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  1. Mattatsu

    Thoughts on ray tracing...

    I switched my PS5 to balanced mode (2160p at 60fps). The ray tracing was a nice little touch, but I noticed some slight dips in some of the very big fights, mostly in the master levels, and I’d rather have no slowdowns over the little detail that RT adds. I also kinda prefer the higher resolution… Just makes the game I’m used to look better everywhere. I don’t have a 120hz monitor to try out the 120fps setting though.
  2. I’m very excited for horde mode. I hope there is some sort of RNG element to it. It would get stale to me after a while if you can memorize spawn order.
  3. I gotta say, I personally loved this DLC, but understand and respect people’s opinions as to why they didn’t, but I laughed and mostly agreed with every part of this post. The last phase of the boss is a little BS. On my second nightmare playthrough, it took me 3 hours to beat that section by itself. I think it took like 4 hours my first time, but I didn’t keep track (I just know the last level took 7 hours and this was most of it). i am the kind of person to keep replaying it, refining a strategy through trial and error until it becomes a walk in the park. Which is actually one of my favourites things to do in these games. I just hope making a reliable strategy against it is possible, because I think I can do a UN DLC run (with enough prep) without this section, but a UN run is currently deemed impossible to me until I can figure this out.
  4. I’m going to refrain from voting for now... On my first and only run (so far), UAC Atlantica was my favourite. Cosmetically speaking, I tend to prefer realistic levels on earth, and this was expertly made. It felt a lot like a 2016 level with some of the secrets and routes as well, but on the Eternal engine, which i loved. However, it was also the easier of the three (for me), and the least frustrating... I started on Nightmare and struggled on the last two, especially Holt. As I replay the campaign and get a better at the battles and the platforming, I’ll be better at determining which level i like the flow of more, which is more important to me than looks. I’ll come back and vote then, but if I were to vote now, it would be UAC
  5. Mattatsu

    The Ancient Gods - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    I dont know why they do that. I understand wanting to let the players figuring it out for themselves, but it’s a tutorial; some people will follow it.
  6. Mattatsu

    Still sad we had to kill ... (DLC spoiler)

    I’m kinda confused about The Father’s/VEGA’s current state. We hear VEGA in the Holt because we left him there apparently, but he still has some powers, as he teleported Samur away after the final battle. i know the codex says something about their presence being spread throughout the cosmos or something like this. Is he becoming more of a typical God (like some people believe in today)?
  7. Mattatsu

    The Ancient Gods - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    Also, this DLC was fantastic. It was hard AF and in hindsight, I should have started it on Uv instead of Nightmare, but happy I did it... It just took very long (took me 7 hours to beat the last stage), and sometimes was more frustrating than fun. I’ll have more fun in subsequent playthroughs though.
  8. Mattatsu

    The Ancient Gods - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    A random thought just occurred to me regarding the Dark lord/Slayer connection. I always thought Doomguy’s face in this game was a bit odd, mostly because he looked pretty different than the Doom marine face of the 90’s. What if, when he went into the Divinity Machine (created by Maykr/Father technology), as well as giving him godlike strength, altered his appearance to resemble the Dark Lord? Maybe not as a direct remodel to the Dark Lord specifically, but the Father did create the Dark Lord and loved his creation (aside from the quest for immortality bit) and maybe he re-tooled that design for his subsequent protectors of the other “earthly realms”, and the divinity machine remade the subjects into this image? maybe there are more of “us” in other realms? Edit: Nevermind. It doesnt make sense that the divinity machine would alter one’s appearance for a few reasons, including Samur recognizing “Doomguy” instantly.
  9. Mattatsu

    Doom eternal on switch

    I don’t think it’s coming at all. Not until a Switch Pro comes out. This game is way too intensive, and I’m sure it is even at 30 FPS. What they’ve got it doing on my base PS4 is amazing, but there are still slow downs, more so than any game I’ve seen on it, and the PS4 sounds like a vacuum cleaner without any attachments.
  10. Mattatsu

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    I’m going to be selfish here, but whatever the new ability is, I hope it doesn’t need a new dedicated button, as I’m going to have to stick it on my D-pad on my PS4 controller and taking my thumb off my movement stick to hit it
  11. I think he brings up the weapon wheel but does it like ridiculously quick. Like the instant the wheel is active, he selects his weapon and lets go of the wheel. He’s definitely practiced the precise timing. He’s got it down to frames. Also, if you tap the weapon wheel button, it cycles back to your last weapon, so this is how he’s quick-swapping between ballista and rocket launcher.
  12. I play Nightmare on PS4 so I try to have a few different methods for each enemy but I also usually have go-to’s for different types. I also can’t use the Precision bolt at all, despite my aim with the raw Ballista being okay... Maykr Drone- raw Ballista to the face, or locked on rockets if I don’t have the time and just want them dead. During the Kahn Maykr fight, it’s only Ballista, and I chuck Ice Bombs when needed if they’re particularly squirrely or they’re grouped together. Headshots when they’re frozen will still drop ammo and health. The Equipment Fiend rune helps here. Prowler- Yup, meathook + SSG Pinky/Spectre- Blood Punch is great, if available. I’ll also use an ice bomb and SSG their ass. A well-placed frag will stumble them and should give you enough time to dash behind and get off a shot as well. Carcass- As others have said, Plasma Rifle their shield. I’ll also lock on burst them if I already have it out in a hectic arena and I can maneuver around their shield. Shielded Soldiers- Plasma Rifle or Meathook+SSG or chainsaw Hell Knight- In the early game, two sticky bombs and a full Micro Missile volley usually kills them (if not a couple extra shots from the Heavy Cannon will do, which is easy to do by holding primary fire and releasing secondary when Micro missiles runs out). Later game, I’ll usually lock-on burst them or SSG+Ballista if I have it out and don't feel like switching to rockets. Whiplash- Lock-On burst is my goto, but if I’m on something else and don't feel like switching (like SSG+Ballista), I’ll ice bomb them and cook ‘em with the combo Revenant- Early game, I’ll try to sticky their turrets, or just plasma rifle to dent them/charge heat blast, and the use the heat blast to knock ‘em off, then quick swap to another weapon (usually shotgun) so the down-time isn't too long. Later on I use lock-on burst. Arachnotron- Early game, I chainsaw a lot of these guys (I chainsaw two on Hell on Earth, and one in Exultia). If I’m not chainsawing them, I’ll sticky their turret, place one or two more on their body and use Micro Missiles or Plasma Rifle with the toss of a frag. Later on I mostly lock-on burst them then glory kill (or shoot them if it’s not safe). Dread Knight- lock-on burst and glory kill/shoot Mancubus- Before I get the lock-on burst, I either chainsaw them the instant they spawn (otherwise I’ll ice bomb them) to bypass their area attack. If I don't have 3 gas cans, I’ll knock off their weakpoints with either stickies or precision bolt and use Plasma Rifle with frags to keep them locked down, or just raw rocket them (mostly in that one arena after you get the RL). Later on, I Lock-On Burst them then glory kill/shoot. Cyber Mancubus- Ice Bomb (or frag them to stagger), then Blood Punch and SSG, or I may just lock-on burst them twice, and I thick one rocket after this kill them. Cacodemon- I either use stickies or frags in the early game, or Arbalest once I get it. I’ll also use locked on rockets if i’m already on it in a hectic area and don’t want to switch/charge arbalest. Pain Elemental- Arbalest shots or locked on bursts. Marauder- I run away, dodge his projectiles and let him come to me, wait for his eyes to turn green and Ballista+SSG+Ballista combo him and repeat. Doomhunter (non-boss)- ice bomb (or frag to stagger), blood punch their sled and SSG their sled to destroy it, then lock-on burst + glory kill/shoot. If I don’t have a blood punch (and their isn’t much fodder around to farm one), I’ll raw rocket+ballista combo their sled from a distance, or SSG+ballista combo their sled if I have to be a bit closer (but out of range of their melee atack). Baron of Hell- I usually Ice Bomb, swap to Mobile Turret, and lay down a couple of frags as I’m blasting them. This melts them quickly, and usually makes it so they don't have a chance of hitting you, you just need to keep moving and jumping so other demons nearby won’t. If there are a lot of heavies nearby, I may use the crucible, which I do use against both of them on that third teleporter ring arena (the yellow one) in urdak. Tyrant- These guys aren’t that dangerous, but they take way too long to kill, and there’s usually other things in the arena that I need to focus my bullets on. If all goes to plan, I crucible every one of these (except for one of the two that appear on the second buff totem arena in Final Sin, but with my strat, all that’s pretty much left during this one (after using the crucible on the other) is fodder, so I just lock on burst him as I run around and get armor/ammo off fodder. Archvile- If i don’t want to use the crucible/BFG, I’ll throw an ice bomb, lock-on rockets, frag, lock-on rockets. This will kill him if his shield isn't up and it freezes him, and will kill him if the shield is up as the ice bomb disables it and the other hits falter him enough to not make him a threat. If all goes to plan though, I only do this on the first one. I BFG the second one on Taras Nabad, and crucible every one after. Doomhunter (Boss)- Plasma rifle from a distance (to avoid his melee) and toss a frag. When heat blast is fully charged, I let it rip, then quickswap to SSG (already queued) and shoot his shield. I may run around and replenish supplies at this time, otherwise, I’ll just repeat. In the second stage where there are two, I try to separate them, and take them each off their sleds and then try to weaken them somewhat evenly (because once you kill one a lot of harder enemies spawn into the arena, so I try to have as little time between their deaths as possible). Gladiator- first stage is easy. I just stay on SSG+Ballista and shoot him when his eyes are green and melee him when he’s flashing. When he goes for his slow overhead attack, i dodge right, but dodge left for all other attacks. Second stage is tough. I usually stay on SSG+Ballista. When his spinning shield goes down (and he’s far away), I’ll Ballista him when his eyes are green, then meathook+SSG or chainsaw fodder, wait for his health bar to go back to red and SSG+Ballista combo him while i can. I save ice bombs and frags for annoying fodder (like when he spawns in the prowlers and gargoyles). I then usually swap to ballista and try to shoot him periodically to hopefully stagger him if you catch him in mid-attack. If he’s doing his shield and charging you down, I use the Energy Shield to block his first attack and then dodge right to avoid his second. I also like using energy shield during his rope/wave attack, and while it doesn't stop your from getting hit by those waves, and a mobile turret does more damage, the energy shield should protect you from the fodder shooting at you while you’re in there. If there isn't any fodder around, I’ll use lock-on burst to do more damage against him. Finally, when he charges me after this, and stumbles after he hits the wall, i usually take this time to meathook+SSG/chainsaw fodder as quickly as I can. Also, if you guys didn’t know, your BFG ammo refills when you start the second stage, as well as when you return to the Fortress of Doom, so you get two free BFG shots against him, though I don’t find them particularly useful/damaging, so one console I don’t bother bringing up the weapon wheel to swap to it. Kahn Maykr- In the rest of the game, I’ll use Air Control, Blood Fueled, and Equipment Fiend runes, but against her, I swap out Blood Fueled for Chrono Strike as it helps to give extra control when dodging her attacks mid-air or giving you more time to make sure you land on the higher platforms, or somewhere that’s not on fire. When she screams “so long” (I think that’s what she says anyway), I run like hell as there’s a fast tracking beam from the heavens that follows you around for like 9 seconds. I use lock-on burst against her, then swap to meathook to punch her when weakened, i then swap to Ballista and run around while trying to stay safe and headshot one of her drones when i have a chance. As mentioned, I use ice bombs as often as i can to freeze them (especially if they’re together, but not always) and make life easier on myself. Icon of Sin- I basically just try to replicate this strat (though I can’t do it without getting hit):
  13. Yeah, I never felt like Doom’s Hell was an adaptation of Christianity’s Hell, and while I’m not religious, Christianity’s Hell never seemed like it would be a physical plain to me. It was a place for evil spirits and fallen angels. I never believed that it’s somewhere you could go to while alive (even through dimensional teleporters), or that souls from there could take physical form as demons in different shapes and sizes, and could invade a physical plain (like Earth) and be shot and killed. I never thought about how Doom’s Hell (or its physical demons) came to be, and frankly, I didn't care in the old games. Now I’ve paid attention to it because they made lore around it, but I think Doom’s version of Hell makes perfect sense for the Doom universe.
  14. It’s hard to say, IMO. Doom 2016 is easier to get into, as Eternal requires you to understand and use all weapons and tools to your advantage. But once you get used to that, and how enemies behave, really makes you feel somewhat godlike. 2016 doesn’t have things like the dash and flame belch to rely on though, so it’s harder to deal with the harder areas, until you get some of the overpowered weapons and Holograms of course. I havent beat either on UN, but beat Eternal on NM a few times without dying too many times, whereas I could never get past the gore nest in research operations (2nd level) on NM in 2016.
  15. I kinda think that DM screenshot is suspect now. I saw the message he sent to the YouTuber to please take down the game rips and put up the proper OST now that’s out. He didn’t seem too bitter about it (actually seemed excited about it) and it threw me off when I read that in context with this DM in mind. edit: here’s a Reddit link to his email for those interested: