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  1. Robot J

    Hell on Earth starter pack worth it?

    personal opinion: pretty good. I have not tried it with PB3 however
  2. For best I'd personally say HacX. for the most famous either Plutonia or TNT
  3. Robot J

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Yeah. That was almost like perfect timing XD
  4. Robot J

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Old wad I found on my laptop. Decided to fix it a bit as it was messy. This is a download to the WAD Source Port - PRBoom+ Recommended but GZDoom works too. Difficulty - Ultra Violence IWAD - Doom 2 Pistol Start is the only thing since it's the first map One Off Map (1 Map) Gameplay - Jumping, Crouch, and Freelook aren't needed. Gameplay Length - like 3 - 5 minutes (EDIT: just saw the new post right as I posted this. Good luck on your wad!) (Edit 2: headsup the wad is pretty bad since it was one of my first)
  5. Awesome Wad! Will play full version or other demos when they come out
  6. The game is very great albeit with a few flaws. but We will move to those soon. First let's start with music. It is very metal, and awesome. Heard rumors that they based it off some actual songs from bands like Metallica and others. If I had to pick a favorite it would be E1M1. Really great starting music to set the mood straight. Alright now let's go to the gameplay itself. Gameplay is really cool. Step up from wolfenstein, Each episode has a secret level which can reward you in different ways, Looks like it's the first 3D PC engine. Weapons like the Shotgun and Chaingun are really good for medium groups of weak enemies or very small groups of strong enemies. While weapons like the Rocket Launcher and BFG can takes down alot of enemies at once. Now let's move to the flaws. Sometimes the music can feel weak and not fit with the game, and sometimes the music feels like it doesn't loop properly, The gameplay can get repetitive sometimes which is annoying. but sometimes can be fun. Another flaw I'd have to point out is that sometimes the game pits you against enemies that you aren't ready for. Other than that the game is soild. My final rating would be 8/10. (I wrote this using my best critic mind. Probably not what most would write but I tried. This is also kinda what I feel about doom personally too)
  7. Robot J

    Berserk pack question

    I was talking about the unity version as in the switch, xbox one, and ps4 edition. On the switch to be exact
  8. Robot J

    Berserk pack question

    I swear in the rereleases the berserk reverted me to 100% when i was 150% but that might have been a glitch.
  9. Robot J

    wip serious sam the hell encounter beta mod for doom 2

    I feel bad kinda for you. it's could be a good wad if you had a team of experinced mappers, artists, etc. If you need any help with maps I might be able to help create some serious sam-esk maps (Oh and clean up alot of the wad size too)
  10. Robot J

    Retribution (DOOM WAD) Megathread(?)

    Guess more screenshots of the first map while I'm working on the 2nd one :D
  11. Robot J

    Retribution (DOOM WAD) Megathread(?)

    Thanks for notifying me! Didn't know that existed. Guess I can use my backup title now
  12. So I've talked little about this wad but I have put it into full focus. I've decided to give it the name Retribution (was Redemption but seems like it was already used). It features 11 new weapons (Including 2 dual wielding weapons!), 15 maps and 3 secret maps (1 based off another fps). It uses some Doom beta sprites (Mainly for the new weapons EG. The machine Gun). I have finished 1 map so far and a few new monsters. I will release a beta/alpha type thing once I finished 6 maps. I can't wait to release this as I've been working on it for awhile. Since I have finished the first map I will share a few screenshots here (Will edit to include more as more of the game is done).
  13. Awesome TC! Really loved the design and the enemies. The Stealth engine is also great! This from a personal opinion is a Must Try!
  14. Robot J

    How do I replace weapon sprites?

    If it’s not a new weapon then Make a wad and put SS_START before the sprites and them SS_END after the sprites. You MUST make sure the sprites are in between those for it to work
  15. Robot J

    Resurrecting the missing Doom64 monsters. (KEEN)

    So this is my first time on this thread but quick question.. Will you think about adding the cut laser rifle/flamethrower weapon seen in a cut of a magazine advertising d64?