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  1. I did some prodding around and found more HOM crucifixes in the southwest arena. - HOMs in latest GZ software, Woof [all compat levels] DSDA [only tested default and 1.9] - Black texture in latest Crispy - Transparent in GZ hardware Screenshots: That's part of the old columns renderer. A lot of things appear to be slightly in the floor with it. The way GZ's hardware renderer works, the parts of the sprites that should be in the ground, are, and aren't visible. To get around how crappy that would look, there's sprite clipping options in full options to raise them so you can see more, or all of the sprite. The easiest way to see the amount of offset is to go to Display Options [Simple options] or Set video mode [Full options] and cycle through the render modes on a busy scene.
  2. Equinox Map10—the ship—was the first one that came to mind. It adds the perfect amount of spookiness to the map.
  3. BMWAG65321

    Is there a good way to organize your Doom folder?

    I can't praise Doom Launcher enough, as it has columns for the file name, the actual title of the wad, author, total maps in the wad, release date, date downloaded, and date last played, along with a separate field for the description. If you throw a zip containing a text file at it, it'll autopopulate these fields. It has idgames integration, and will likewise autofill those fields when downloading a wad from there in-application. Here's how I have mine set up: If you're not interested in Doom Launcher, I'd recommend the rough layout of my backup folder: A semi-offtopic protip I've got for Windows 10 users [dunno about 11]: Use your start menu as a launcher. If there's a file type that doesn't give the option to be pinned [ex: Steam shortcuts are links], create a folder in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ and start it with a symbol if you want it at the top of the list. Then, navigate to the folder through the "All apps" button in the start menu. I've never been unable to pin anything this way. The only thing worth noting is the shortcuts might not show up in the All apps folder immediately. Restarting explorer might do it, I know for sure rebooting your pc will because the few times they didn't show up I just said welp and played those games through the \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ folder I was already staring at and figured I'd pin it next time I remembered. Here's a picture of my current set up, along with the name of the directory so you could hypothetically save it and forget it:
  4. BMWAG65321


    It's a homage to the into of Afraid of Monsters.
  5. BMWAG65321

    Creepy Videogame music thread

    D_TTLGLT and D_EVIL - lilith.pk3 Equinox MAP10 (the UFO) Unnamed music in System Shock that plays in the east area of Medical and in the northeast corner of Research vs. Kiru Guru Larva - Metroid: Zero Mission All of the music from the finale of Earthbound is fantastic, though I think unfortunately and understandably The Cliff that Time Forgot and The Place are quickly forgotten by most people because of the grand spectacle that is Giygas. I'm pretty annoyed I couldn't think of any more, and the only things I regard as creepy from my list is the music from lilith, the rest is just unsettling at best.
  6. BMWAG65321

    I need weird / creepy WADs!

    Totally agree with lilith.pk3, Happy Time Circus, and Happy Time Circus ][. More horror: dead.wire, dead.air, The Ghoul's Forrest 2 and 3, Dark Universe Bizarre: Mayhem Mansion, Beyond Reality
  7. BMWAG65321

    Looking for the most detailed maps/wads/mods

    Dawn of Reality Planisphere 2 UAC Invasion: The Supply Depot Vanilla Sky Putrefier
  8. BMWAG65321

    List of Doom engine standalone games?

    Foreverhood -- freeware, GZDoom
  9. BMWAG65321

    Eternity Engine 4.01.00 Tyrfing

    I was hoping for the same feature at some point, however printz has clarified "This is the job of a mod, not an integrated feature." Thankfully, in the same post, he provides a .pke that does the job.
  10. BMWAG65321

    Atmospheric Games

    - Subnautica [Lone survivor on an ocean planet] - Devil Daggers [not much atmosphere, but damn does it nail what it's going for] - Earthbound [I'm not sure it's necessarily "atmospheric," but Itoi did a beautiful job giving the universe its own feeling] If I could force someone to play my favorite games, they'd be System Shock 1, Super Metroid, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.. I'd recommend playing Arkane's Prey first to get a feel for -Shock style ImSims. After that, play the original version on SS1. Enhanced Edition lacks a few minor details I appreciated the second time through, though more importantly, mouse look and pressing a button on the keyboard to reload totally obliterates the balance Looking Glass put into the game. If you can beat the first level, you can probably beat the game. Medical was / is probably the hardest level in the game since the restoration bay [respawn point] is one of, if not the furthest in / latest in any level WHILE you have to learn a strange [but at the time forward thinking] set of controls from an era before a standard had been set. Play the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. trilogy unmodded. Shadow of Chernobyl is the weakest link gameplay wise because of the pretty linear weapon progression, and that for the first third of the game you can't shoot a beached whale from 10 feet away. After you've beaten the main games, try Anomaly. Much more modern gameplay and many new features. Additionally, the trilogy is currently on sale for 70% off on GOG and Steam atm. Other games I'd strongly recommend mentioned either in the OP or the rest of the thread: - ImSim: Dishonored, Fallout: New Vegas, E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy - Horror Shooter: F.E.A.R., Cry of Fear, Dead Space - Horror Exploration: Yume Nikki [Fan translation > Offical translation], LSD: Dream Emulator [English translation patch] - Lisa: The Painful [Not sure it's that atmospheric, but I love it. Brutal story, sequel to Lisa: The First. Play The First 'til you get bored or just read about the synopsis. The Painful is much more polished, well-rounded, and enjoyable; The First is short, abstruse, and gruesome.] - Metroid Prime Trilogy [M+K via PrimeHack]
  11. BMWAG65321

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    There's an OpenGL subsection in page 5 of general settings containing a sector light mode setting. GLBoom [the default setting] maintains the original 5 gamma levels, while the other 3 have an independent, whopping 33 levels of gamma. They defaulted to something higher than I prefer, so you might have to mash F11 to get to your desired gamma.
  12. BMWAG65321

    Using Limit Removing EXES to Run Boom Compatible Mods in DosBOX

    Boom adds a good amount of stuff to the engine. Jim Flynn made the Boom Edit Example Wad to show off new features. idgames Youtube video
  13. BMWAG65321

    [Wad And Map Guessing Game Thread]

    @galileo31dos01 You got it!
  14. BMWAG65321

    [Wad And Map Guessing Game Thread]

    Here's another screenshot from across the room. I don't want to give too many hints, but I'm not just gonna leave the trail cold; that's no fun. It's from a community project.
  15. BMWAG65321

    [Wad And Map Guessing Game Thread]

    I'll reply/react to whomever gets it first.