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  1. Straal99

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    GZDoom with The Ultimate Doom
  2. Always Ultra-Violence, that's the way to go.
  3. Straal99

    Doom 64

    That could be a thing. I've been saving at the beginnig of every level in doom and doom 2, maybe is why i haven't encountered this before
  4. Straal99

    Doom 64

    If I lower the difficulty also happens, maybe is a feature of the game.
  5. Straal99

    Doom 64

    Steam version
  6. Straal99

    Doom 64

    I keep loosing all my guns when I die and have to start over witht the pistol even if I change the level and the other guns were already in my inventory, is this normal or i am getting some kind of bug? I'm playing on the highest difficulty (wich isn't that hard tbh)
  7. Straal99

    Undecided on what to buy

    Guys I will let you decide on what should i buy next.
  8. Straal99

    Do you guys make checkpoints?

    Well, I've been playing Doom 1 and 2 with no saves on Ultra-Violence and a couple of times i've died just when I was about to finish the level xD just 'cause I thought it was "cheating" to save midway through. Even if its hard or "stupid" to play like this I'm going to keep playing like this, it's pretty rewarding when you finish a level that has been difficult from start to finish
  9. Straal99

    Do you guys make checkpoints?

    I mean, like when you know there is going to e a tough tnemy in the next room and you save so you don't have to re-do the whole level. I don't do them because I feel like I am cheating but what about you guys?
  10. Straal99

    The pistol. Love it or hate it?

    Hate it.
  11. Straal99

    I love Doom

    I am making this thread only because I feel the need to say this and I can't think of a better site than doomworld. I just love this game. I discovered Doom a few years ago with Doom 2016 but it didn't caught my attention at first 'cause I thought "meh, another shooter, I don't like shooters" but recently due the coronavirus quarantine I decided to give the game a try. I played Doom 2016 at first and I liked it a lot but then I played Doom 1993 and I just fell in love, it has become my favorite game of all time and I haven't played another game that made me feel what Doom made me feel. I just love this game and it will be my favourite game and saga for all my life. Long live the cacodemon. PS: Excuse my mistakes, I am not an english native speaker :)
  12. Straal99

    How do I make Doomguy spawn with no guns?

    Thank you!!
  13. Hello people, I am doing my first map ever and I was wondering how could I make Doomguy start with 0 guns, just his bare fists. Anyone can help? I am using GZDoomBuilder. Thank you!
  14. Straal99

    Favorite Demon?

    Mine is the Cacodemon, for some reason I am obsessed with that demon. I finnd him cute for some reason. Maybe I have daddy issues.
  15. Straal99

    What was your first doom game?

    Doom 2016 was my first game but then I played The Ultimate Doom and I liked it a lot more.