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  1. the-widow-maker

    doom III=serious sam+Doom+AvP II

    use your own insults u fucker
  2. the-widow-maker


    Ah, here's a guy who knows from experience, heheheh. after getting 4 A's in maths, F. Maths, chemistry and Physics at A level. yeah, I'm real stoopid dumbass
  3. the-widow-maker

    Is it plausible......

  4. the-widow-maker

    "The Grand Arising" uploaded

    Only if you leave. or perhaps if you develop wit
  5. the-widow-maker

    Is it plausible......

    my grandma once had a monkey
  6. the-widow-maker

    Letting go of #doom

  7. the-widow-maker


    I hope you realize how much you need a life. Almost the entire first half of this forum is filled with The-Widow-Maker. no, I just have a free hour before dinner with which I am trying to own this forum.
  8. the-widow-maker

    Letting go of #doom

  9. the-widow-maker

    Letting go of #doom

  10. the-widow-maker

    "The Grand Arising" uploaded

    make more
  11. the-widow-maker

    Best game engine

    I just got wind of some of the funkey stuff that unreal 2 is capable of. for example, if you are standing halfway under a shadow, only half you player model will be shadowed, and if you stand under a grill, the little light spots will cover the model properly... ummm if that even makes any sence... real time shadows as well! Fab. thats hardly new! mechwarrior 4 used it.
  12. the-widow-maker

    DOOM books

    Me kills Vegeta agreed. they stank
  13. the-widow-maker


    too much time off school causes brain cell degradation!
  14. the-widow-maker

    Which Win32 port is the best?

    I use legacy myself. In game player joining for multiplayer is great for me as I have a LAN
  15. the-widow-maker

    The Lost Episodes of DOOM artwork

    Lets give window-maker another chance...he might not be so bad after a postcount skullfucking... or better still, CUSTOM HTML TITLE MUWHAHAHAHAHA!!! widow-maker... don't send in any more pictures of yourself please