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  1. BMWAG65321

    Doomcute thread

    RRWARD03.WAD is the first one, not sure if the other pics are from it or his other maps.
  2. BMWAG65321

    Opening Shots

    (25 MB limit per post) TNT Cross eye stereograms of E1M1 and Equinox MAP01, you should probably open these in a separate tab and shrink 'em.
  3. BMWAG65321

    Opening Shots

    Edit: Damn, these were originally 4K. DOOM DOOM2
  4. BMWAG65321

    Surreal doom maps?

    lilith.pk3 is precisely where you should start. Just know you MUST play using ZDoom 2.8.1 as it utilizes its rendering bugs. Xaser's made some bangers: Sharp Things, dead.wire, dead.air and contributed to Syringe. Gridlock64's MAP07: Middleway is an wonderfully abstract sprawl of Entryway's geometry. I'd say half of Amorphous Euphoria's maps fit the description. Happy Time Circus I & II have great surreal sections. [though I still haven't finished II] DBP08: MINDBLOOD GENESIS and DBP16: Cyb's Freaky Colonoscopy are kind of surreal, but are wonderful executions of their wildly different themes. After that, the only other wads that stand out on my recommendations are Beyond Reality and Strange Aeons, which are, respectively, bizarre and Lovecraftian.
  5. BMWAG65321

    [Limit Removing] "Suburbs (ChatGPT Edition)"

    I knew this was going to be great before I opened it up, and it still blew away my expectations! There's one major issue though, if you play on vanilla compatibility, the Icon's mouth won't open. It appears to get stuck on the first Keen, because if you no clip and kill it, the mouth opens. I tested with the latest Woof and DSDA set to vanilla and 1.9 respectively, and the latest Crispy.
  6. BMWAG65321

    POOGERS.wad [Final release]

    MAP01 is a test to make sure you've set the compatibility level to Boom explicitly. If you're playing with vanilla behavior, the scrolling floor special goes unused because it's a Boom feature. Play on anything more advanced and it'll cut the music and teleport you to a joke that tells you you're not on the proper compatibility level.
  7. Ad Mortem MAP24 does exactly that, though I haven't opened the map in an editor to figure out how it's done.
  8. BMWAG65321

    Doom 2's secret level text screen doesn't make any sense

    The way I subconsciously made sense of it is that it's a teleporter to Hell because the secret exit is a generic Hell-style teleporter. Since Doomguy's already been to Hell, he's familiar with its stench and was taken aback by the distinctly ordered, human architecture combined with it, a stark contrast to Hell's usually more abstract architecture. Then strange demon magic requiring four Keen souls whisks you back to Earth to liberate two Petersen homes.
  9. If we're shitposting... Title: Ent MIDI: D_RUNNNN by Xaser 10LM-Ent.zip
  10. BMWAG65321


    I had a blast plowing through this! Definitely going in my recommendations. Here's my notes I took while playing and after skimming the thread:
  11. BMWAG65321

    dsda-doom source port [v0.24.3]

    Yeah, when you click the search bar, the fourth option in the drop down menu is This Topic. Parrallel is specific enough on its own. I should probably read those posts too but I'll do what I usually do and procrastinate. :p
  12. BMWAG65321

    This is Woof! 12.0.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

    I did some prodding around and found more HOM crucifixes in the southwest arena. - HOMs in latest GZ software, Woof [all compat levels] DSDA [only tested default and 1.9] - Black texture in latest Crispy - Transparent in GZ hardware Screenshots: That's part of the old columns renderer. A lot of things appear to be slightly in the floor with it. The way GZ's hardware renderer works, the parts of the sprites that should be in the ground, are, and aren't visible. To get around how crappy that would look, there's sprite clipping options in full options to raise them so you can see more, or all of the sprite. The easiest way to see the amount of offset is to go to Display Options [Simple options] or Set video mode [Full options] and cycle through the render modes on a busy scene.
  13. Equinox Map10—the ship—was the first one that came to mind. It adds the perfect amount of spookiness to the map.
  14. BMWAG65321

    Is there a good way to organize your Doom folder?

    I can't praise Doom Launcher enough, as it has columns for the file name, the actual title of the wad, author, total maps in the wad, release date, date downloaded, and date last played, along with a separate field for the description. If you throw a zip containing a text file at it, it'll autopopulate these fields. It has idgames integration, and will likewise autofill those fields when downloading a wad from there in-application. Here's how I have mine set up: If you're not interested in Doom Launcher, I'd recommend the rough layout of my backup folder: A semi-offtopic protip I've got for Windows 10 users [dunno about 11]: Use your start menu as a launcher. If there's a file type that doesn't give the option to be pinned [ex: Steam shortcuts are links], create a folder in C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ and start it with a symbol if you want it at the top of the list. Then, navigate to the folder through the "All apps" button in the start menu. I've never been unable to pin anything this way. The only thing worth noting is the shortcuts might not show up in the All apps folder immediately. Restarting explorer might do it, I know for sure rebooting your pc will because the few times they didn't show up I just said welp and played those games through the \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ folder I was already staring at and figured I'd pin it next time I remembered. Here's a picture of my current set up, along with the name of the directory so you could hypothetically save it and forget it: