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  1. DoomSoul

    Share Your Sprites!

    Is this for smooth doom? and aniway, what are your future plans for smooth doom?
  2. DoomSoul

    Sigma-X [5 maps demo version is out!]

    Is it possible to jump is required to get some secrets?
  3. DoomSoul

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    Is it compatible with weapon mods, right?
  4. Sorry, my english is very bad. I mean to augment the 10000 limit of vfx effects (to 20000, 30000? I don't know the performance impact), I think casings and gore effects disappear too early.
  5. This is a fantastic mod, congratulations! Could you add an option to augment max vfx effects? Will you add any sound and visual effect when you punch on a wall?