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  1. sergeirocks100

    Death March: A FPS i made in 7 days. (V2 UPDATE RELEASED)

    I thought i fixed the doors with the 2.5 update, but i guess i must not have. I went ahead and updated the 2.5 downloads with some fixes, because the third map had quite a few bugs, and the fifth map wasn't accessible without cheats because i forgot to define it properly in MAPINFO.
  2. sergeirocks100

    Death March: A FPS i made in 7 days. (V2 UPDATE RELEASED)

    I'm happy to announce that Version 2 of Death March has been released. Changes: Hope you enjoy.
  3. About: A while ago, i heard about Nash's Elderjam project. Feeling inspired, i decided to give my own shot at making a FPS in a limited time frame, 7 days in this case. I started work on November 2nd, and i finished a few hours ago, as of the time of this writing. There's 5 maps included, and i'm willing to add more if there's demand. This was developed for and tested with GZDoom, it might work in LZDoom and Zandronum as well, but i haven't tested it with those ports. This is meant to be played in the hardware renderer, with jumping and crouching enabled. There are probably bugs and mistakes, so if you find any, let me know. Plot: Your name is James Wright, and you work as a security guard in a classified industrial compound. Interested in trade secrets and your company's inner workings, aliens and robots contracted by your competitors have staged a invasion to take them by force. Even worse, it happened during a day off, meaning that you're the only person there. Can you fend off the invasion, and protect your company's classified assets? Screenshots: Credits: Download: Game: https://amel.pw/trevie/DeathMarchStandaloneV2.5.zip IPK3 Only: https://amel.pw/trevie/DeathMarchV2.5.ipk3 Mapping Config: https://amel.pw/trevie/DeathMarchMapConfigV2.zip Original version (The one that i made in 7 days):
  4. sergeirocks100

    Roams TC (Alpha)

    I went ahead and uploaded the WAD's entire soundtrack to Soundcloud, for your listening pleasure.
  5. sergeirocks100

    Roams TC (Alpha)

    A new version has been released. It features some level improvements, as well as a whole new soundtrack made by myself. There's also a secret level, see if you can find it!
  6. sergeirocks100

    Roams TC (Alpha)

    The main post has been updated with some more screenshots.
  7. sergeirocks100

    Roams TC (Alpha)

    A new version has been released. The fourth map has been finished, and the final map of the first episode has been added. Screenshots will be coming soon. The links are in the main post.
  8. sergeirocks100

    Roams TC (Alpha)

    First off, sorry for not keeping you more up-to-date with development over the past month. A new version has been released. The third map has been added, and the unfinished fourth map is in there too. There may be other additions too, but i have forgotten what. The main post will be updated with screenshots later. Here's the link: https://amel.pw/trevie/Roams TC Alpha V7.pk3
  9. sergeirocks100

    Map 12 (sorta) Vanilla-fied

    I noticed that Map 12 was easily one of Freedoom's most problematic maps for Vanilla compatibility, being that the map was pretty overdetailed and there were visplane overflows in multiple areas. I decided to try and fix this issue and, with the exception of some areas that you can't get to normally, i fixed the visplane overflows. This has not been tested very thoroughly, but i did find in Chocolate Doom that there was some tutti-frutti in the crate room with a secret berserk pack and computer map. I would make a PR for it on the Github, but my repository is a bit messed up, and it would be pretty troublesome to fix it, so here's the link: https://amel.pw/trevie/map12.wad
  10. sergeirocks100

    Cancelled DOOM Wads

    There was my ill-fated Doomguy's Pimp Ventures 4 project. It consisted of some of my very first real Doom maps, and i think it shows. I would be more than happy to share it in its current state, but i think that it's explicit enough that it would probably violate the rules in any Doom forum i shared it on.
  11. sergeirocks100

    Roams TC (Alpha)

    I expect that many of the people who might want to play this are members of the /tg/station community who might not be familiar with how to use Doom source ports, so i put together a all-in-one package with GZDoom and Freedoom included.
  12. sergeirocks100

    Roams TC (Alpha)

    I went ahead and added some updated screenshots to the post.
  13. sergeirocks100

    Roams TC (Alpha)

    The demo is updated, here's the changes: - New musical tracks. - R1M1 has had some slight retexturing. - A second map, R1M2, has been added. - A new enemy, the Durand Mech. - The troopers now sound more like mercenary men getting paid to take out a alleged drug smuggler rather than corpses possessed by the spirits of the damned. - Anything else i may have forgotten to mention. I will update the post with new screenshots later.
  14. sergeirocks100

    Roams TC (Alpha)

    I went ahead and added the credits to the main post. You might notice credits for some things that aren't in the current demo, and that's because they will be in the update that will be added to the post soon. Here's a screenshot of R1M2:
  15. sergeirocks100

    DevTex [v0.01] Texture Pack Release Thread

    I went ahead and added in some door textures with exit symbols on them, some walls with monster silhouettes, and some switches: https://amel.pw/trevie/DevTex_001.zip May as well post a screenshot: