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  1. Tacno

    My first map, Woodworks

    Thank you for the feedback, just so you know you can get the rocket launcher by doing a diagonal sprint from on top of the first car in the level. The bent doors are just a result from sloppiness, and the blood was there to kind of show an area of hell breaking loose, I didn't think too hard about it I just thought it looked cool. For my next map I'll make sure to check those sort of things.
  2. Tacno

    My first map, Woodworks

    Hello everyone! I decided to dabble in some Doom map editing a couple of days ago and I put together my first level and called it Woodworks, it's more focused on the outdoors and a sort of lumber mill aesthetic. I have absolutely no experience with level design so I know the layout is nowhere near perfect and the texturing might not be great but I had a lot of fun making it. I tested my map on GZDoom but it doesn't use any non vanilla textures or features so I'd imagine that it works for most source ports. Make sure to run the WAD under Doom 2. I appreciate feedback so if you play, tell me what I can improve for next time! Woodworks.zip