guns?

    I'm pretty sure that betruger/satan has the power to remove your weapons, i mean it is his domain, he can move the very landscape and make things appear and disappear at will, so its pretty obvious he removed your weapons, just to laugh at you running around in fear. The scattered weapons are probably from all the marines that went in before you and came back insane. Thats my logic anyway. :P
  11. Lectrix

    What did you like most?

    * The lighting. * Overkill detail. * The monsters. * Doom style fun.
  12. Lectrix

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

    Well your not actually in Hell when you fight the cyberdemon, but you have a point about using the teleporter. But its just a game and it just makes hell that more of a challenge since your mass weapons collection is gone. Plus i used the weapons alot more the second time round once i knew i'd just loose em, coz i never used the BFG the first time round coz i wanted to save it for a boss.
  13. Lectrix

    Mod: TinMan Squad beta 0.2

    I'm pretty impressed with this so far, my only gripe is they can't jump (well not for me anyway), but apart from that, this mod is pretty cool. Keep up the good work Tinman. You never know, once this mod gets a good update, you could spawn chainsaw, BFG, soulcube and plasma guys lol. Now that would be cool.
  14. Lectrix

    IS there any way for a dial up user

    Yeah he's right, bb only... But then again us BB users experience incredible lag so 56k users would probably be killed before they spawn. :)
  15. Lectrix

    After beating the game.

    What would have made that boss much!!! better imo. Would be if that the hell hole would actually spawn any enemy from the game out (minus bosses) then it would have been a challenge and much more like doom 2's final boss. Plus wouldn't you had hated hell knights, mancs and arch viles climbing out, i know i would.